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News about Zigbee

Development environment enables concurrent MCU and RF design February 23, 2015Development environment enables concurrent MCU and RF design Simplicity Studio from Silicon Labs claims to be industry's first integrated MCU/wireless development environment enabling concurrent MCU and RF design for a wide range of IoT applications. Read more Silicon Labs buys Bluegiga for leading Bluetooth and Wi-Fi porfolio February 4, 2015Silicon Labs buys Bluegiga for leading Bluetooth and Wi-Fi porfolio Silicon Labs has announced the acquisition of Bluegiga Technologies Oy, a privately held company based in Espoo, Finland and one of the fastest growing independent providers of short-range wireless connectivity and software for the IoT. Read more Smart LED bulb comes with Wink and ZigBee compatibility January 15, 2015Smart LED bulb comes with Wink and ZigBee compatibility Cree, Inc. has introduced the company's first smart LED bulb to deliver the combination of the lighting experience customers expect from Cree with industry-leading simplicity, multi-platform compatibility and affordability. Read more Comcast and TI bring voice control to TVs with voice-over-RF4CE January 7, 2015Comcast and TI bring voice control to TVs with voice-over-RF4CE TI has announced that its voice-over-RF4CE™ ZigBee® remote control technology has been selected to power Comcast's latest XFINITY TV remote control. Read more Integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and IoT January 5, 2015Integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and IoT Marvell has launched Smart Home Cloud Center, a highly integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and Internet of Things. This platform brings together robust home networking and home automation, digital entertainment, secure storage and smart server with Kinoma software for the next generation of cloud services. Read more
Atmel targets the Smart Home at CES 2015
Industrial wireless sensor market to experience long term growth
IoT territorial disputes
MegaChips and Imec collaborate on ultra-low power short-range radio for IoT applications
High-temperature, 125C ZigBee module for embedded lighting
Beta programme for Thread from Silicon Labs
Smart Home radio chip for remote controls
Arveni claims time to switch to free wireless protocol
Bluetooth strikes back against Thread
Wireless smart lighting system comes to the IoT
Rohm and imec collaborate on ultra-low power radio R&D
Mixed domain oscilloscope adds spectrum analyser
ZigBee Alliance to develop standards for smart grid neighborhood area networks
Wireless smart lighting network uses energy harvesting switch
Freescale adds ZigBee wireless MCUs in Kinetis series
Consumer Electronics to drive Bluetooth Smart chip growth to over 55 percent
Development kit simplifies wirelessly connected LED lighting
Smart home platform enables set-top boxes to support energy and security services
ZigBee PRO communication controller offers long battery life
Digi-Key adds low-power Wi-Fi manufacturer GainSpan
ZigBee networks to open up multi-billion dollar markets for sentroller devices
ZigBee’s lead in home automation to be surpassed by Bluetooth in 2015
Building the Internet of Things requires Bluetooth
Almost one-third of set-top-boxes to use ZigBee in 2018
ZigBee to push 802.15.4-enabled device market growth five-fold over 2012 to 2018
Skyworks and SMC Networks to develop wireless connectivity for the connected home
Silicon Labs to acquire Energy Micro
Ultra-low power wireless technology connects battery-less sensors to the Internet of Things
ZigBee Alliance and ECHONET to collaborate on a certification program for home appliances
Low-power wireless projected to make waves in remote controls
Over 30 Billion devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020
Single chip combines Wi-Fi and ZigBee IP for networked devices
Microchip adds Zigbee alongside Bluetooth and Wi-Fi microcontrollers
Microchip adds Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee RF parts and modules
GapSense unclogs WiFi channels
Ember ZigBee silicon, software and tools achieves Golden Unit certification
ZigBee IP — an open standard for IPv6-based wireless mesh networks
ZigBee transceivers offer deep packet inspection and wake-on-LAN capabilities
SDK enables wireless lighting control app development for hue
Short-range wireless IC market to reach almost 5 Billion units shipped in 2013
Smart lighting system supports circadian rhythm
Industry first Wi-Fi and ZigBee IP single chip
Ultra-low power 2.4 GHz multi-standard radio
Proprietary wireless technologies in home automation
Short-range wireless module targets multi-kilometer-range wired-to-wireless migration
Silicon Laboratories showcases wireless technology for advanced metering
Wireless microcontrollers support ZigBee and JenNet-IP
Atmel acquisition teams with Celeno on WiFi Direct remote controls
Evaluation kits aim to speed up ZigBee development projects
Ultra-low power wireless connectivity IC market to grow to over $2 billion by 2016
Zigbee adds energy harvesting to PRO profile
Developer's kit for ZigBee wireless applications
Waveguide-based technology solves Wi-Fi coverage difficulties in warehouses, factories
Encryption libraries for Waspmote platform protect sensitive data
Wireless microcontroller family targets the Internet of Things
ZigBee network processor supports three standards concurrently
Maxim Integrated partners with RadioPulse to offer ZigBee-based solutions for the smart grid
Ember® ZigBee® ICs target the Internet of Things
ASMgrid2 reference designs support next generation smart meter capability
Wireless connectivity chipsets revenues to exceed $10 billion in 2012
Dual-protocol ZigBee chip targets set-top boxes and gateways
Radio chips target Smart Home evolution
Philips and Daintree highlight ZigBee for wireless lighting controls
Bluetooth and Zigbee on collision course
SoC supports multiple ZigBee PRO networks
ZigBee protocol analyzer for tablet PCs
2.4-GHz low-power RF transceiver targets industrial applications
ZigBee Alliance launches Greater China Special Interest Group
Dual RFID-ZigBee sensors enable NFC applications for the Internet of Things
Antenova antennas approved for Deutsche Telekom’s M2M partner program
Wifi modules enable sensor nodes to send data directly to Cloud servers or any Smartphone
Multi-standard transceiver for sensor networks sets record for low power
Moving implant, body nets advance
ZigBee Smart Energy gateway optimized for large device deployments
Speaking up for M2M radio innovation
Smart ZigBee RF4CE SoC for motion sense remote controls
IEEE 802.15.4 IC market to exceed $1.1 billion in 2016
Ember enables first ZigBee-certified water meter
Freescale describes home health hub reference design
Traffic monitoring system uses Bluetooth sensors over ZigBee
Multiple alliances collaborate to launch Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability
Low-power RF transceiver targets cost-sensitive consumer applications
IMEC brings back ultrawideband
Motion algorithms lift MEMS-based remotes
ZigBee Alliance approves draft 0.7 Smart Energy Profile version 2.0
Worldwide smart meter revenue to surpass USD12 Billion in 2016, says In-Stat
Test body formed for SEP 2 specification
ZigBee gets gateway specification
RF4CE reference design for plug-and-play USB stick enables cost-efficient RF4CE implementation
Sensor board completes Libelium's Smart Cities platform
Integrated ZigBee front end module optimized for smart energy and advanced metering
Development kit with touch pad eases transition from infrared to RF
ZigBee Pro module features 20 to 50 percent smaller footprint
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
RFMD collaborates with Atmel to deliver high-performance Zigbee solutions for smart energy applications
RF module supplier Jorjin Technologies opens UK office for EMEA expansion
Body network spars with Bluetooth
Skyworks and Ember partner to deliver next-generation ZigBee® systems
ZigBee remote controls now covered by TRaC's ZigBee test service
Atmel receives ZigBee remote control certification
ZigBee Input Device standard: delivers advanced, battery friendly control for human interface devices
ZigBee Input Device standard: delivers advanced, battery friendly control for human interface devices
RFMD and Freescale team up on ZigBee solutions
RF Micro Devices to showcase high performance RF components at electronica 2010
High performance bi-directional wireless mesh network technology for battery-powered OEM-embedded applications
Wireless M-Bus module targets smart metering initiatives
ZigBee serial gateway adds wireless connectivity to PLCs, sensors and RFID/bar code readers
Wireless sensor network IC shipments recover in 2010, strong growth ahead
Push-messaging and find-me apps for RF4CE remote controls do not impact battery life
System-on-chip device family for ZigBee RF4CE consumer electronics
Ethernet gateway for wireless mesh networking
NXP buys Jennic, boosts short-range RF portfolio
LG Electronics and Toshiba join ZigBee Alliance RF4CE steering committee
ZigBee® smart energy module
Wi-Fi adoption in healthcare growing at 60 percent
ZigBee PRO network module reduces time to market
TRaC initiates test services for both ZigBee Health Care and ZigBee Telecoms Services
Low-power consumption all-in-one WLAN module
IP66 rated antennas for hostile and exposed environments
Selective radiation meter offers time function analysis in the nanosecond range
ZigBee Alliance to increase focus on Europe
ZigBee and Wi-Fi alliances to collaborate on smart grid wireless networking
SystemVue now links C++ code generation and X-parameters for RF-DSP co-design
Digi launches industry's first 'foolproof' programmable ZigBee module
Short-range RF transceiver targets ISM applications
Foolproof programmable ZigBee module

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