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Signal analyser boasts 2 GHz bandwidth March 6, 2015Signal analyser boasts 2 GHz bandwidth Providing developers the need large bandwidths they need to analyze wideband signals like those of the new IEEE 802.11ad WLAN standard, 5G next generation mobile communications signals, and radar chirp signals, the FSW claims to be the first signal and spectrum analyzer offering 2 GHz analysis bandwidth in a user friendly, commercial format. Read more Access point amplifier drivers with bypass-mode target 802.11ac applications February 3, 2015Access point amplifier drivers with bypass-mode target 802.11ac applications Guerrilla RF has introduced more members to its family of 5 GHz ultra low noise amplifier/linear power amplifier drivers. These latest devices feature best-in-class noise figure (NF), gain and linearity. Read more Bluetooth/WLAN module for automotive applications January 28, 2015Bluetooth/WLAN module for automotive applications The UGZZF series Bluetooth®/Wireless-LAN All In One Module from ALPS targets automotive applications. It is ideal for wireless connection between automotive equipment, such as car navigation systems, and mobile devices. Read more UHF could usher in 'super-Wi-Fi' November 26, 2014UHF could usher in 'super-Wi-Fi' Today Wi-Fi is everywhere and even carriers are looking at what is called 'Carrier Wi-Fi' to offload data from their congested networks. Currently, Wi-Fi is limited to high frequency ranges at 2 GHz and above and, as a result have a limited range. However, many lower frequency bands that were previously used for TV are being used less and less. Such bands are highly suited for penetrating obstacles such as walls, and are ideal for longer range networks — enabling 'super-Wi-Fi'. Read more Wireless lab management for education November 4, 2014Wireless lab management for education  Tektronix claims the industry’s first wireless lab instrument management system for quickly setting up and efficiently managing basic electronics engineering laboratories at colleges and universities. TekSmartLab™ TSL3000A supports up to 120 instruments (30 test benches) on a single platform Read more
Li-Fi communication module wirelessly transfers data at 1-Gbps
Single control, SOI SP2T switch for WLAN applications
Low loss SOI switch provides high isolation
802.11ac Wi-Fi CPE shipments to capture 18% of access points in 2014
Network tester adds WLAN 802.11ac support
Carrier-grade Wi-Fi switch cuts power and footprint
Industrial wireless link closes in on wired reliability
5 GHz WLAN switch and LNA front end module
Tiny multilayer diplexer for WLAN and Bluetooth circuits
WiFi grows, 802.11ac kicks in
Antenna enables global positioning to one centimetre
CAN to WLAN Gateway facilitates testing
Wireless automotive module combines 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC
WLAN front end module supports IEEE 802.11a/n/ac applications
802.11 WLAN test scopes and analysers offer full 165-MHz bandwidth
Wireless test set ready for volume production of LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac WLAN devices
CAN to WLAN interface allows CANbus monitoring while in motion
WLAN security feature centrally authorizes individual wireless units
Navigation antenna now Includes 5 GHz Wi-Fi
AirTight adds access point to its cloud-managed Wi-Fi™ for multi-unit retail
WLAN market to grow 57 percent by 2017
Small integrated SPDT switch and LNA with bypass mode
Security for smartphones protects users against eavesdropping
Wi-Fi Alliance® selects Marvell's Avastar 802.11ac 2x2 combo IC with NFC/Bluetooth for the Wi-Fi Certified ac Test Suite
Skyworks and SMC Networks to develop wireless connectivity for the connected home
Signal and spectrum analyser delivers 320 MHz analysis bandwidth
Tiny thin-film 10-W 3-dB directional couplers
FieldFox analyzers can be remotely controlled via Apple iOS devices
Real-time signal analysis on show at MTT-S 2013
5G WiFi combo chips target entry level market
MIMO-ready test solution for wideband wireless devices
Dual-band Ethernet port adapter with external stub antenna
Ultra wideband omni antenna for DAS applications
Smart Wi-Fi mobile apps simplify wireless performance analysis, planning and monitoring
Front-end modules support WiFi-enabled smartphones and tablets
Industry first Wi-Fi and ZigBee IP single chip
Vector signal generator offers cost-efficient generation and analysis of WLAN IEEE 802.11ac signals up to 160 MHz
802.11b/g/n WLAN front-end module in a tiny 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm package
Handheld spectrum and interference analyzer
LTE modem and application processor platform claims to be fastest and coolest
BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles
Power amplifier offers optimum system performance for next-generation Wi-Fi applications
Wireless LAN market posts record quarter revenues
Modular WLAN 802.11ac test system covers 160 MHz bandwidth up to 6 GHz
X-Series signal analyzers feature software release for emerging 802.11ac WLAN standard
Mindspeed and China Mobile work together on Nanocell research
Miniature high-performance multilayer band pass filter
RF signal generator and analyzer add WLAN 802.11ac capability
SAR assessment system delivers instant regulatory compliance accuracy
WLAN clients optimized for industrial automation applications
Samsung Electronics acquires WLAN developer, Nanoradio
Antenna Magus version 4.0 now offers over 200 antennas,
Enhanced LTE-PON platform facilitates fast and efficient end-user access
Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n dual RF wireless access point
Wideband power sensors for widespread RF measurements
WLAN monitoring now includes software-based sensors
Tailor-made WLAN access points and clients
M2M wireless gateway ideal as an aggregator or bridge for different wireless networks
AirMagnet Spectrum XT raises bar for WLAN interference identification and classification
Compact, high-efficiency RF power amplifier supports 5-GHz Wi-Fi applications
Ixia to buy Veriwave to extend wireless testing
Small 4G/LTE capable USB router
Expanded RF power amplifier portfolio targets embedded WLAN applications
AirCheck Wi-Fi tester extends WLAN performance and detection capabilities
IHS: Embedded wireless market to grow 35%
Wireless modules combine WLAN, Bluetooth and FM and GPS functionalities
Agilent claims it is first to support 802.11ac
Wireless LAN market reached record level in 2010
WLAN chipset market to double in 2011 courtesy of Wi-Fi
MediaTek licenses Swedish DSP architecture
WiFi gateway for wireless data transmission with Ipetronik data logger systems
Qualcomm-Atheros to propel 'combo' efforts
Embedded Wi-Fi SoC targets Internet of Things market
Small bridge chips target tablet smartphones and cellphones
Breakthrough approach to measure, visualize and understand WLAN client experience
Vertically polarized direct mount omnidirectional antenna
Wi-Fi Alliance validates test set for CWG
Dual-band antenna ideal for WLAN and 4.9 GHz public safety applications
Wireless LAN chips feature advanced beam-forming for best-in-class reach
Horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna delivers 9 dBi gain over 2400 to 2500 MHz
Marvell and Harman bring advanced Wi-Fi to the automotive industry
Energy efficient RF transistors provide highly-reliable ESD protection
Four-port PoE midspan focuses on small to medium-sized business applications
Software simplifies Bluetooth/WLAN module testing
Rutronik and Fujitsu expand cooperation to include wireless modules
Mid- and high-power WiFi power amplifiers target 802.11n access points, routers and gateways
Wireless LAN performance comes under the microscope
NXP to offer 50 RF/microwave products based on SiGe:C BiCMOS process technology
Selective radiation meter offers time function analysis in the nanosecond range
GPS front-end module with low noise figure targets mobile applications
High linearity data power amplifiers for WiMAX and WiFi applications
InGaP HBT gain block amplifiers for WiMAX, base stations, satellite TV and set-top boxes
HDI to change how consumers interact with mobile devices
Wireless LAN market hits record high in Q4 2009
Large field trial tests Car-to-Roadside communications
Silicon-based high power 2 GHz 802.11bgn WLAN power amplifier
Handheld tester offers intuitive, rapid Wi-Fi troubleshooting

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