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VoLTE-capable iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones slash 3G minutes February 25, 2015VoLTE-capable iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones slash 3G minutes TrueCall data shows further drop in 3G voice minutes across VoLTE-enabled iOS devices with iPhone 6 users making a quarter of calls on 3G compared to older iPhone models Read more Gigabit modem IP targets mmWave communication February 25, 2015Gigabit modem IP targets mmWave communication Blu Wireless Technology has successfully validated the lead implementation in 40nm CMOS of its HYDRA IP. Read more Axell Wireless joins Aeroflex to form Cobham Wireless February 24, 2015Axell Wireless joins Aeroflex to form Cobham Wireless A leader in indoor wireless cellular and public safety solutions, Axell Wireless has announced that its integration into Cobham will be fully completed by July 2015 — following the acquisition of the company by Cobham in May 2013. Read more Guerrilla RF completes funding for mass production, new products February 24, 2015Guerrilla RF completes funding for mass production, new products Guerrilla RF Inc., has announced the closing of a $500,000 funding round led by Charlotte Angel Fund to enable the company to start mass production in support of recent design wins, as well as develop additional products. Also participating were Piedmont Angel Network and a growing list of individual angel investors. Read more North American mobile operators spend twice as much as others February 24, 2015North American mobile operators spend twice as much as others In the past North American mobile operators have typically invested twice as much in capital expenditure (CAPEX) per subscription as their global counterparts. This year market research firm ABI Research forecasts North America CAPEX per subscription to be US$63. In comparison, Western Europe is at distant second with US$34. Read more
Development environment enables concurrent MCU and RF design
Apple and Ericsson fight over LTE patents as IEEE looks to change wireless IP rules
Keysight EXF wireless test set supports high-volume manufacturing of Broadcom-based femtocells
High linearity, active bias ultra low noise amplifier
Freescale and Bell Labs explore wireline and wireless virtualization on the road to 5G
Cobham Wireless and NI team up for cellular and connectivity applications
DAS platform supports five frequency bands for European market
Keysight to demonstrate LTE-A functionality of latest UXM wireless test set
Blu Wireless to demonstrate 60 GHz lighting module
Software innovations enable carrier-class Wi-Fi calling
CDMA modules target the energy market
USA cashes in on spectrum auction
CommScope to acquire TE Connectivity’s telecom, enterprise and wireless businesses
Bluetooth/WLAN module for automotive applications
Connected Car to experience dramatic growth
Powermat wireless charging points come to Starbucks outlets in London
Wireless Li-Fi networking system ships
Free e-learning course for mobile device engineers
Coaxial connectors: straight talking on torque
Apple Watch drives wireless charging market
Wearable tattoo sensor detects glucose levels
Self-organizing network market in rapid growth phase
Verizon Vehicle brings wireless roadside assistance, dignostics to 200 million cars
RF car key could make vehicles 'cool' according to NXP
Intel boosts wireless credentials with button size SoC for wearable devices
Comcast and TI bring voice control to TVs with voice-over-RF4CE
Qualcomm and Walgreens bring connectivity to health care
10 W wireless power for smartphones and mobile accessories
Integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and IoT
Is Google Fiber at risk from AT&T GigaPower
Compact directional coupler delivers 6 dB coupling over 7.0 to 12.4 GHz
Switch targets automotive wireless over 50 to 3000 MHz
Wireless M2M hub looks to transform healthcare
Wi-Fi platform targets Hi-Fi low latency audio streaming
NFC comes to broadband platform
Dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip for HD streaming
Advanced V2X system boasts accurate satellite positioning
Off-the-shelf connectorized RF amplifiers
Wireless retina based on nanotechnology film
Bluetooth SIG announces Bluetooth 4.2, targets IoT
U-blox buys into automotive, acquires modules business from Lesswire
Improved customer experience a big push for Carrier Wi-Fi
Industrial wireless sensor market to experience long term growth
Programmable dual transceiver aims to disrupt the RF market
Mesh Networks raises $4.3 million for next generation connectivity products
IoT territorial disputes
'Smart spaces' use light to send data
Acal BFi extends Sierra Wireless distribution to Germany, Italy and UK
Carrier Wi-Fi to grow rapidly to 8 billion USD
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules for industrial applications
2.4 GHz wireless transceiver for industrial applications
Dual-band transceiver targets smart energy
NFC/RFID tag for embedded devices
Wireless lab management for education
Li-Fi communication module wirelessly transfers data at 1-Gbps
Big Wi-Fi comes to small business
Sub-GHz band wireless communication LSI targets IoT and sensor networks
First fully automatic and distributed wireless multi-hop mesh IoT network
Blu Wireless Technology gets $3.7m investment to push 60 GHz baseband IP
National Instruments joins CROWD for 5G wireless networks research
Wireless testing providers need to offer end-to-end products for a heterogeneous market
AT4 wireless expands its Wi-Fi certification testing portfolio
Wireless charging transmitter coil offers high efficiency
Sensor uses radio waves to detect subtle changes in pressure
USB and LAN power sensors feature wide dynamic range for radar and satellite testing
Smartphone terminal combines wireless charging, antenna and NFC
Dual mode Bluetooth® platforms target next-gen wireless gaming controllers
Reflections from smartphone transmissions enable gesture control
Wireless UART data transceiver module combines low cost with frequency agility
Wireless test set expands functional test capabilities
Street light control system offers energy saving benefits
Wireless charging receiving coil delivers high efficiency for 10 W applications
Xilinx and China Mobile collaborate on virtualized 5G wireless networks
Connected EVs drive further according to project
Module combines support for WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC
Network application instantly tests indoor coverage and performance of voice and data services
High-temperature Bluetooth® Smart wireless microcontroller targets industrial and lighting applications
Telefonica brings connected home technology from AT&T to Europe
Elevate Test Framework breaks the “Box” model of wireless testing
IDT and Intel collaborate to enable a wire-free world
Energy harvesting sensor monitors high current distribution systems
Mouser to distribute Broadcom globally
Close proximity, high speed wireless transfer technology targets consumers
Consumer-driven surveillance takes shape
Winged parcel delivery: Google's way
Wireless charging/NFC reference design for cars
Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT
Mobile Internet will continue to drive mobile revenues
Rolling Stones move over, here come wireless electric guitar effects pedals
Wireless router certified for railway applications
Monitoring deteriorating bridges with wireless sensors and drones
Low power GNSS module ideal for automotive and wearable designs
Multi-purpose LTE wireless core networking testing tool
Project to develop miniature UWB modules for accurate location awareness
Huawei engages Ranplan for small cell network planning and optimisation
2-W wireless power receiver for wearable devices
Development boards enable cellular connectivity for Raspberry Pi and Arduino
Wireless modules monitor railway bearings in real time
AMC format card targets wireless front-ends with Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA
Tele2 and NetComm Wireless form M2M partnership
Wireless controller targets IoT with on-board user-application memory
Small geolocation module features 10 cm accuracy
CSR opens R&D centre in Bristol to drive wireless innovation
Agilent and China Mobile to collaborate on 5G wireless
Radios give IoT new channels
Can ICT move Canada toward a green sustainable future?
TE Connectivity and Fiber-Span offer public safety DAS
Anritsu and Jasper Wireless work on platform for global IoT
Single-chip balun integrated into sensor-enabled RF modules
Industrial wireless link closes in on wired reliability
Regulator risks leaving Europe behind in 5G
ADC pushes the boundaries for software defined radio
Wireless smart lighting system comes to the IoT
Wireless charging goes beyond smartphones as A4WP extends standard to 50-W
Low PIM coaxial switch offers linear response and high power capability
Regulators may hold back 60 GHz use
Boingo deploys Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi in U.S. military bases
Wireless broadband to the moon
Protocol stack software targets wireless smart meters
NI and Nokia look to 5G wireless networks
Project brings environment-aware vehicles, talking traffic lights
Wireless lighting technology optimizes off-grid LED lighting
Integrated wireless controller features low power for IoT applications
Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite delivers mobile office for Wireless Innovation
Analog EDA based on insect behaviour gets funds
A world without cords – The Wireless Power Challenge
Are more wireless standards needed for M2M?
Amplifier design could enable mobile phone masts to cut carbon emissions
Next-generation wireless prototyping platform from National Instruments
Reference designs for iBeacons
Laser light source improves image quality in smart glasses
LTE physical layer saves time and money for wireless OEMs
SpeedCast demonstrates Improved mobile satellite communications
Rohm and imec collaborate on ultra-low power radio R&D
Qi wireless charging targets public locations
Axell Wireless installs DAS system at World Trade Center
Telit partners with NimbeLink on embedded, pre-certified modems
Wireless self-contained pacemaker passes safety study
Anite joins test project for 4G and 5G technologies
"Beyond the Phone" — competing for wireless power
Hughes Europe and AirTight Networks to offer secure Wi-Fi to retail
Dual-mode Qi, PMA wireless power receiver
Energy harvesting gesture recognition for smartphones and IoT devices
Wireless chargers for vehicles to reach 300,000 by 2022
DSP-based 5 V Qi wireless charger in 5 x 5 mm
Unified wireless infrastructure for in-building systems, not just DAS
Application enablement platform for IoT and M2M
Global location chip targets wearables
Packet microwave 70/80 GHz radio cuts spectrum costs
Wireless charging comes to Implantable hearing aids
Sensor network is application-oriented
DIDO pCell radio re-invents wireless — brings 'mobile fiber' to users
256 QAM 80 GHz small cell backhaul modem IP
Bluetooth Smart software development kit for Arduino projects
Wireless transceiver circuit enables low-power medical body area networks
Blu Wireless awarded Ł1m from the West of England Growth Fund
Five key challenges to improving LTE network backhaul speed - and how to solve them
Aeroflex takes over virtual test solution partner
Raspberry Pi plug-ins for Wi-Fi and low power radio
Wireless lighting controls that are self-programming cut consumption
Qi wireless power transmitter circuit with foreign object detection
40 GHz handheld cable and antenna analyzer claims world first
French company Sigfox rolls out another successful IoT network in Russia
Wireless test set enables new insights into LTE-Advanced Category 6 chipsets
Google developing smart contact lens for diabetics
Wireless automotive module combines 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC
AT4 wireless selects Anite's SAS interoperability and performance test system
Plug-in extends energy harvesting wireless options to the Smart Home
Wireless smart lighting network uses energy harvesting switch
Chipset enables fast wireless charging
NFC-enabled digital media kiosk concept doubles as Qi charger
Millimetre wave technology for backhaul between small-cell base stations
Tektronix Communications completes acquisition of Newfield Wireless
DragonWave, MADA Kuwait announce backhaul supplier agreement
European BLIM4SME project aims to further streamline Bluetooth Low Energy integration
Technology consortium to develop innovative integrated Bluetooth Low Energy modules
Wireless MCUs draw only 18 mA when transmitting at +10 dBm, 50 nA in standby
Bluetooth low energy toolbox eases development on Android
Digi-Key adds quick-start wireless solutions from Bluegiga Technologies
Freescale adds ZigBee wireless MCUs in Kinetis series
Muscle activity-based gesture control enables wireless control of devices with fingers and hands alone
Wireless packet core revenue up over 17 percent
Telit module to support ultra narrow band license-free radio for the SIGFOX Internet of Things network
Dual-mode Bluetooth Smart ready serial port adapter
Miniature wireless data logger based on Bluetooth Low Energy
To win: 12 Raspberry Pi ‘Wireless Inventors Kits’
Multi-radio module ready-to-embed in IoT applications
National Instruments and the University of Edinburgh to work on massive MIMO visible light comms networks
Wireless test set ready for volume production of LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac WLAN devices
HetNet portfolio accelerates deployment of next generation wireless infrastructure
Anite leads 5G radio channel model development
Consumer Electronics to drive Bluetooth Smart chip growth to over 55 percent
Low loss 4x2 hybrid diplexer for low PIM head end DAS applications
StrainWISE project yields autonomous communicating sensor networks for aeronautics
WPC 1.1 wireless power receiver targets portable applications
Long range wireless transceiver platform addresses IoT communications
Wireless smart meter deployments to double in market revenue
Software-defined radio processor for car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication
Z-Wave hits market milestone with 900th interoperable smart home product
CAD tool offers end-to-end simulation environment for wireless power
Wireless power receiver simplifies contactless battery charging
Bluetooth SIG and A4WP to shape wireless charging standard
Using 802.11 in industrial applications
LTE to be deployed worldwide by 2018
UK launches spectrum forum to develop national strategy for spectrum
Bird Technologies acquires distributed antenna system manufacturer DeltaNode
Wireless sensor devices do not require batteries.
Wireless chip targets 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus applications
Tiny Bluetooth smart wireless module
Next generation hotspot Wi-Fi to raech $150 billion in operator revenue by 2018
ANT+ integrated in Samsung GALAXY Note 3
LTE software developer mimoOn closes series B investment round
Vector signal analyzer boosts manufacturing test speed for power amplifier front-end modules
Hirschmann usess Telit technology in compact GPS receiver antenna
Cree RF technology stars in Hollywood aerial action sequence
First 3.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz eLTE broadband access network addresses limited spectrum resources
Precision clock multiplier and jitter attenuator chip
Entrust and Radio IP Integration secures connection across wired and wireless IP networks
Wireless controlled power SSR for AC power includes a remote control
Elektrobit to demonstrate tactical communications technology at DSEI
Richardson RFPD adds the SiRFstarIV™ family of GPS modules from Maestro Wireless
Cree ships more than two million GaN HEMT devices for telecom infrastructure
Cloud-based wireless ECG achieves CE certification
Digital-over-fiber system extends wireless carrier coverage and capacity
TriQuint acquires CAP wireless and its Spatium RF power combining technology
Surface mount OCXO holds tight stabilities down to 5 ppb
UltraCMOS antenna switches boost performance in 4G LTE-Advanced mobile applications
Swiss-based u‑blox opens LTE RF design center in Ireland
Wireless charging coil modules meet Qi global standard
ST-Ericsson completes restructuring and employee transfer
Bristol-based startup gets funding for 60 GHz wireless IP
Wireless packet core revenues to double by 2017
AirTight adds access point to its cloud-managed Wi-Fi™ for multi-unit retail
Alcatel-Lucent and Qualcomm to develop next-generation small cells for ultra-broadband wireless access
ZigBee to push 802.15.4-enabled device market growth five-fold over 2012 to 2018
Wideband mixer offers high linearity with 50 Ohm matched input from 30 MHz to 6 GHz
WLAN market to grow 57 percent by 2017
Single chip WiFi targets 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers in the Internet of Things
Wireless strain gauge system enables super yacht sail-track development
Turnkey package for FTTA, remote radio deployments
Automotive wireless market to expand by over 40 percent
SOCRATE project works on directivity of electrically small antennas
Network synchronization system on a chip
Reference design for production-line connected vehicles
Startup to license M2M technology in the home
Agilent and Tyndall National Institute open teaching and research laboratory
Piezo-MEMS vibration energy harvesters enable live wireless sensor network
Low-noise timing chipset targets cellular infrastructure
Integrating Social Networking and M2M to enable Internet of Everything
Cavity duplexer for indoor and outdoor wireless infrastructure
Indoor location applications expected to break 1 billion downloads by 2016
Commercial fleet telematics in government sector to hit 1.6 billion USD by 2018
DISH and nTelos launch fixed wireless broadband pilot
V2V communications now investigated for motorcycles
Report: DAS, small cells and WiFi fight for the $3.5B in-building wireless market
Skyworks and SMC Networks to develop wireless connectivity for the connected home
4G/LTE backhaul in a single box
Electrocardiograms can now be done home with a smartphone app
Silicon Labs to acquire Energy Micro
Wireless Broadband Alliance now has 100 members
Tiny thin-film 10-W 3-dB directional couplers
Sub-GHz LTCC filter supports TI CC112x transceiver series
Ultra low noise figure amplifiers suit 4G applications
Over-the-air technology facilitates software updates for cars
20 to 1000 MHz, 1 kW PA highlights unrivaled size and power advantages
Thin-film 10 W 3 dB directional couplers target wireless communications
CORMORAN Project explores intra- and inter-communication between WBANs
Mass production ready audio module integrates low power Bluetooth
LDMOS RF power transistors target TD-LTE basestations
ZigBee Alliance and ECHONET to collaborate on a certification program for home appliances
Five leading Japanese ODMs unveil nRF51822 SoC RF modules
5G WiFi combo chips target entry level market
Low-power wireless projected to make waves in remote controls
Taoglas 4-in-1 Cellular Antenna from Richardson
Software-based GeoSoft RAN virtual probe cuts costs of RAN monitoring
Verizon finds small cells to be a valuable addition to 4G LTE networks
Imec and Renesas collaborate on ultra-low power short range radios
Dual-band Ethernet port adapter with external stub antenna
Internet of Things development kit provides wireless internet connectivity for embedded devices
Over 30 Billion devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020
Wireless data logger connects to the cloud through Bluetooth LE
Highly integrated processor SoC for 5G WiFi enterprise access points
Sub-GHz radio features extended temperature and frequency range
Battery-assisted passive EPC Gen2 RFID tag features temperature sensing
EnOcean Alliance joins Home Gateway Initiative
USB 3.0 port dual band wireless adapter supports up to 867 Mbps
WLAN-module supports data rates up to 150 Mbps
CML Microcircuits expands its engineering department
Wireless LED lamp claims to be smallest
Microchip adds Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee RF parts and modules
Energy harvesting wireless switch transmits on-off data over a 300m range at 868 MHz
CNS-EnOcean driver remotely controls energy harvesting wireless networks
Embedded modules deliver mobile broadband connectivity
Bluetooth all-in one module with antenna targets automotive use
Wireless non-contact switch supports a range up to 305 m in line-of-sight
EnOcean claims first middleware for energy harvesting wireless technology
BlinkSight and imec claim first single-chip indoor GPS solution
Microsemi teams with Virtual Extension to offer sub-GHz mesh networks for energy harvesting
Factory-assembled tower tops offer new approach to building wireless networks
Laird Technologies to demonstrate wireless power generator
Wireless access points target in-cabin aircraft video streaming
NXP forms C2X alliance with Cohda Wireless and Lesswire AG
CanvasM Technologies selects Anite for wireless device testing
ZigBee IP — an open standard for IPv6-based wireless mesh networks
NFC installed base to exceed 500m devices within 12 months
Matlab and Simulink add faster wireless and radar design
Waterproof remote control system extends home automation outdoors
Alcatel-Lucent completes key interoperability testing of LTE for public safety applications
Wireless charging could extend to devices smaller than mobile phones
Smart Wi-Fi mobile apps simplify wireless performance analysis, planning and monitoring
Energy harvesting wireless technology enables single room control system
Broadcom tops wireless connectivity IC competitive assessments
Short-range wireless IC market to reach almost 5 Billion units shipped in 2013
Smart lighting system supports circadian rhythm
Z-Wave Alliance focuses on the Internet of Things
AT4 wireless adds OTA A-GPS testing capabilities
LTE and HSPA+ data cards deliver up to 100 Mpbs speeds
Embedded wireless device server speeds serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity
Vodafone spends most at UK 4G auction
Operators approve Wireless Broadband Alliance interoperability compliance program for global Wi-Fi roaming
NFC ferrite sheet antenna meets EMVCo 40 mm specification
Advanced LTE small cell software supports latest wireless SoC from TI
Floating point added to multicore DSP platform for MIMO support
CommAgility DSP and RF modules chosen by Hermon Laboratories for LTE handset test
SystemVue software release accelerates MIMO radar and wireless design
Wireless packet core revenues to exceed $6 billion in 2017
Wireless mesh networking chips from Cyan deployed by partner for Indian utility pilot
Antenna system boosts wireless network site capacity
Millimeter-wave 4G / LTE backhaul for mobile telecoms applications
Protocol tester adds test scenarios for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation
Proprietary wireless technologies in home automation
Compact dual mode Wi-Fi network controller module
Short-range wireless module targets multi-kilometer-range wired-to-wireless migration
UK 4G wireless spectrum auction critical in determining winners
Research project taps LED lighting for broadband communications
Silicon Laboratories showcases wireless technology for advanced metering
Handheld spectrum and interference analyzer
Telehealth to reach 1.8 million patients by 2017
Wireless ANT+ head-up display for runners shows live training data
Bluetooth dual-mode SPP/LE module with integrated ceramic antenna
Franklin Wireless selects Altair's Verizon wireless certified chipset to power LTE-enabled devices
Mouser launches enhanced RF wireless technology site
Wireless microcontrollers support ZigBee and JenNet-IP
Transceiver meets ETSI Category 1 standard with 6-dB margin to support healthcare monitoring 
Tri-band reference design features both 802.11ac and 802.11ad technology
Audi unveils in-car 4G LTE wireless broadband at CES 2013
Nordic Semiconductor collaborates with Joybien to bring Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity to toy sector
Software tool identifies RF spectrum intermodulation distortion frequencies
WiLink 8Q RF chip family combines multiple RF technologies for in-car use
MEMS ideal for wireless sensor nodes and smartphones
Wi-Fi Alliance® and Wireless Gigabit Alliance to unify
7Layers acquisition accelerates Bureau Veritas' development in the wireless and mobile
Evaluation kits aim to speed up ZigBee development projects
Cisco, NXP push commercialization of Car-to-X communication
MIMO wireless channel emulation logic subsystem
MIMO channel emulators offer improved support for multi-link networks and geometric modeling
Ultra-low power wireless connectivity IC market to grow to over $2 billion by 2016
Wi-Fi offload may be the answer to mobile broadband demand
Elektrobit delivers first tactical wireless IP network products to Finnish defence forces
Ubidyne announces first call over fully digital DAS
Developer's kit for ZigBee wireless applications
Low latency wireless guitar jack claims superiority to a wired link
WPC Qi-compliant magnetic induction wireless power transmitters
Waveguide-based technology solves Wi-Fi coverage difficulties in warehouses, factories
Absorptive high-isolation SPDT switch
High-current output chipset targets free positioning wireless charging
TI supports Alliance for Wireless Power specification in addition to Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard
ST-Ericsson vows to keep working on turnaround
Sports and wellness drive mobile health device shipments past 30 million in 2012
Askey Computer Corporation joins Alcatel-Lucent software licensing program to widen the availability of wireless small cells
Qualcomm takes third place in global semiconductor market in 2012
Test unit enables the verification and optimization of wireless networks
Evolved packet core revenues double year-over-year in 3Q12
Cavity filters target wireless and defense applications
Wireless LAN market posts record quarter revenues
Ceragon expands Sub-Saharan African footprint with $28 million in wireless network deals
Mobile equipment market to achieve double digit growth this year
Encryption libraries for Waspmote platform protect sensitive data
Data, voice drive different connected-car markets
SON solution for UMTS networks saves time and resources
Software suite simplifies modulation analysis of multi-carrier signals within LTE-Advanced waveforms
Base station extends range of wireless instrumentation up to 200 m
Wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking kit
Wireless microcontroller family targets the Internet of Things
Rapid prototyping developer kit targets the Internet of Things (IoT)
EnOcean demos Rasperry Pi board as wireless gateway
APx4 wireless system-on-module
Mobile drives rapid growth In Sub-Saharan Africa
Low power wireless MCU targets 2.4-GHz ISM band applications
EnOcean partners with ROHM to advance wireless energy harvesting
Single chip wireless power receiver with integrated battery charger enables faster charging
Xsens partners with STMicroelectronics to demonstrate wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking
Premier Farnell strengthens EnOcean's international distribution network
Ember® ZigBee® ICs target the Internet of Things
More smartphones connect to Wi-Fi hotspots than laptops
Software defined radio module used in leading 5G wireless research
National Instruments and TU-Dresden collaborate on 5G mobile network research
Flexible wireless power specification rolled out
Low power sub-GHz radio in compact chip scale package targets wireless sensor applications
Five wireless connectivity standards within a 24.6 x 18.0 x 3.0 mm package
2 billion wireless connectivity combo ICs expected to ship in 2017
Board-level gateway module for wireless sensors
Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance announces 'Connected Health World'
Wireless sensor network SoCs achieve less than 50-uA per node
Consumers aggressively migrate data to cloud storage in first half of 2012
UK startup ramps up 60 GHz development
BMW drives Connected Car into the cyberspace
Light bulbs with wireless connectivity to shine bright in 2013
Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking chip for smartphones
Qi expands into wireless charging in automobiles
Raytheon wins contract for wireless-guided missiles
Ruckus smart Wi-Fi deployed by Brazilian operator
TCXO offers low phase noise feature with wide frequency stability
Miniature GPS receiver features 3D embedded technology
ADI simplifies high-speed data converter-to-FPGA interconnect design
6loWPAN wireless mesh communications targets the energy market
Two-way 169 MHz wireless M-Bus meter reading module
Wireless headset can diagnose epilepsy
Visteon provides communication equipment for US car-to-x pilot program
Call for consensus on small cell base stations
Credit card size software defined radio demonstrator for wireless data
Celcite demonstrates LTE optimisation techniques
X-COM Systems releases Version 3.0 of RF Editor Graphical RF Signal Editor software
Energy harvesters boost update rates on wireless instruments
Wireless connectivity chipsets revenues to exceed $10 billion in 2012
Wireless power microsite launched by element14
Multimode HSPA+ and EV-DO module addresses multiple operator networks
Wireless SoC accelerated validation platforms for MIPI CSI-2 and DSI
Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter helps the adoption of USB-connected wireless charging pads
Renesas claims first NFC wireless charging solution
Renesas, Virtual Extension showcase wireless digital addressable lighting interface demo kit
Axell Wireless a next generation leader in global wireless In-Building market
Battery-powered evaluation enables engineers to test wireless accessory and sensor applications
Wireless glucose monitor aims to eliminate blood tests
Intel energizes wireless charging effort
Smartphones to be majority of global cellphone shipments in 2013
Prototype 64-way antenna system saves power and spectrum
Smart meter RF coupler features 10 kV isolation
Researchers print wireless power antenna for less than 1 cent
Smart meter RF coupler with 10kV electrical isolation has under 0.5 dB loss at 915 MHz
Mobile core gateway spending up despite gloomy infrastructure market
Wireless shines bright in a slow chip market
Enhancement mode LNAs offer low noise figure and high linearity
Japan leads wireless power market
Philips and Daintree highlight ZigBee for wireless lighting controls
Agilent Technologies agrees to acquire the test systems business from AT4 wireless
Aeroflex donates wireless test equipment to University College London
Thin receiving coil for wireless power transfer targets mobile devices
Powdered-iron-based receiver coil designed for 5 V wireless charging
Bluetooth and Zigbee on collision course
Wireless smart packaging based on Thin Film printed electronics
Cable-based antennas target passenger in-flight wireless access
Carrier WiFi could grow rapidly with ANDSF
Seven mobile operators form alliance to cooperate on global M2M business initiatives
Dual 14-bit A/D converter saves space and power
Toumaz buys radio chip firm for $50 million
C Spire works with Alcatel-Lucent to deploy 4G LTE broadband
One in every five wearable wireless devices set for healthcare deployment by 2017
Miniature wideband coupler features high directivity over 700 to 2700 MHz
Sub 1.0 dB noise figure LNAs target cellular, smart energy, radio and ISM applications
Carrier Wi-Fi equipment market to grow to $2.2 Billion by 2017
Dual 16-bit DAC incorporates a JESD204 serial input to simplify the FPGA interface
Audi, Sierra Wireless jointly develop and test in-vehicle LTE infotainment system
ADS system simulation model helps development of Envelope Tracking systems
Slim 4G LTE embedded module is only 2.5-mm thick
WLAN clients optimized for industrial automation applications
Samsung Electronics acquires WLAN developer, Nanoradio
Bluetooth Low Energy controller comsumes 16.5 mA in receive mode
Freescale drives wireless recharge with reference designs
O2 launches UK M2M network
Low power digital wideband VGAs feature high linearity
RELM Wireless wins international military order for KNG UHF portable radios
AdvancedMC module provides affordable FPGA performance and flexible I/O in wireless applications
Silicon Labs gains wireless mesh networking technology with Ember acquisition
Patient status engine combines wireless body-worn sensors with cloud-based electronic health record
802.11n Smart Wi-Fi access points for carriers and enterprises
Nordic takes aim on step up to the WSN platform
Agilent Technologies develops voice-over-LTE test system with Brüel & Kjćr
Cross domain analyzer enables interference analysis up to 43 GHz in a single box
Multi-mode wireless data modem supports GMSK/GFSK
Network managed services will grow from $14 billion in 2012 to $25 billion in 2017
Broadband RF mixer achieves 26.9-dBm IIP3 with 294-mW power consumption
Qualcomm, Samsung form wireless power alliance
Cost-effective millimeter-wave signal analysis
Wireless module with integrated SIM card and micro SD card holder
Miniature 0402 varactor diodes
System management design tools for wired and wireless communications applications
Smart communications for end devices such as smart meters, illumination and remote sensors
Allot Communications to Acquire Ortiva Wireless
Low-power wireless transceiver doubles operational lifetime of smart meters
Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n dual RF wireless access point
4M Wireless acquired by u-blox for LTE technology
Wireless sensor networks evaluation kit
Microchip buys wireless module maker
Broadcom, Qualcomm, CSR, and Texas Instruments are benefiting from $8 billion wireless connectivity IC market
Wireless power system for portable electronics
Mobile CAPEX to grow 9% in 2012, driven by China, LTE, and small cells
4M Wireless licenses protocol stack to Wuxi
NXP Semiconductors acquires the Catena Group for high performance mixed signal applications
Huawei climbs to number two spot in wireless equipment
Wide bandwidth MIMO PXI vector signal analyzer targets wireless chipset design and verification
ON Semiconductor introduces high efficiency wireless charging ICs
GSMA and WBA team up to simplify Wi-Fi hotspot access for smartphones
Lime Microsystems and Altera team for Universal Wireless Communications Toolkit
Semtech buys French IP developer
In-building wireless antenna targets LTE
Point to Multipoint millimetre wave wireless backhaul solution targets small cell networks
Multi-standard transceiver for sensor networks sets record for low power
Telecom operators successfully complete next generation Wi-Fi hotspot trials
Moving implant, body nets advance
Tailor-made WLAN access points and clients
Wireless will redifine the home audio market as we know it
Embedded timing network across Europe needed to avoid catastrophic system failures
RFIC shrinks microwave backhaul nets
Bluetest supports Agilent's PXT for LTE over-the-air testing
License-free 2.4 GHz wireless pulse acquisition module
LTE expected to dominate wireless infrastructure spending by 2013
1.3 Gbps, rugged, three-radio, three-stream access point
Power dividers for wireless and defense applications
Wireless implantable MEMS sensor powered by music
Dual IF VGA supports multi-mode 4G base station transceivers
Kivic ONE brings AirPlay to cars
Ford creates research lab to drive personal mobility
Testronic Labs selected as Qi Interoperability testing center
Wireless Power Consortium to demonstrate over 75 new products featuring Qi at CES 2012
Global telecommunications revenue to reach $2.7 trillion by 2017
2G module ready for eCall and ERA Glonass
M2M wireless gateway ideal as an aggregator or bridge for different wireless networks
Linear Technology acquires Dust Networks
Low-power, low-distortion RF to IF mixers
IEEE 802.15.4 IC market to exceed $1.1 billion in 2016
Wireless communications test set targets R&D
WiGig preps software specs for 60 GHz
Custom test method saves development time for advanced wireless systems
Celeno to support “Entertain” IPTV service for Deutsche Telekom
900 MHz wireless module offer high power in small package
GenX Mobile bases 3G HSPA and CDMA vehicle tracking platforms on u-blox wireless modem technology
Open source framework for commercial baseband software announced by the Wireless Innovation Forum
Wirelessc PIC microcontroller simplifies secure remote keyless entry designs
FPGA brings high speed SERDES to RF and communications applications
Mechanical energy converters pair up with wireless technology
Wireless display in a contact lens takes shape
Wireless pacemaker in trials claims world first
Consumer wireless technology converts "dumb" bombs into precision guided weapons
Qualcomm acquires HaloIPT team for wireless electric vehicle charging technology
LTE evolved packet core spending to pass 500 million USD in 2012
RFID/NFC dual-interface memory IC relies on RF energy harvesting
Wireless motion measurement system analyses data remotely
Huawei proposes video server standard
ST-Ericsson tips Nokia Windows Phone win
Z-Wave millimetre solution for smart homes
Semtech accelerates time to market of RF ASIC development with Model-Based Design tools
802.15.4-based chipsets for the industrial automation market will hit $8 million in 2016
NXP shows smart home control using 6LoWPAN
GaN wideband power amplifier covers 30 MHz to 2500 MHz
AWS MIMO support for indoor DAS
4 Gbps wireless backhaul targets high-capacity packet aggregation networks
Microphone wireless audio reference design kit
SoC wireless audio products feature USB support
Nordic and Mouser Electronics sign global agreement
CommScope supplies active antennas in North American 4G network trial
Wireless service providers look to the cloud to regain profits
Modbus Gateway integrated into wireless sensor system
18 GHz PLL synthesiser removes need for frequency-doubling in broadband applications
SmartPulseT IP gateway reference design supports wireless sensor networks
EM Microelectronic's CoolRF chip qualifies for Bluetooth V4.0
RF power transistor delivers cost-effective platform for increased wireless-system performance
Sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions deliver mesh wireless Internet connectivity to metering networks
Ultra low power 2.4 GHz SoCs help wireless muscle stimulator to offer consumers pro athlete technology
Cadence expands verification IP portfolio to accelerate adoption of emerging mobile standards
Rohde & Schwarz to offer wireless test certification
Small cell backhaul to shift away from copper and fiber toward wireless backhaul
Wall switch brings 802.11n Wi-Fi to hotels
U-blox acquires Fusion Wireless to expand reach in the US CDMA wireless markets
LTE to challenge test equipment vendors
Wireless solution scheduled for airlines and airport authorities
Imagination takes stake in digital RF firm
Cloud computing offers big opportunities in Enterprise IT for wireless service providers
Bluetooth data modules offer multiple advanced profiles
Aeroflex endows €1 million laboratory at Lancaster University
World's first DECT ULE wireless sensor network devices
Low power RF technology enables intelligent hand hygiene system to prevent hospital infections
Compact, all-outdoor packet solution for 4G/LTE backhaul
Compression across base station fiber optic links can save industry up to 25 billion USD
Security engine targets high capacity wireless networks
Freescale rolls out first products in QorIQ Qonverge wireless base station processor portfolio
Tektronix develops mixed-domain instrument for wireless developers
Wireless packet core market grew 33 percent in the second quarter of 2011
Wireless packet core shipments to Asia Pacific boost market almost 40 percent in Q2
Deloitte: U.S. could see $53 billion in 4G network investments by 2016
Wearable wireless medical devices to top 100 million units annually by 2016
Short range radio modules now report signal strength
Global wireless power market to reach USD4.5bn in 2016 following 86.5 percent annual growth
Nordic Semiconductor collaborates with Broadcom to develop Bluetooth low energy proximity fob prototype
Semtech updates TopSync platform to provides signal timing for legacy and next-generation wireless networks
IEEE publishes 'white space' WRAN standard
High-performance voltage regulator adds 20-percent run-time to ultra-low power wireless applications
MediaTek goes to startup for charging tech
Wireless power could cut cord for patients with implanted heart pumps
Ixia to buy Veriwave to extend wireless testing
WiGig shows progress with 60 GHz specifications
Audio streamer delivers class-leading cost and power optimization for mono wireless audio
Sensor board completes Libelium's Smart Cities platform
Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung join Neul radio club
Peak power analyzer claims fastest rise time and fall time
TI unveils industry’s first complete wireless headset reference design
Fitness and wellbeing devices will lead healthcare-related wearable wireless uptake to nearly 80 million devices
Report: Wireless charging growth to surge in 2011
China and other developing markets to drive commercial telematics systems to $12 billion by 2016
GSA increases commitment to European talent
NXP demos car-to-x communications platform
TV station reveals serious security flaws with RFID-equipped credit and debit cards
Integrated wideband passive mixers support wideband operation for wireless infrastructure and software-defined radio applications
Low cost 'tuned-by-design' injector-diplexer combiners
RoHS compliant VCO operates at 3710 to 3744 MHz
Two-way power divider covers 800 to 2500 MHz
Long range AMR metering module at 169 MHz claims world first
LDMOS RF power transistors target next-gen amplifier systems
CGVxpress High Speed Serial Interface from NXP targets wireless applications
2G module with integrated A-GPS receiver claims to be world's smallest
EnOcean now fully interoperable with TCP/IP
High linearity dual downconverting mixers reduce power consumption for 4G MIMO receivers
Selective encryption said to cut wireless power
Battery-less, RF-powered energy harvesting wireless sensor system targets building and industrial automation
Telit supports smart metering initiatives with energy-efficient, wireless M-Bus module
IHS: Embedded wireless market to grow 35%
Silicon Image to buy SiBeam for $25 million
VCXO targets 4G wireless and high-speed data applications
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
Multi-hop data radios with 3 km reach extend data transmission to over 20 km
Google bids $900M for Nortel's patents
ISM band wireless gateways and nodes for industrial sensor networks
Amimon raises $15 million for wireless HDTV
Ericsson shrinks cellular modules
Small 3.75G penta-band module for industrial and consumer applications
Smart wireless microsystems to provide wearable and implanted body area networks
Broadcom to pay $313 million for Provigent
Wireless sensor system for industrial measuring and control
Cavium buys baseband chip maker
NI wireless sensor network platform expanded
Wireless LAN market reached record level in 2010
Labs in Europe, US and Asia open for NFC Forum certification testing
First commercially available wireless carbon dioxide sensor for sustainable buildings
M2M modules target high throughput and long-term use even after 2G switch off
Telit Wireless Solutions completes acquisition of Motorola Solutions' M2M Business Unit
Spending on wireless-enabled sensors grew more than 80 percent in 2010, says ABI
Semtech and Virtual Extension expand wireless mesh network platform
RF module supplier Jorjin Technologies opens UK office for EMEA expansion
Millimeter-scale all-in-one computers debut
Get the digital edition of microwave enginnering
CSR announces merger with Zoran
MIPS Technologies and 4M Wireless demonstrate 3G/4G multimode protocol stacks on MIPS® architecture
Skyworks and Ember partner to deliver next-generation ZigBee® systems
Ultra-low energy radio draws less than 3 mW
Wireless M-bus module supports uni- and bidirectional 868 MHz connections
Qualcomm and Duracell to explore benefits of wireless power
Celeno's video-grade Wi-Fi chipset is selected by ZyXEL
Wireless Ethernet bridge delivers high data throughput over long ranges
TI releases tools and chipset for wireless power
Trio fires volleys in high-speed wireless war
Report: Qualcomm to buy Atheros for $3.5B
Qi certified development tools and chipset for wireless power
Market for mobile communications gear nears quarter-trillion-dollar mark
Mentor, Rhode & Schwarz develop HW-accelerated debug platform
Broadband gain blocks deliver high linearity and low current consumption
Cars become hotspots, fueling Wi-Fi growth
Service Delivery Platforms: the next wave in M2M network management
Energy harvesting thermoelectric generators target self-powered distributed sensors and sensor networks
Radiometrix enters into channel partnership in India
DC/DC converter interfaces batteryless energy harvesting devices with wireless modules
Radio SoC targets power-efficient wireless connectivity
Dual slant 90° sector antenna for broadband and WiMAX applications
Wireless M2M connection market booms
Demand for 802.11n spurs Wi-Fi equipment market to 18 million units in 2Q 2010
Sierra Wireless claims new standard for automotive-grade wireless modules
CSR collaborates with Infineon Technologies to integrate wireless connectivity
RF energy harvesting kit enables battery-free, perpetually powered wireless applications
Car makers signal interest in wireless charging
Online technical support forum launched for M2M
LTE wireless modules introduced
Wireless inertial 6 DoF measurement system offers maximum flexibility for motion detection
High performance bi-directional wireless mesh network technology for battery-powered OEM-embedded applications
Wireless M-Bus module targets smart metering initiatives
Ubiquisys opens Cambridge femtocell development centre
Semiconductor company to use NoiseFree in smart phone chips
AT4 wireless improves their BQTF scope to include Bluetooth high speed automated testing
AnyDATA develops LTE-based hybrid satellite/terrestrial wireless modules for the LightSquared network
Industrial wireless outdoor access point enhances coverage and connectivity
Survey on wireless trends shows growth and innovation in the US market
Monitoring your health via an Android phone
LTE protocol stack software port for Tensilica's 3GPP LTE reference architecture
Novatel Wireless advances comprehensive portfolio of 4G products
Wireless controller guides robot under water
India cell phone penetration to reach 97 percent in 2014
Low-cost 900 MHz frequency hopping module targets sensing, telemetry and control applications
Wireless sensor network IC shipments recover in 2010, strong growth ahead
SoC for wireless Bluetooth 2.1 mice improves battery life and tracking
1 GHz programmable DSP core targets next generation communications and multimedia SoCs
Intel will run wireless as separate business
Antenna families add 2.4 GHz versions
Intel to acquire Infineon’s Wireless Solutions business
Wireless Innovation Forum opens Europe office
Mainstream universal controller to offer RF, IR, and color display uses Nordic 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
Analog Devices collaborates with Altera to streamline wireless infrastructure system development
Wireless miniature PC mouse powered by Nordic transceivers and Gazell software
CSR expands audio expertise with acquisition of APT
NXP buys Jennic, boosts short-range RF portfolio
Wireless remote on a chip simplifies cost-sensitive one-way links
NSN takes $1.2B slice of Motorola
Tyco Electronics to acquire ADC to create a world leader in broadband connectivity
MediaTek joins the Open Handset Alliance
Honeywell limit switches from Mouser boast the latest off-the-shelf wireless technology
Energy efficient RF transistors provide highly-reliable ESD protection
Sagem Wireless and ST-Ericsson to partner on LTE
2.4-GHz reference design aims to corner remote controlled racing toy market
IP67 radio data loggers target harsh industrial applications
LTE embedded modules portfolio
More than 80 million USB wireless modems to ship in 2010
Freescale plans basestation-on-chip
WiMAX group updates mobile standard
Laird licenses apt-X audio codec technology for Bluetooth stereo audio modules
SMSC buys another wireless audio chip vendor
Nordic expands nRF24AP2 family with single chip solution for ANT USB dongles
Lime Microsystems' RF transceiver IC selected by Global Wireless Technologies
IBM, Memsic offer SDK for wireless sensor networks
Imec’s cognitive baseband radio to support 4G and broadband access to multiple services
Rutronik and Fujitsu expand cooperation to include wireless modules
WirelessHART-compliant RF module expands M2M portfolio
Semtech and Virtual Extension team on wireless mesh networks for smart lighting
Franklin wireless teams with Samsung Electro-Mechanics as key manufacturer of broadband modules
CSR wireless audio platform chosen by LG Electronics for ultra-slim headset
Skyworks wins technical support award from Huawei
Linx acquires Apex Wireless
Philips Bellagio RF remote with color LCD uses Nordic RF wireless technology
60 GHz groups face off in Beijing over Wi-Fi's future
Micrel unveils 4G wireless PMIC solution
STMicroelectronics teams with Micropelt to demonstrate thermoharvesting power supply
ZigBee PRO network module reduces time to market
ACAL Technology extends Sierra Wireless franchise into France
Rugged cellular router provides customers with flexible connectivity
High-performance RF passive mixers simplify design
2.4 GHz industrial wireless Ethernet products for M2M data communications
Synapse and Silicon Labs introduce complete solution for wireless mesh networking
Femtocells set for explosive growth, says iSuppli
Medical contact lens embedds wireless MEMs sensor
Digifit Connect uses Nordic's ANT RFIC to deliver fitness monitoring for the iPhone/iPod
Qualcomm applies to bid in India's BWA auction for 2.3 GHz spectrum
Startup debuts high efficiency antenna for Wi-Fi, cellular
Wireless LAN market hits record high in Q4 2009
Radiocrafts announce patent pending technology for Wireless M-Bus
Silicon-based high power 2 GHz 802.11bgn WLAN power amplifier
Atmel and i-Novi to deliver intuitive wireless lighting control

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