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News about Texas Instruments

NFC transponder for use in automotive applications January 4, 2016NFC transponder for use in automotive applications A dynamic dual-interface NFC transponder from Texas Instruments, the RF430CL330H-Q1, is AEC-Q100-qualified for use in automotive infotainment systems. Read more NFC transponder targets automotive applications December 4, 2015NFC transponder targets automotive applications Texas Instrument has introduced a Transponder for the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology with Q100 automotive qualification. The dynamic dual interface device will bring the simplicity and productivity of the NFC technology to the automotive domain, the chipmaker said. Read more CommAgility to provide LTE Release 10 software for the TI TCI6630K2L processor July 29, 2015CommAgility to provide LTE Release 10 software for the TI TCI6630K2L processor Following its purchase of MIMOon, CommAgility is offering customers Release 10 LTE PHY software on Texas Instruments (TI) small cell processors. Read more Low-power wideband RF synthesiser boasts low noise June 19, 2015Low-power wideband RF synthesiser boasts low noise The LMX2571 wideband radio frequency synthesiser from Texas Instruments is presented as having the lowest-available power demand, and delivering ultra-low noise performance for widest dynamic range for low-power applications. Read more TI targets wideband equipment with fastest 16-bit ADC and 4-channel ADC May 12, 2015TI targets wideband equipment with fastest 16-bit ADC and 4-channel ADC Texas Instruments has announced the ADS54J60, which claims to be the industry's first 16-bit 1-GSPS ADC and the first to achieve over 70 dBFS signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at 1-GSPS. Read more
Comcast and TI bring voice control to TVs with voice-over-RF4CE
Bluetooth low energy iBeacons for enterprise use demonstrated
7-GHz ADC drivers bring AC performance to DC-coupled applications
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules for industrial applications
High-temperature Bluetooth® Smart wireless microcontroller targets industrial and lighting applications
SimpleLink WiFi development boards from Mouser
Secure MCU integrates transceiver and wake-up transponder
SimpleLink WiFi connects IP with “Internet on a chip”
RF SDK targets small cell and backhaul developers
A world without cords – The Wireless Power Challenge
Reference designs for iBeacons
Low jitter PCIe clock buffers
Dual-mode Qi, PMA wireless power receiver
Qi wireless power transmitter circuit with foreign object detection
FemtoFET MOSFETs with lowest on-resistance target mobile applications
Development kit simplifies wirelessly connected LED lighting
Smart SensorTag app for Android makes Bluetooth Smart ‘appcessory’ development easier and faster
Transceiver targets sub-GHz 802.15.4g standard for home automation
NFC transponder hardware simplifies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing
Evaluation kits support fast time to market for Wi-Fi designs
First online development environment for the Internet of Things
Fully integrated AISG antenna transceiver reduces board space and power
Lowest-power modem transceiver complies with AISG v2.0 specification
Over-the-air download capabilities for seamless software updates of Bluetooth Smart products
Advanced LTE small cell software supports latest wireless SoC from TI
Phase noise frequency synthesizer features integrated VCO that outputs 50 to 3760-MHz
Evaluation kits aim to speed up ZigBee development projects
Self-contained Wi-Fi module aims to simplify home network setup and improve user experience
Zigbee adds energy harvesting to PRO profile
TI supports Alliance for Wireless Power specification in addition to Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard
Single chip wireless power receiver with integrated battery charger enables faster charging
SensorTag kit jump-starts Bluetooth low energy smartphone app development in minutes
Latest RF Technology site from Mouser Electronics
Intel gains toe hold in smartphone apps processor market
Driving down the cost of 2.4 GHz SoCs to under €2
Buck-boost converter cuts power in half for 3G, 4G LTE power amplifiers
2.4-GHz programmable differential amplifiers provide optimized noise and distortion performance over entire gain range
Wireless power microsite launched by element14
Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter helps the adoption of USB-connected wireless charging pads
Chips need to be designed for a new class of small-cell basestations
Bluetooth low energy application software targets wearable devices
TI, Stanford look to optimise networking chips for OpenFlow
Terahertz emitter leverages 45-nm CMOS
SAR ADC with SPICE model claims industry first
2012 chip market to grow 7%
GainSpan reference design code for TI MSP430 offers easy Wi-Fi connectivity
Stereo spatial array IC brings immersive audio experience to smartphones and tablets
Broadcom, Qualcomm, CSR, and Texas Instruments are benefiting from $8 billion wireless connectivity IC market
Multicore DSPs deliver performance and low power in small form factor
TI announces partnership to take OMAP into robotics
TI and Aricent collaborate on small cell protocol stack optimized for KeyStone multicore processors
Avago, TI hit signal milestones
Texas Instruments shows off Pico HD projector that fits into a smartphone
High performance AFE targets femtocells and SDR
KeyStone multicore architecture scaled to support cloud RAN applications
Sub-1GHz wireless connection kit for TI LaunchPad development kit
SoC wireless audio products feature USB support
Sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions deliver mesh wireless Internet connectivity to metering networks
Group will define 100G backplanes, cables
Nvida ups ante with five-core mobile chip
Motion algorithms lift MEMS-based remotes
TI launches 10 new Bluetooth low energy profiles for rapid design of consumer medical, fitness, alert applications
Base station SoC now features LTE PHY software
Ten mobile vendors license chip interconnect
High-performance voltage regulator adds 20-percent run-time to ultra-low power wireless applications
Smartphone processor sales surged in Q1
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
Body network spars with Bluetooth
Algorithm paves path to better video
Multiple cores power fifth generation of TI's OMAP
Ceva claims top spot for cell phone DSP
TI selects Movea's MotionIC platform for RF4CE remote control reference design
TI releases tools and chipset for wireless power
Qi certified development tools and chipset for wireless power
Radio module family targets broad electronics market
Freescale basestation DSP tops TI's
LTE PHY and software stack for TI C66x DSPs
TI to put floating point in every DSP core
Thin EMI filters with high ESD performance
Extreme Reality partners with Texas Instruments on OMAP-optimized gesturing engine
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 drivers for TI's WiLink™ 6.0 chip
TI announced as the first licensee of the next generation ARM Cortex-A series processor core
TI announces fully qualified Bluetooth low energy stack
Multicore system-on-a-chip architecture addresses femtocell applications
FilterPro v3.0 design tool eases amplifier filter design
SATA 3-Gbps redriver for mobile and computing applications
HDI to change how consumers interact with mobile devices

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