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News about Smartphones

CMOS wireless transceiver chip achieves 56 Gbps over 72 to 100 GHz February 3, 2016CMOS wireless transceiver chip achieves 56 Gbps over 72 to 100 GHz The Tokyo Institute of Technology and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a CMOS wireless transceiver chip that can process signals at high speeds with little loss across a broad range of frequencies, from 72 to 100 GHz. Read more The Linley Group touts the CEVA-XM4 "Best Processor IP of 2015" January 21, 2016The Linley Group touts the CEVA-XM4 Best Processor IP of 2015 CEVA, Inc., says that its fourth generation imaging and vision DSP, the CEVA-XM4 intelligent vision processor, has been named "Best Processor IP of 2015" by semiconductor industry technology analyst, The Linley Group. Read more Making lithium-ion batteries safer with built-in sensors January 8, 2016Making lithium-ion batteries safer with built-in sensors Researchers at Penn State University’s Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Center are aiming to make lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries safer by inserting sensors to warn users of potential problems inside the battery. Read more 3D printed nanowalls target smartphones January 7, 20163D printed nanowalls target smartphones Researchers under the direction of Dimos Poulikakos, Professor of Thermodynamics, have used 3D print technology to create a new type of transparent electrode, which takes the form of a grid made of gold or silver "nanowalls" on a glass surface. The walls are so thin that they can hardly be seen with the naked eye. It is the first time that scientists have created nanowalls like these using 3D printing. Read more Time-of-flight ranging sensor for cameras, robotics, IoT January 6, 2016Time-of-flight ranging sensor for cameras, robotics, IoT Promising to ‘revolutionise mobile-camera performance and enable new applications in robotics and IoT, the FlightSense VL53L0 low-power, miniature sensors from ST Microelectronics can be used for fast autofocus in smartphones, for proximity sensing, and object detection Read more
Smartphones as 3-D scanners
GoerTek and Intel invest in force-sensor startup
Toshiba unveils SOI process, targets RF switches in smartphones
Qi-certified medium power transmitter reference design
Mobile image processing in the cloud cuts bandwidth use by over 98 percent
Dual-core audio SoC designed for mobile devices
Reserchers develop wireless charger that supports different wireless standards
Unit shipments of 4G smartphones doubles in a year
A 3D cursor for a 3D world
28nm chips from SMIC power mainstream smartphones
Graphene nanoribbon could deliver power control for ships to smartphones
Tunable capacitors for antenna matching in smartphones
Qualcomm's sales practices under scrutiny
Wireless power transfer technology enables omnidirectional free space charging
New layered semiconducting materials as silicon alternative
Mobile data traffic growth in Q1 mainly from emerging markets
Adhesive delivers enhanced reliability, reworkability and waterproofing for smart devices
Making hackers obsolete
Business models of mobile devices damaging the environment
Real-time teardown for 4G data enables national networks to control usage
Dual-input power multiplexer ICs target mobile devices
Wearable 3D home theater sound system
Future smartphones could offer 3D cameras
Low profile 5-GHz 802.11ac/n front-end module
Intel targets smartglasses with purchase of two Swiss startups
Tiny mobile brain-computer interface for smartphones
Modern car IT architecture — software defined and open source
Diamonds deliver insights into alleviating overheating in high-power RF devices
Next generation Snapdragon processors target smartphones with advanced LTE
Suite of IP from ARM targets low-power future premium mobile devices
Bluetooth/WLAN module for automotive applications
Advanced networks and displays inspired by spider's web
Smartphones join musical instruments in altering the brain
The potential pot of gold in mobile marketing
Mobile commerce grows 66%, driven by smartphones and 4G
Integrated media IP provides rich visual content for users
Skyworks ramps diversity receive modules for LTE smartphones
Market for sensors in handheld computers to triple
Reflections from smartphone transmissions enable gesture control
IDT and Intel collaborate to enable a wire-free world
China attempts to launch its own OS
When do smartphones ads work?
Low-cost DAQ works with Android-based tablets and smartphones
Tiny switch targets smartphones and other mobile devices
Mobile market MEMS hits 14% CAGR
Are allergic reactions from smartphones real?
Mobile vision platform for smartphones and tablets adds 3D reconstruction
Most smartphones will be chipset vendor reference designs by 2019
Senseg gets funding for electrostatic touch for smartphones
Small transistors reduce footprint in smartphones, wearables
Dynamic dual flash driver for smartphones
Firefox OS gains in mobile, targets $25 smartphones
Tablet with10-inch AMOLED from Samsung at MWC 2014?
Swiss breakthrough in polymers could lead to bendable tablets, smartphones
Bendable glass could toughen up smartphones
FIPS-certified security comes to enterprise applications in smartphones
Gartner puts a number on IoT in 2020
Smartphones, tablets boost China MEMS market
Switching matrix for vector network analysis
Consumer Electronics to drive Bluetooth Smart chip growth to over 55 percent
Peregrine introduces UltraCMOS® 10 technology to solve challenges of RF front-end Integration
Nokia bets on 6-inch phablets
Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi to dominate mobile body network device market
ST wins application in Pebble Smart Watch
Skyworks targets GPS/GNSS low-noise amplifier front-end modules in emerging markets
Cree ships more than two million GaN HEMT devices for telecom infrastructure
Eutelsat prepares 'smart LNB' for direct-to-home connected TV
Security for smartphones protects users against eavesdropping
Indoor location applications expected to break 1 billion downloads by 2016
Ultra-low power wireless technology connects battery-less sensors to the Internet of Things
Verizon finds small cells to be a valuable addition to 4G LTE networks
Over 30 Billion devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020
Shipments to reach 5 million in 2018 disposable wireless sensors for healthcare
Smartphone shipments reached almost 200 million in Q1 2013
Apple buys Silicon Valley startup WiFiSlam to acquire indoor WiFi geolocation technology
Arduino-compatible computer with Bluetooth low energy enables smartphones and tablets to be added to projects
Broadcom tops wireless connectivity IC competitive assessments
Front-end modules support WiFi-enabled smartphones and tablets
Mobile phone sales fell in 2012
Cellphones to be the largest consumer of Flash memory in 2013
MEMS ideal for wireless sensor nodes and smartphones
Nvidia launches 'Wayne' processor with LTE
103 million estimated 4G LTE mobile devices shipped in 2012
The tablet generation is pushing networks to the edge
Sports and wellness drive mobile health device shipments past 30 million in 2012
NFC chip targets next-generation mobile payments
Mobile equipment market to achieve double digit growth this year
Data, voice drive different connected-car markets
Smartphones to pass feature phones in flash memory consumption
Software suite simplifies modulation analysis of multi-carrier signals within LTE-Advanced waveforms
China fabless firm looks West as mobile slumps
60 GHz enabled device shipments to exceed 1 billion units by 2017
Wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking kit
Qualcomm acquires digital positioning technology from EPOS
Bosch shrinks MEMS altimeters
Bluetooth low energy module enables pre-approved prototypes within hours
Paper: Technology to better protect mobile devices
Single chip wireless power receiver with integrated battery charger enables faster charging
Android powers 75% of smartphones in Q3
ARM launches two cores for next generation smartphones and servers
2 billion wireless connectivity combo ICs expected to ship in 2017
Auto focus control IC offers low power benefits for smartphone camera modules
Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking chip for smartphones
Intel gains toe hold in smartphone apps processor market
Mayo Clinic study confirms telemedicine with smartphones
Nujira raises $12 million to rollout Envelope Tracking technology
Smartphones to be majority of global cellphone shipments in 2013
Prototype 64-way antenna system saves power and spectrum
MediaTek in top five in smartphone application processor sales
Global LTE antenna reference design for smartphones supports MIMO
MIPI® Alliance speeds up M-PHY and expands UniPro specifications for mobile devices
Combination chip and display dongle accelerate WiFi adoption
Network innovation driven by rapid mobile data growth
LCD HD panel for smartphones comes in at 5 inches
Embedded hand gesture recognition technology can be used on smartphones and tablets
Camera sensor targets high-end smartphones
Integrated femtocell transceivers simplify compact radio designs
Baolab to create low cost, smart, reconfigurable Inertial Measurement Units
Stereo spatial array IC brings immersive audio experience to smartphones and tablets
Ford outlines future mobility at Mobile World Congress
Motion processing sensor agnostic IP cores for mobile devices
Broadcom brings 802.11ac to enterprise space
Wi-Fi chipset revenue to reach $6.1 Billion in 2015
Aquos smartphones powered by Thor thin modems from ST-Ericsson
Geo-location tagging in smartphones to potentially cause major security risks
Spreadtrum releases platforms for $40 smartphones
Dialog wins sockets in Samsung smartphones
Report: Global Hetnets market to reach $19.2 billion in 2016
EtherWaves adds software defined radio based DAB/DMB to GENIVI and Android
Canonical preps Ubuntu for mobile devcies
Toyota, Ford lead vehicle app integration with smartphones
Smartphones, tablets drive mobile CPU growth
Qualcomm takes majority share of application processor market
"Subconscious mode" for smartphones could extend battery life by over 50 percent
Antenna couplers improve connection reliability and battery life
Android app demonstrates EEPROM with added NFC for smartphones
IHS sees record growth for consumer MEMS
97% of smartphones to have touchscreens in 2016
MEMS expands into 3D earth magnetic field sensors
Ten mobile vendors license chip interconnect
Voice recognition in Sync with simplicity
3D mobile devices to increase demand for image sensors 130 percent by 2015, says In-Stat
Startup has ultrasound alternative to NFC
Sony Ericsson selects NXP's NFC Solution for its Android-based Smartphones
ALPS begins production of 3-axis geomagnetic sensor for electronic compass
NXP says it is 'Google Wallet' chip supplier
GSA increases commitment to European talent
£10 million funding for Nujira supports smartphone market vision and growth
Ofcom: 4G set to deliver capacity gains of more than 200 percent over 3G
Multi-core control-plane processor for LTE communications infrastructure
Group eyes mobile role for computer vision
At mobile impasse, Intel tips Atom progress
ABI: Android in 45 percent of smartphones by 2016
5-GHz WiFi front end modules (FEMs) for handsets, smartphones and tablets
Android to reach 140 million units in 2011
Smartphones out shipped PCs in Q4
Power management solution reduces charging time by 50 percent in mobile devices
Nokia admits its platform is 'burning' - and not in a good way
Smartphones raise profile, prospects for analog/mixed-signal
iMovee unveils Mobeo to bring broadcast mobile TV to smartphones and tablets
Freescale magnetometer shrinks e-compass for mobile gear
AT&T accelerates plans for LTE, Android
Small bridge chips target tablet smartphones and cellphones
Mobile processor market to approach 4 billion units by 2014, says In-Stat
Two-chip modem consumes half the power of existing HSPA+ 21 Mbps solutions
Comment: Connecting everything via the Internet
Analyst claims new Nokia CEO faces five challenges
Radio frequency MEMS to rescue smartphones from antenna problems
Pico cell links smartphones to cable-TV nets
ISuppli: Android growth to outpace Apple's iOS
Verizon: Smartphones can replace PCs
Alliance develops medical software for smartphones
Smartphones sales surged in 4Q 2009

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