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End-to-end encryption app for the masses March 24, 2015End-to-end encryption app for the masses When Facebook bought WhatsApp last year, Swiss company Threema saw millions of secure messaging WhatsApp users flee to adopt its Threema secure messenger, being cautious about Facebook's endeavours. Read more Samsung S6 phones pack 14nm SoC March 2, 2015Samsung S6 phones pack 14nm SoC  Samsung will pack a handful of new technologies — including a 14nm Exynos applications processor — into its latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Read more Apple and Ericsson fight over LTE patents as IEEE looks to change wireless IP rules February 22, 2015Apple and Ericsson fight over LTE patents as IEEE looks to change wireless IP rules What, exactly, is "Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory" in the world of patents related to semiconductors and consumer electronics? Read more Artificial tree harvests solar energy to charge mobile and other devices February 18, 2015Artificial tree harvests solar energy to charge mobile and other devices Today, we think of solar energy in terms of massive areas of land covered in panels, or for domestic use as panels on a roof. There is also a strong trend in making flexible solar panels that can be shaped into more aesthetic designs, or placed onto surfaces such as walls. Read more Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen February 18, 2015Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen Canadian consumer electronics innovator, Neptune, has taken a different approach to the smartwatch, aiming to build a device that contains all processing and connectivity needed and using a pocket screen instead of a smartphone. Read more
Spreadtrum to support Sumsung's Tizen operating system
Color sensor enables improved accuracy in mobile devices
Forecast for over 2 billion location-based sensor fusion handsets by 2019
Bosch looks to the smartphone for electromobility
A billion Android smartphones shipped worldwide in 2014
Smartphone shipments total 1.167B in 2014
Development kits to accelerate development of Google modular smartphones
Advanced networks and displays inspired by spider's web
Verizon Vehicle brings wireless roadside assistance, dignostics to 200 million cars
Shape memory alloy optical image stabiiser debuts in smartphone
Stopping a new breed of hackers accessing unconnected computers or smartphones
10 W wireless power for smartphones and mobile accessories
Holographic smartphone created in China wins 2015 CES Innovations Award
Kodak and Bullitt Group to debut a range of mobile devices at CES
GSM-R boom to continue
Dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip for HD streaming
Murata turns to the Internet of Things
EnOcean considers the consumer market via IoT
SiRFusion enables accurate indoor location without new infrastructure
Tiny tattoos sense health
'Smart spaces' use light to send data
ET market to grow to 4 billion units by 2018
Low profile flexible film temperature sensors for mobile and wearable devices
Is Apple preparing to design image sensors in Grenoble?
Smartphone terminal combines wireless charging, antenna and NFC
Smartphone integration shifts automotive processor demand
BERT supports next-generation technologies operating up to 1 Tbit/s
Parkmobile signs mobile payment agreement with the BMW Group
The iPhone 6's most wanted features
Smartphone app for vehicle electronics diagnostics
Emberlight connects ordinary light bulbs to a smartphone
Mobile OS a weak link for hackers
Murata to acquire Peregrine Semiconductor
Mobile Internet will continue to drive mobile revenues
Audio Hub brings HiFi to mobile devices
Q2 sees 300 million smartphones shipped
Next generation multimode LTE modem enters mass production
Mobile phones gobble up scarce materials
Inside Secure and Gemalto sign Single Wire Protocol agreement for smartphones
Tiny mobile barcode scanner for Android and iOS
Banning cellphones while driving does not decreases accidents, researchers find
Mobile phones fall silent with hybrid encrypted calling service
Fire phone is the latest consumer funnelling machine
Revenues from mobile games to approach $29bn by 2016
Array camera targets mobile market
Smartphone becomes instrument display via integrated web server
Smartphone audio jack becomes multi-purpose, self-powered data port
Smartphone can now measure particulates in the air
Color sensor drives smartphone intelligent display management
Bluetooth Smart environmental sensors run for three years off a single coin cell
Nanotechnology smartphone battery fully charges in 30 seconds
NFC antenna at 3.2 mm high targets smartphones
Smartphones to diagnose diseases in real time
Big data analytics needed as mobile traffic goes parabolic
Smartphone app oximeter meets hospital standards
Wearable ring for gesture control
RFID chip IC authenticates goods via NFC
CarPlay brings iPhone into the car
NFC tag powers richer user interfaces
Copper strikes back as an alternative for mobile backhaul
Deutsche Telekom to show Smart City pilot project
Discovery kit enables any electrical device to add NFC connectivity
Personal weather stations communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth
Software provides precise, efficient face and eye tracking for smartphones and tablets
Fully encrypted? Watch your back!
Next generation single-core smartphone platform targets entry level market
Next-generation encrypted smartphone receives EU approval
Sondrel aids Chinese start-up QST with chip for mobile devices
Google thins its margin on the Moto X to undercut smartphone rivals
Android App automates Bluetooth and analogue audio testing for smartphones and tablets
Study confirms mobile users want phones to be more resilient with longer battery life
Bluetooth Smart temperature sensor enables a smartphone to monitor temperature
All-in-one bluetooth module with smartphone compatibility
Spreadtrum licenses CEVA-TeakLite-4 audio/voice DSP for next generation smartphone SoC
Nokia is back in the top 3 as smartphone shipments reach a record 250 m in Q3 2013
Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 smartphone charger reference design
Sapphire substrate market to triple as smartphone cover demand rockets
Bluetooth SIG and A4WP to shape wireless charging standard
World's first battery operated Wi-Fi-based power and gas reader
Agilent accelerates smartphone and defense simulations by a factor of 64
Privatising BlackBerry won’t stop it from crashing says analyst
UltraCMOS® antenna switch drives RF performance in Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A smartphone
iPhone 5S and 5C combination to boost demand to unprecedented levels
Nujira selects ASE as packaging and test partner for handset Envelope Tracking chip
ANT+ integrated in Samsung GALAXY Note 3
Sensor-enabled RFID tags take wireless data-logging beyond identification
SMD power inductors enable longer battery life in portable electronics
Fujitsu and DoCoMo launch first mobile phone using FPC fingerprint technology
Hybrid indoor location technology to dominate smartphone market
UltraCMOS antenna switches boost performance in 4G LTE-Advanced mobile applications
Worldwide smartphone shipments hit record 230 million units in Q2 2013
DSLR camera remote controlled from any smartphone via Bluetooth v4.0
Audio amplifiers offer reduced smartphone interference
Proof of concept uses a smartphone as a machine controller based on gestures
Smartphone apps processor revenue up by 50 percent in Q1 2013
First 4G LTE network deployed in West and Central Africa
Mobile to drive augmented reality to USD2.5 billion worth of development in 2018
Eutelsat satellite finder app to help deliver the highest signal quality
Quad-core HSPA+ processor with 5G WiFi, NFC, GPS and indoor positioning
Smartphone demand boosts Spreadtrum guidance
Daimler brings car-to-x technology to production vehicles
Top spot in MEMS market goes to jointly to Bosch and ST
Electrocardiograms can now be done home with a smartphone app
Intel apps processor outperforms NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Samsung
Broadcom Android smartphone platform selected by K-Touch
LTX-Credence testers aid Nujira in volume production of Coolteq.L envelope tracking ICs
Wireless data logger connects to the cloud through Bluetooth LE
First online development environment for the Internet of Things
Software-based super-resolution technology for low energy mobile applications
Archos enters the smartphone market with low-cost unlocked Android 3G+ line
INSIDE Secure technology enables mobile downloads for UK on-demand service
Smartphone-based Bluetooth low energy temperature sensor platform offers low-cost monitoring
Power IC family offers mobile charging benefits
Samsung Galaxy S4 carries $236 bill of materials
Bluetooth low energy watch platform serves as bi-directional smartphone control
RFMD unveils suite of products for entry smartphone segment
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile accelerate deployment of 4G TD-LTE across China
High-efficiency MMPAs extend connectivity time for global 3G/4G smartphones
ST-Ericsson brings PC speeds to mobile devices with first 3 GHz smartphone prototype
Smartphone combines LCD and e-paper displays
Large-display smartphones shipments set to more than double in 2013 says iSuppli
Wafer-level 720p HD camera module
GPS/GNSS IC market on course to break $2 billion in 2012
PayPass 3.0 terminal specification addresses Mobile phone payment transactions
Samsung drops Qualcomm for own chipset in Galaxy SIII E210s
Interface chip drives down the cost of adding high data-rate NFC capability to microcontrollers
More smartphones connect to Wi-Fi hotspots than laptops
Low-cost smartphone shipments to double every year from 2010 to 2016
Smartphone camera auto focus control IC
Could smartphones save the High Street?
Smartphone is next stop for PCI Express
Car sharing as a smartphone app - the key to future urban traffic
RF chip targets optimal connectivity in front end modules
Tiny gyroscope targets advanced motion-sensing applications
Smartphone projector display ready for market
Nokia spawns MeeGo smartphone company
Lenovo and China Mobile smartphone powered by ST-Ericsson
Apple and Samsung share 50% of global smartphone market and 90% of its profits
ADS system simulation model helps development of Envelope Tracking systems
Safe use of phone apps at the wheel through smartphone-centric in-vehicle infotainment
Mini-projector for smartphones
Akustica develops two-chip analog MEMS microphone
First phone with 'hover' functionality enabled by Cypress TrueTouch controller technology
Report claims ST-Ericsson re-organisation is preparation for sale
ST, ST-Ericsson commit to SOI, says Soitec
NFC application revenues to reach $10.6bn in 2012
Mobile security market to hit $1.6bn in 2012
Two element wafer-level camera module claims world first
Telefonica with Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung support demonstrates smart, 2.6 GHz, 100 Mbit/s 4G network
Wifi modules enable sensor nodes to send data directly to Cloud servers or any Smartphone
Smartphone LCD backlight LED drivers deliver high efficiency in tiny PCB area
Low cost, low power single chip design for Bluetooth Smart tags and accessories
Terahertz CMOS debuts at ISSCC
Apple took 80% of handset profits in Q4
Phone casing boosts smartphone battery life
Terabyte backplanes in HP's crystal ball
Texas Instruments shows off Pico HD projector that fits into a smartphone
Robotic smart balls controlled by Apple or Android smartphone
Infineon leads globally in security chips for NFC
Kivic ONE brings AirPlay to cars
Analyst claims Windows on ARM will not be much of a success
Intel details Medfield for smartphones and announces Lenovo, Motorola deals
LG shows off VMWare virtualization on Android 4G smartphone
1-GHz low-cost smartphone platforms for TD-SCDMA and EDGE/WiFi
Mobile cloud computing will generate 45 billion dollars revenue by 2016
Bluetooth blood pressure monitor uses any Bluetooth version 4.0 'Smart Ready' smartphone or computer
Motorola Mobility highlights some challenges in NFC, Wi-Fi, DLNA
NXP claims Google phone design win
ST-Ericsson tips Nokia Windows Phone win
Android app keeps drivers at safe distance
Rambus crypto division licenses tech to secret firm
ST-Ericsson augments reality on NovaThor
Aeroflex endows €1 million laboratory at Lancaster University
Movea launches unified motion-enabled TV platform
Wireless packet core market grew 33 percent in the second quarter of 2011
New Ofcom report to fuel coverage competition between operators, says TE Connectivity
Google's Moto bid: It's all about the patents
Global wireless power market to reach USD4.5bn in 2016 following 86.5 percent annual growth
ST-Ericsson restructures, break-even recedes
Smartphone processor sales surged in Q1
Android wins 35% of Q1 smartphone market
Firm claims anti-shake camera breakthrough
Startup aims many-core chip at smartphones
ABI Research projects 16 million mobile LTE subscribers by year’s end
Integrated chips fuel smartphone growth
5 GHz WiFi front end modules (FEMs) for handsets, smartphones and tablets
Baseband mania hits Mobile World
Nokia/Microsoft alliance carries downside for cell phone giant
RFMD achieves 4G performance milestone related to PowerSmart power platforms
Rockchip will release RK29xx mobile internet platform at CE
QNX plugs vehicles into cloud computing
3G network optimization solution adds new portable probe
Average traffic per smartphone user will increase 8-fold by 2015
Icera partners with Teleca to develop Android RIL (radio interface layer) for smartphone platform
Integration winning in smartphone CPUs
Semiconductor company to use NoiseFree in smart phone chips
HD 3D on your phone
Innovative software to take the security risks out of mobile communications
Marvell and Harman bring advanced Wi-Fi to the automotive industry
Smartphone growth lies in low-end phones
Flexible power management IC for LED illumination targets smartphones and portable devices
Wolfson’s audio devices selected for LG mobile phones
Survey reveals UK consumer wants more Wi-Fi services from mobile operators
Hubris, lessons from Apple antenna debacle
SmartSignaling from picoChip enables a 3G femtocell to support up to 400 smartphones
Myriad Group speeds Android applications by 5x on the MIPS architecture
Qualcomm ships first dual-CPU Snapdragon chipset
IMS Research expects smartphone shipments to quadruple in Asia by 2015

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