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Eutelsat and ViaSat to expand satellite broadband in Europe February 10, 2016Eutelsat and ViaSat to expand satellite broadband in Europe ViaSat Inc., and Eutelsat Communications have agreed to create a joint venture combining Eutelsat's current European broadband business with ViaSat's industry-leading broadband technologies and consumer Internet Service Provider (ISP) business expertise. Read more 3GPP Release 13 adds support for Metropolitan Beacon System for indoor positioning January 22, 20163GPP Release 13 adds support for Metropolitan Beacon System for indoor positioning NextNav has announced that the final specification for 3GPP Release 13 will include messaging support for Terrestrial Beacon System (TBS) location technologies, including the Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS). Read more JUPITER™ satellite backhaul validated for 3G and LTE mobile services January 21, 2016JUPITER™ satellite backhaul validated for 3G and LTE mobile services Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) has announced the successful completion of an extensive validation process with Sevis Systems, Inc., the leading developer of cellular backhaul optimization technology, confirming high-performance delivery of 3G and LTE mobile services over a Hughes JUPITER™ satellite backhaul system. Read more IoT connectivity specialist SIGFOX launches foundation to tackle global challenges January 19, 2016IoT connectivity specialist SIGFOX launches foundation to tackle global challenges SIGFOX co-founders Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet have announced creation of the SIGFOX Foundation, established to bring the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) to nonprofit, humanitarian causes around the world. Read more 1-W Ka-band power amplifier January 14, 20161-W Ka-band power amplifier RFMW, Ltd., has announced design and sales support for a 1-W power amplifier from Qorvo. The TGA4537-SM operates from 29 to 35 GHz with an integrated power detector for power monitoring. Read more
VCO comes in a tiny package
SES and SOLARKIOSK to bring Internet to underserved villages globally
Mobile data collection app and satellite data provide early warning of famine
ITU protects aircraft with spectrum for space-based ADS-B
Satellite link bonding over the KA-SAT satellite brings WAN to remote areas
50 GHz PXIe vector signal analyzer
Satellite and Wi-Fi combine to deliver cost-effective broadband up to 100 Mbps in rural areas
LTE drives European Aviation Network
Analyser family includes first 50 GHz handheld combination model
Satellite modem breaks record with 20 Mbps in 2 MHz
50 to 75 Ohm impedance matching pads
Millimeter wave directional waveguide couplers
Embedded GNSS antenna enables accurate positioning
Waveguide detectors cover the 26.5 to 110 GHz range
Lockheed Martin improves satellite sensing
Miniature dual-channel rotary joint saves space in Ka-band satellite systems
Tiny radio data transceiver for UHF satellite applications
Variable attenuators cover 1.45 to 5.0 GHz
First optical and synthetic aperture radar commercial satellite constellation
Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyser for rent cuts overheads
Ka-band latching circulator-isolator
Wideband 3 GHz to 8 GHz mixer boosts upconversion performance
Ku-band block upconverter integrates GaN solid-state power amplifier
Satellite demodulator chip promises affordable broadband access
QuickSyn Lite frequency synthesizers extended to millimeter wave
X-Band test loop translator offers wide range of options
5-bit attenuator targets applications up to 31 GHz
Compact RF signal recording and playback system features wide bandwidth
Broadband coaxial limiters suppress even-order harmonics under hard limiting conditions
Compact directional coupler with 6 dB coupling over 4.0 to 12.4 GHz
4G tactical mobile network targets public safety and government
Flexible signal creation software supports custom modulation for test and development of 5G
RF electromechanical relay switches boast 2 to 10 million life cycles
Call for Europe to use satellite broadband to bridge the rural Digital Divide
GPS frequency reference offers atomic clock stability
Portable real-time analyser for broadcast and streaming services
VCO delivers best-in-class phase noise performance
Fixed satellite services market continues to grow
Advanced V2X system boasts accurate satellite positioning
Low noise VCO targets satellite communication equipment
Low power GNSS timing modules deliver highest accuracy and reliability
High power C-Band GaN HEMTs replace TWTs
USB and LAN power sensors feature wide dynamic range for radar and satellite testing
Hermetic high-frequency packaging for applications up to 80 GHz
Waveguide stocking program targets high demand
Terminal demonstrates in-flight network switching across commercial Ku- and Ka-band satellite networks
Satellite internet provider Hughes exceeds one million active users
FieldFox handheld analyzers add options for satellite ground station installation and maintenance
Compact dual-channel coaxial rotary joint for low-profile Ku-band SOTM antennas
MIMO antennae offer LTE connectivity in cars
Fixed frequency synthesizer delivers ultra low phase noise
VideoFlow DVP enables Italian broadcaster to cut satellite backup
Low power GNSS module ideal for automotive and wearable designs
Modular C-band to KA-band VSAT antennas cut costs
SAW filters suit commercial and military radio
Lockheed Martin MUOS satellite gets final testing
Coaxial power divider covers 8 to 2300 MHz for Satcom applications
Pressurized connectors meet IP68 to 30 GHz
Newtec demonstrates UltraHD broadcasts with DVB-S2X
Wireless broadband to the moon
Sigfox IoT network comes to the UK
Report predicts millimeter wave market worth $1.9 Billion by 2020
Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite delivers mobile office for Wireless Innovation
Satellite channel emulator systems test overall system performance
SpeedCast demonstrates Improved mobile satellite communications
MIMO test environment for satellite RF links
M2M satellite communication market to grow over 50% by 2019
Antenna enables global positioning to one centimetre
Global location chip targets wearables
Rotary joint saves space in Ka-band SOTM applications
Software for single- and multi-satellite simulation
Lockheed Martin MUOS satellite could solve communications challenges in the Arctic
Digital test generator simulates satellite, aircraft RF link
GNSS simulator now also supports Chinese BeiDou standard
Small cell backhaul equipment market to reach $5B in 2018
GNSS receiver module combines small size and low power with high accuracy
GPS positioning module delivers sub-meter accuracy
ST-Ericsson completes restructuring and employee transfer
Hughes exceeds 1-Gbps throughput on its JUPITER satellite technology
Rack-mount spectrum analyser with software package for enhanced satcom system monitoring
Panasonic Avionics and China Telecom Satellite Communications Limited to connect the skies over China
GNSS simulator creates real-world scenarios for navigation instrument developers
Lockheed Martin-built secure communications satellite for mobile users ready to launch
GPS III prototype validates test facilities for future flight satellites
Isola expands production of RF and microwave materials in Germany
Power dividers with 40 dB plus isolation
Rad-hard ultra-low dropout linear regulator targets aerospace and satellite power designs
EuropaSat and SES Broadband Services partner on satellite service over Europe
Coding schemes alleviate Internet streaming problems
Swiss company u-blox enables microdrone to navigates over the Alps
Eutelsat satellite finder app to help deliver the highest signal quality
Commercial fleet telematics in government sector to hit 1.6 billion USD by 2018
Global navigation satellite system engine enables accurate location positioning in mobile devices
Satcomms still key to the successful delivery of “Always On” content across Asia
Tiny thin-film 10-W 3-dB directional couplers
Thin-film 10 W 3 dB directional couplers target wireless communications
Surface mount satellite positioning module supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, GNSS
Four more Intelsat Epic 702MP satellites to be built by Boeing
MDA to provide advanced technology for European telecommunication satellite constellation
Signal/spectrum analyzer characterizes wideband signals continuously up to 50 GHz
Home gateway reference platform serves up to eight satellite TV channels to IP-connected devices
RMS power detector claims unparalleled frequency performance and flexibility
Space-qualified ultra low phase noise master crystal oscillator
Satellite modem card offers 64 QAM modulation and data rates from 4.8 Kbps to 60 Mbps
ViaSat selects the T-Series ATCA platform from Radisys
Compact block converters target space sensitive satellite communications systems
Next-generation communications satellite launched by NASA
AWR offers frequency planning wizard for determining spurious free bandwidths in communication system design
Handheld spectrum and interference analyzer
U-blox demonstrates navigation using Chinese BeiDou satellite system
India: C-Edge picks Hughes to connect 3,000 NABARD bank branches with a satellite broadband network
Inmarsat to co-ordinate with Global VSAT forum on quality assurance
Vector signal generator for test systems supports frequencies up to 12.75 GHz
Hughes Europe and Bentley Walker provide Ka-band services to the Middle East
SatixFy licenses CEVA-XC DSP for broadband satellite applications
Inmarsat and Cisco form satellite services alliance
X-COM Systems releases Version 3.0 of RF Editor Graphical RF Signal Editor software
High-end signal and spectrum analyzer to be shown at European Microwave Week
HITEC Luxembourg to supply four antenna systems for European Space Data Highway
TWTAs expanded to cover 12.75 to 14.5 GHz Ku Band frequencies
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited launches exactView-1 satellite
ViaSat antennas and modems selected for NATO communications
LNB power management and control IC improves set-top box efficiency
European real time satellite data network takes shape
Multi-GNSS platform supports GPS/GLONASS/QZSS
Eutelsat Communications acquires GE-23 to boost Asia-Pacific expansion
Electrostatic voltmeter to validate ESD protection on orbiting satellite
Space Based Infrared System satellite beats expectations
Multi-GNSS platform draws a mere 7 mW during continuous navigation
Space Systems/Loral provides high capacity broadband satellite to Hughes
High linearity, low noise I/Q converters target 17 to 27 GHz applications
EHF military communications satellite launched
2558-2575 MHz VCO exhibits high linearity
LNBR voltage regulator IC for satellite TV receivers
Fully programmable universal GNSS receiver improves performance, reduces cost
Embedded timing network across Europe needed to avoid catastrophic system failures
NASA satellite acquires first VIIRS image
Raytheon claims first to successfully test with on-orbit AEHF satellite
Carrier identification counter-measures critical for combating satellite interference
Ku-band downconverters for satellite TV receivers consume 50-percent less current
Full-band capture satellite channel stacker IC
Raytheon Ground System passes launch test for critical polar orbiting satellite
Satellite service targets M2M
Amateur satellite ready to go in to action
Astrium wins $105M contract for Galileo management, control
STMicroelectronics boosts accessibility and value of space-grade power electronics
Thales uses AdaCore tools for next gen Argos satellite
FFC spectrum analyzers used in satellite news gathering vehicles
Groundbreaking arbitrary waveform generator delivers the bandwidth, speed and accuracy to simulate real-world radar, satellite and electronic warfare test scenarios
Agilent aims waveform generator at military scenarios
Get the digital edition of microwave enginnering
Patch antennas meet Iridium compliance and testing requirements
Single-chip positioning device for multiple global navigation systems claims world first
Spectrum analyzer for terrestrial and satellite standards
Eutelsat’s high-throughput KA-SAT satellite on track for December 20 launch
Cellular, GPS and satellite connectivity all in one module for global asset tracking
MathWorks' tools cut satellite GNC systems development time by 50 percent
Chinese RF startup files for IPO
Satellite operators applaud DG Regio Initiative to encourage use of ERDF
AnyDATA develops LTE-based hybrid satellite/terrestrial wireless modules for the LightSquared network
Versatile satellite silicon tuner reduces system costs
NXP to offer 50 RF/microwave products based on SiGe:C BiCMOS process technology
Tag-n-Track M2M turnkey solution includes web application integrated with satellite tracking tags
InGaP HBT gain block amplifiers for WiMAX, base stations, satellite TV and set-top boxes
Orbit to showcase advanced satellite communications systems

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