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News about Rfid

RFID eliminates overhead wiring for trams March 11, 2015RFID eliminates overhead wiring for trams HARTING has developed an RFID system that allows electric trams or buses to operate without overhead electric wiring in areas where it would be unacceptably obtrusive (in historic town centres, for example) or where it might cause interference to sensitive equipment. Read more Test project finds parking spots using a radar sensor network February 26, 2015Test project finds parking spots using a radar sensor network Searching for a parking spot can be quite annoying. In particular in urban areas, motorists waste lots of time and fuel on the search for a place where they can leave their vehicle - for a couple of minutes or overnight. A test project in Munich currently puts a radar-based sensor network through its paces that could help drivers to find a parking spot faster and easier. Read more NFC/RFID tags ensure strong 128-bit data protection February 16, 2015NFC/RFID tags ensure strong 128-bit data protection With its SRTAG NFC/RFID tags, STMicroelectronics claims it combines the market's widest memory range, best-in-class data retention and write-erase cycles, and the strongest data protection for short-range wireless connectivity. Read more Tiny UHF RFID inlay achieves over 2 m read distance January 14, 2015Tiny UHF RFID inlay achieves over 2 m read distance The UHF EPC compliant MicroWing™ inlay, from eAgile, is the size of a paper clip — claiming to be the smallest RFID inlay available on the market to achieve a greater than 2 meter read range. Read more UHF RFID sniffer analyses reader and tag signals in real-time January 9, 2015UHF RFID sniffer analyses reader and tag signals in real-time CISC Semiconductor has released a software module for it CISC RFID Xplorer unit, that records and analyses the communication between the tag and reader in real-time. Read more
UHF RFID platform for wireless sensors
Pressure monitoring RFID tag covers 0 bar to 30 bar
Thin-film hybrid oxide-organic microprocessor for NFC and RFID markets
Battery free RFID weight monitoring tag
NFC/RFID tag for embedded devices
Dual-band RFID antennas work with worldwide frequency bands
Clear conductive flexible films provide high electromagnetic shielding from 2 to 18 GHz
RFID tags track honey bees
RFID resistance meter tag requires no batteries
Cloud-based NFC brings traceability and marketing mix
RFID tag protects luxury goods
RFID tags feature I2C interface to talk to appliances
RFID temperature sensor needs no battery
Deutsche Telekom to show Smart City pilot project
Shopping assistant software uses RFID to look into fashion inventory
Bistable RFID relay can be activated up to 1.5 m
RFID market set to grow consistently over 2014 to 2024
CMOS chip enables real time location with a precision of ±10cm
RFID antenna reliably recognises tools and production materials
UHF RFID test equipment supports extended read and write memory tests
RFID tag supports visual identification through flashing LED
Elatec RFID Systems opens its first US branch for regional expansion
Received-energy RFID wireless sensor systems come complete
Wireless sensor devices do not require batteries.
Hand-held RF field strength meter offers spectrum analyser capability
Sensor-enabled RFID tags take wireless data-logging beyond identification
Online UHF PCB antenna design tool
Rogers introduces improved antenna grade laminates
SOCRATE project works on directivity of electrically small antennas
Isola expands production of RF and microwave materials in Germany
Fraunhofer Institute finds way to embed RFID antennas into fibre composites
Battery-less RFID tag reports temperature
Win one of three FiND-iT kits and experiment with EPC Gen 2 RFID label tags
Over 30 Billion devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020
Battery-assisted passive EPC Gen2 RFID tag features temperature sensing
Flexible RFID-enabled sensor tag to monitor food freshness and reduce waste
RFID performance test system enables UHF RFID tag range measurements
Active RFID tags combine LF wake up and 2.4 GHz communication
UHF IGZO Schottky diode opens the route towards low-cost passive thin-film RFID tags
Mifare NFC mini reader USB development platform
Middeware enables cost-effective integration of RFID hardware
ISO 15693 compliant HF-band RFID tags measure 3.2 x 3.2 x 0.7 mm
Murata and Athelia Solutions agree to jointly develop RFID tracking solutions
Growing use of RFID in modernizing applications to overtake traditional use cases in 2015
Researchers print wireless power antenna for less than 1 cent
Low frequency RFID transponder supports data rates from 64 kb/s to 1 kb/s
Ultra-slim NFC tags, stickers and labels, less than 0.6mm thick
RFID SMT antenna designed for automotive applications
Fujitsu shows radiation-hardened RFID using FRAM technology
RFID reader ICs offer -90 dBm sensitivity for Gen 2 RFID tags
Dual RFID-ZigBee sensors enable NFC applications for the Internet of Things
Avnet to distribute Adeunis RF modules for wireless M-bus, KNX and proprietary wireless systems
RFID antennas laser cut from aluminium and paper laminate
SMD isotropic antenna designed for NFC applications
RFID/NFC dual-interface memory IC relies on RF energy harvesting
Secure RFID keys feature a 13.56 MHz interface for access control, e-cash, and ID cards
RFID SMT antenna rated for automotive use
Austriamicrosystems ICs enables low power consumption, low solution cost for UHF RFID reader
Android app demonstrates EEPROM with added NFC for smartphones
TI claims lowest power NFC transceiver
RFID growth potential remains strong despite current apparel rollout slowdown
Ekahau embeds RTLS in Nordic ID RFID readers to add location tracking to passive RFID tags
Digitally tunable capacitors enable frequency-agile tunable networks
TV station reveals serious security flaws with RFID-equipped credit and debit cards
RFID tag chip for low cost item-level tagging
Multi-use gamma-sterilizable Gen 2 UHF tag
Footwear and fashion to drive UHF passive RFID item-level tagging growth
MEMS-based tracking tags will survive and function in extreme temps and gamma irradiation
Reusable RFID baggage tag for the airline industry
High-density RFID memory IC speeds up maintenance of professional equipment
Massive retail deployment boosts 2011 RFID systems revenue growth over 16 percent
Murata and Kathrein partners in RFID
RFID chip and sensors all in one
ZigBee serial gateway adds wireless connectivity to PLCs, sensors and RFID/bar code readers
Qualcomm still sees NFC as third-party IC
Higher frequency RFID and RTLS-enabled asset management system revenues forecast to reach $845 million in 2014
Cell phone RFID reader chip uses NFC technology for disposable wireless sensors
UWB front-end IC supports 112Mbit/s data-rate with remotely powered memory
Melexis and Phase IV Engineering enable HF RFID sensing applications
NXP opens RFID application and system center in China
IP66 rated antennas for hostile and exposed environments
Flexible RFID magnetic polymer sheets improve performance of RFID tags
Single-chip RFID data logger with sensor
Dual-interface RFID-compatible EEPROM enables remote access to electronic device parameters
NXP ships one billionth ICODE chip

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