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Dell'Oro Group claims it is not all downhill for the Global RAN Market February 10, 2016Dell'Oro Group claims it is not all downhill for the Global RAN Market Market research firm Dell'Oro Group claims in its latest report that it's not all doom days ahead for the global Radio Access Network (RAN) market as small cells, LTE, and 5G are expected to increase the growing segments of within the market by over $7 B by 2020. Read more Highly stable and flexible SAR testing wireless devices February 10, 2016Highly stable and flexible SAR testing wireless devices MT8820C Radio Communication Analyzer from Anritsu Corporation now integrates with both DASY6 and cSAR3D from Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) to provide seamless Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) compliance testing that significantly reduces assessment costs and maximizes flexibility. Read more Mobile edge computing system targets harsh outdoor environments February 3, 2016Mobile edge computing system targets harsh outdoor environments ADLINK Technology, Inc., and Saguna have announced a joint Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) system designed for deployments in harsh outdoor environments. Read more RFS opens automated production line for wireless jumper cables February 1, 2016RFS opens automated production line for wireless jumper cables Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has announced the opening of a fully-automated production line for jumper cables in Hannover, Germany, which will support faster delivery, increased cost-efficiency, and a reproducible process that speeds production and preserves high quality standards. Read more PXI open radio test reference covers analog to LTE January 28, 2016PXI open radio test reference covers analog to LTE Keysight Technologies has launched what the company claims to be industry's first PXI open radio test reference solution and a radio test audio library for military and public safety radios. Read more
Full suite of high-performance passive DAS products
Surface mount SP2T switch handles 100-W of continuous power from 100 MHz to 1 GHz
Intelligent transportation systems radio modem market to see 8.9 percent CAGR
Public testbed to speed development of 5G
Land mobile radio to experience 13% CAGR till 2020
DAS platform delivers superior coverage and capacity in a small footprint
DragonWave microwave radios support 4G growth in China
IoT connectivity specialist SIGFOX launches foundation to tackle global challenges
Telensa raises $18m for LPWA wireless smart city applications
FPGA boards boast VITA 49 protocol engine for SDR
Rugged LDMOS RF power transistors in cost effective overmoulded packages
Waveguide frequency mixers operate across Ka, Q, U, V, E and W bands
Ultra-thin antennas cover 380 to 520 MHz and 698 to 960 MHz
Tiny temperature sensor powered by radio waves
Multichannel software defined radio platform
Waveguide frequency mixers operate across full Ka, Q, U, V, E and W bands
Testing 3-Carrier Aggregation and Category 9 with commercially available devices
Lightweight, portable GSM-R mobile communications tester
HEMT low noise amplifier targets microwave radio and VSAT applications
Infinera and EBlink deliver fiber and wireless based mobile fronthaul architecture to Orange
VT Networks and SIGFOX bring IoT network to Ireland
Digital signal boosters for land mobile and public safety communications
SPDT MMIC switch covers DC to 26 GHz with low insertion loss
Anite joins 5G research project at University of Oulu
Functional tester supports M2M/IoT integration
MoChi-enabled transceiver chipset implements Wave-2 and 2-Gbps wired data rate
LPRS to unveil FCC and IC approved easyRadio wireless controller
Base transceiver station connector for remote wireless radio
LTE drives European Aviation Network
High-level DSP tool simplifies wireless design
U-blox and Cohda Wireless agree partnership on V2X module
Nokia Networks drives mission-critical LTE for public safety
Digital radio data router delivers maximum security
E-band radios deliver fibre-like performance
University of Surrey officially opens 5G Innovation Centre
Advanced channeliser IP core
Direct conversion radio receiver ICs
Tektronix Communications agreement with Ericsson extends TrueCall Geoanalytics capabilities
E-band converter supports advanced modulation schemes
Smart radio prototype knows a listener's preferences
Health effects of Wi-Fi networks addressed by eBrief
Real-time tracking of athletes in real-time using IR-UWB
Waveguide detectors cover 26.5 to 110 GHz
E-/V-band microwave equipment sales grow rapidly
2.5 GHz phase locked clock source
Three-stage Ku band driver amplifier provides 25 dB gain
Bi-directional RF amplifiers operate up to 3 GHz
Changes to radio rules
Mouser ships Cypress Bluetooth module
Rohde & Schwarz wins communications system order for Royal Navy combat ship
Variable gain tower mounted amplifiers for low- and high-band applications
Tunable source converts DC electric field to terahertz radiation
RF module targest implantable medical devices
Point-to-point broadband for mission-critical communications
Waveguide detectors cover the 26.5 to 110 GHz range
Combo ICs to take 12% of the 802.15.4 market by 2019
Channel power monitor measures land mobile radio performance
Ceragon brings 4G service platform to Asia Pacific
Commercial vehicles go online with M2M gateway module
Lime Microsystems to demonstrate next-gen field programmable RF transceivers
Dual channel 13.6 GHz microwave signal generator
Elektrobit becomes Bittium as automotive part sold
Chipset supports both ZigBee and Thread simultaneously
IoT/M2M evaluation kit
Consumer electronics manufacturer iHome selects Marvell's IoT Platform
Tiny radio data transceiver for UHF satellite applications
Signal generator adds support for digital radio with DAB/DMB features
RFID: Not your regular radio top ten
Advanced smart garments from Holst Centre
Radio network planning software adds support for LTE-A, VoLTE and small cells
High precision arbitrary waveform generators
Researchers call for reform of safety standards for millimeter-wave devices
Flexible dual mode Bluetooth module
Radio communication analyzer supports LTE-Advanced testing
Wasted energy can keep smartphone running 30 percent longer
Interference cancellation technique allows simultaneous transmit/receive on the same channel
Alcatel-Lucent and KT sign agree collaboration on 5G mobile networks
Wafer level RF testing service for E-band semiconductors
Data logger with wireless sensors operates up to 125°C
Researchers combine plasmonic and magneto-optical effects
U-blox joins M2M alliance, targets IoT
Centimeter-accurate GPS system for virtual reality and mobile devices
QuickSyn Lite frequency synthesizers extended to millimeter wave
AR Modular RF showcases military amplifiers
Reference design for multi-gigabit 802.11ac Wave 2 WLAN access points
Radio modules and extended API supports swarm location services
Handheld spectrum analyzer is web enabled
Rugged portable RF/IF signal recorder
Glitch-less RF digital step attenuators
GaN LNA meets need for high RF power survivability
First 5G radio channel models finalised
TE Connectivity sees CPRI interface gains traction with mobile operators cutting costs
Report predicts small cell shipments to rise rapidly during 2015
Wireless IoT Forum aims to drive standards and counter fragmentation
Fundamental mixer covers 6-14 GHz with high isolation
Fastest mobile Internet found in Denmark, Singapore and Switzerland
Nanoscale IC technology may double radio frequency data capacity
Radiocrafts gains smart metering contracts in India
Spectrum of frequency comb light sources extended
Broadband coaxial limiters suppress even-order harmonics under hard limiting conditions
4G tactical mobile network targets public safety and government
Autonomous mobile beacon secures and tracks property and objects
VoLTE-capable iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones slash 3G minutes
Gigabit modem IP targets mmWave communication
Radio chip for Bluetooth Low Energy claims lowest power
Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles
North American mobile operators spend twice as much as others
Test setup for four component carrier aggregation
High linearity, active bias ultra low noise amplifier
Digital baseband unit and radio frequency platform provide path to NFV and 5G
TDD/FDD LTE bands for mixed carrier aggregation verified
Broadband low noise amplifiers cover 30 MHz to 40 GHz
Blu Wireless to demonstrate 60 GHz lighting module
SP2T 100 W reflective pin diode switch
Signal Hound unifies spectrum analyser and generator products under open-source GUI
Anite and Chinese laboratory collaborate on TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced testing
SP12T RF MEMS switch to be demonstrated
Mobile networks using a mixture of radio sizes could cut energy usage by 50%
Partnership aims to make small cell roll-out easier
Free e-learning course for mobile device engineers
Private mobile radio common platform processor
Anritsu to provide automated smartphone testing for Samsung
Stopping a new breed of hackers accessing unconnected computers or smartphones
Intel boosts wireless credentials with button size SoC for wearable devices
Reference platform integrates 4x4 802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi and MU-MIMO
Tiny solar-powered radio chip for wireless monitoring
VCO delivers best-in-class phase noise performance
GaN low-noise amplifier covers 4 to 8 GHz
GSM-R boom to continue
2x2 MIMO 4G LTE antennas target transportation and M2M applications
Passive radar based on mobile radio detects boats and planes
Full protocol stack data rates for LTE Category 9 demonstrated
Software radio FPGA modules double channel density
VCO features low phase noise for cost-sensitive basestation systems
PIN diode switches cover 50 MHz to 1 GHz up to 200 W
Dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip for HD streaming
Wideband 125 W RF power GaN transistor suits multi-octave RF amplifiers
U-blox buys into automotive, acquires modules business from Lesswire
Non-reflective switch covers DC to 20 GHz with low insertion loss
Murata turns to the Internet of Things
Programmable dual transceiver aims to disrupt the RF market
MegaChips and Imec collaborate on ultra-low power short-range radio for IoT applications
2.4 GHz wireless transceiver for industrial applications
Dual-band transceiver targets smart energy
GaN-on-diamond makes RF progress
VCO delivers low phase noise and low power consumption
IDT latest product line starts with 8 GHz RF switch
20-dB gain broadband differential amplifier with high linearity
Network testing via smartphone
Bluetooth beacons nowhere precise enough
High power SP3T 100 W reflective switch
University of Oxford signs RFEL for second phase study contract for the Square Kilometre Array
Altera and Lime Microsystems demonstrate multi-standard software-defined radio platform
Four stage driver amplifier offers high linear power and gain control over full E-Band spectrum
FPGA-based wideband digital down-converter IP core
Up-converter for 28 to 34 GHz point-to-point radio applications
Ceramic bandpass filters target applications from 300 MHz to 10 GHz
Integrated, flexible wideband RF synthesiser for software radio
Reflections from smartphone transmissions enable gesture control
6 to 16 GHz driver amplifier delivers 21 dB of gain
Smart Home radio chip for remote controls
Xilinx and China Mobile collaborate on virtualized 5G wireless networks
Arveni claims time to switch to free wireless protocol
EU project takes mm-waves beyond WiGig
Multi-service radio operates in the 6 to 42 GHz spectrum bands
Low-cost Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module targets IoT applications
Single-chip, global coverage car radio receiver
MIMO antennae offer LTE connectivity in cars
Radio Receiver Technology book provides a comprehensive resource
Rugged VPX module provides DSPs and FPGA for software radio, imaging or radar
SAW filters suit commercial and military radio
Synchronised RF transceiver rapid prototyping kit for software defined radio
Tiny MMIC amplifier delivers high linearity for military, space, and communications systems
PIC32 Bluetooth starter kit targets low-cost applications
Multi-purpose LTE wireless core networking testing tool
Project to develop miniature UWB modules for accurate location awareness
Single-box test set for analogue and digital radio
'Air waveguide' creates 'optical cables' out of thin air
Low noise amplifier covers DC to 50 GHz
Banning cellphones while driving does not decreases accidents, researchers find
Mesh-radio-for-Bluetooth development kit
Frequency reference system offers low cost of ownership
Sub-GHz transceiver simplifies industrial wireless links
EMC regulations face major shakeup
Radios give IoT new channels
Platform cuts calibration time for phased-array antennas
Anite helps define first 5G channel models
Regulator risks leaving Europe behind in 5G
ADC pushes the boundaries for software defined radio
RF SDK targets small cell and backhaul developers
Wideband RF GSPS data converter module supports rapid prototyping
High power radio transceiver offers long range and high reliability
Sigfox IoT network comes to the UK
LTE the best technology for V2X
Wireless lighting technology optimizes off-grid LED lighting
Analogue front end for digital radios
OpenBTS 4.0 drives commercial open-source cellular systems
Software defined mobile network targets 3.5-billion people with no mobile coverage
Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite delivers mobile office for Wireless Innovation
Small 70-80 GHz radio for small cell and macrocell backhaul
Amplifier design could enable mobile phone masts to cut carbon emissions
Next-generation wireless prototyping platform from National Instruments
Small cell base station processors add complete TD-LTE support
Rohm and imec collaborate on ultra-low power radio R&D
GaAs MMIC distributed amplifier covers DC to 20 GHz
MIMO test environment for satellite RF links
Lasers enable ultra-sensitive detection of radio waves
Energy harvesting switch powers 2.4 GHz radio link
Unified wireless infrastructure for in-building systems, not just DAS
Alcatel Lucent and Intel to focus on cloud and IoT
Antenna enables global positioning to one centimetre
Wideband radio tester takes on VoLTE and LTE-A
Packet microwave 70/80 GHz radio cuts spectrum costs
DIDO pCell radio re-invents wireless — brings 'mobile fiber' to users
Standard-compliant test system for eCall in-vehicle system modules
DIN 4.1/9.5 adapters target low PIM aplications
Modular software defined radio platforms cover DC to 6 GHz
Adaptive NLOS backhaul system for small cells
Hybrid trunking microwave radio for all out-door and all-indoor configurations
French company Sigfox rolls out another successful IoT network in Russia
Software defined radio demonstrator for FDMA digital/analogue PMR
SDR chip supports multiple digital radio standards - DRM, HD Radio and DAB
Bosch sets up 'strategic' company to support internet of things and services
Tektronix Communications completes acquisition of Newfield Wireless
Toumaz Limited collabortaes with Imagination Technologies over digital radio chip
Telit module to support ultra narrow band license-free radio for the SIGFOX Internet of Things network
World's smallest FM radio transmitter made from graphene
Multi-radio module ready-to-embed in IoT applications
Low-noise amplifier delivers more than 20 dB of gain over 6 to 20 GHz
Single platform for all radio transport technologies
Anite leads 5G radio channel model development
Single-chip dual transceiver software-defined tunable over 70 MHz to 6 GHz
IBM develops two-factor security for mobile transactions
Software-defined radio processor for car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication
Low power, bidirectional radio module for the 868 MHz frequency band
Enhanced analyser speeds up Tempest assessments
Carrier-grade Wi-Fi switch delivers 50 times more isolation and 10 times better linearity
GPS positioning module delivers sub-meter accuracy
Swarm radio platform measures 50x24x6mm
Configurable automated RF test set
SDR module targets indoor/outdoor location, navigation and communications development
Digi-Key adds low-power Wi-Fi manufacturer GainSpan
AM/FM tuner chips enable higher performance at less space
Hand-held RF field strength meter offers spectrum analyser capability
China Mobile extends TD-LTE deployment through 2014
Digital radio test set features a low phase noise RF signal generator
Entrust and Radio IP Integration secures connection across wired and wireless IP networks
NGMN Alliance adds new partners, extends global reach
ZTE licenses CEVA-XC DSP for LTE TDD/FDD base station and network infrastructure
Elektrobit to demonstrate tactical communications technology at DSEI
OML introduces millimeter wave IMD measurements with single connection workflow
Silicon TV tuners offer high performance, integration and low system cost
Positive gain slope amplifier operates from DC to 20 GHz
Surface mount OCXO holds tight stabilities down to 5 ppb
Swiss-based u‑blox opens LTE RF design center in Ireland
UHF wideband antenna and elastomer spring target public safety market
Wideband mixer offers high linearity with 50 Ohm matched input from 30 MHz to 6 GHz
Cypress to integrate BLE radio with PSoC and capacitive touch technologies
Open-source, software-defined radio platform
Turnkey package for FTTA, remote radio deployments
Modular RF backplane system targets CATV and radio applications
Multi-mode two-way radio processors offer Marine Digital Selective Calling expansion sequences
Win one of three FiND-iT kits and experiment with EPC Gen 2 RFID label tags
Agilent and Tyndall National Institute open teaching and research laboratory
Low-noise timing chipset targets cellular infrastructure
Switches cover DC to 6 GHZ for applications up to 50 through to 200 W
Commercial fleet telematics in government sector to hit 1.6 billion USD by 2018
Imec and Renesas Electronics claim first multi-standard RF receiver in 28 nm CMOS
IPv6 wireless mesh communication tested Norway's Smart Grid centre
4G/LTE backhaul in a single box
Silicon Labs to acquire Energy Micro
Telematics test platform addresses in-vehicle testing
802.11ac Wi-Fi chipsets integrate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz power amplifiers
CORMORAN Project explores intra- and inter-communication between WBANs
Microwave transmission equipment sales rise 33 percent in North America
Clock generator for high speed data acquisition and software radio applications
Software-based GeoSoft RAN virtual probe cuts costs of RAN monitoring
Triplexer LC filter supports PMR communications between emergency services
Licensed mobile radio infrastructure and system integration amounts to $2.6 billion
ETSI publishes first specification for Ultra Low Energy DECT aimed at the M2M market
Sub-GHz radio features extended temperature and frequency range
Signal/spectrum analyzer characterizes wideband signals continuously up to 50 GHz
Single-chip digital radio receivers support HD Radio and DAB/DAB+
Impulse radio ultra-wide band IC takes the lead on accurate geo-positioning
BlinkSight and imec claim first single-chip indoor GPS solution
Microsemi teams with Virtual Extension to offer sub-GHz mesh networks for energy harvesting
Multiband receiver IC targets analogue-tuned radio designs
Alcatel-Lucent completes key interoperability testing of LTE for public safety applications
75 W Freescale LDMOS RF transistor for land mobile radio
5 to 9 GHz low noise amplifier
Contactless connectivity platform targets applications that contain moving parts
Fully integrated all-outdoor, sub-6 GHz, LTE-ready, microwave system targets rural/private networks
ST collaborates with Thingsquare to advance easy-to-use Internet of Things technology
Radio test set adds POCSAG testing option
Swarm radio platform for industrial safety applications
Power amplifiers for 13 and 15 GHz point-to-point applications
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile accelerate deployment of 4G TD-LTE across China
Digital radio test set adds support for LTE-A carrier aggregation
LTE Advanced modem claims first single RF carrier aggregation implementation
Daimler, Deutsche Telekom collaborate on automotive telematics
Ultra-low power 2.4 GHz multi-standard radio
ST-Ericsson brings PC speeds to mobile devices with first 3 GHz smartphone prototype
Network processor boasts 16 ARM cores for mobile network infrastructure applications
Amplifier covers 5 to 11 GHz with low noise figure of 1.3 dB
CommAgility DSP and RF modules chosen by Hermon Laboratories for LTE handset test
Forecast predicts Increase to 18 million base station transceiver shipments by 2017
Airspan and Radisys deliver first LTE-Advanced small cell solution
Protocol tester adds test scenarios for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation
Aeroflex announces TDD-FDD handover using an LTE capacity test system
Short-range wireless module targets multi-kilometer-range wired-to-wireless migration
Research project taps LED lighting for broadband communications
AWR offers frequency planning wizard for determining spurious free bandwidths in communication system design
CEA-Leti granted test licence to validate cognitive radio technologies in the TV white space
Transceiver meets ETSI Category 1 standard with 6-dB margin to support healthcare monitoring 
Audi unveils in-car 4G LTE wireless broadband at CES 2013
LTE modem and application processor platform claims to be fastest and coolest
Multiband, modular RF downconverters
WiLink 8Q RF chip family combines multiple RF technologies for in-car use
Elektrobit delivers first tactical wireless IP network products to Finnish defence forces
Developer's kit for ZigBee wireless applications
High-power, battery-operated portable PIM test analyzer
Digital PMR chipset additions simplify designs for small, low-cost and low-power dPMR radio
Aviacomm to collaborate with Toshiba to jointly develop radio over fiber remote base stations
Encryption libraries for Waspmote platform protect sensitive data
SON solution for UMTS networks saves time and resources
Bluetooth silicon IP draws under half the power compared to standard solutions
Wireless microcontroller family targets the Internet of Things
Two radio tuners integrated on single chip enable compact car radios
20 GHz distributed amplifier offers positive bias
LTE RAN market nearly tripled in 3Q12 while 2G/3G crashes
Xilinx to add DSP cores to Zynq at 20 nm
License-free radio modules deliver next-generation performance
Over seven million licensed mobile radio terminals shipped in 2012
Software defined radio module used in leading 5G wireless research
Remote radio head test solution adds 3 GHz support
Vector signal generator for test systems supports frequencies up to 12.75 GHz
Latest RF Technology site from Mouser Electronics
Five wireless connectivity standards within a 24.6 x 18.0 x 3.0 mm package
Anritsu LMR Master™ adds APCO P25 Phase 2 testing and expanded NBFM analysis
Remote radio heads to close in on $1B in 2012
2.4-GHz, low-power wireless radio IC incoporates capacitive touch
UK startup ramps up 60 GHz development
Single chip planned for radio receivers across Europe
EXFO partners with Artiza Networks to offer wrap-around testing of LTE eNodeBs
Visteon provides communication equipment for US car-to-x pilot program
Call for consensus on small cell base stations
White space radio startup raises funds
Credit card size software defined radio demonstrator for wireless data
Compact combo chip shrinks keyless entry system
Embedded Wi-Fi Development boards integrate TCP/IP stack for IoT applications
DragonWave concludes field tests using 2048 QAM radios
DAB+/ DAB software receiver for multicore Linux also supports TPEG
Mindspeed teams with SpiderCloud for enterprise small cells
Stacked ISM band radio module uses easyRadio technology
GaN on SiC-based RF transistor targets secondary surveillance radar aviation applications
Altair LTE chip pre-certified by Verizon
ADCs target low power and wide bandwidth
Advanced die packaging technology cuts RF module footprint by 75%
Transceiver chip enables miniaturized implantable medical devices
Digital radio test system with colour touch-screen targets land mobile radio
True global phone chip platform supports both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA
Intel adds power amplifiers to 3G RF chip
Rohde & Schwarz takes on North American EMC market
US intelligence interested in Lime Micro flexible radio technology
Wireless link delivers +27dBm power output over a 5 km range
GPS security a concern for unniversity expert
Digital radio chipset enables next-generation car radios
Analyst: Alcatel-Lucent leads small cell space
LTE test-UE availble for infrastructure a 400 MHz
Cambridge Consultants has hand in getting the largest telescope out of the lab
Toumaz buys radio chip firm for $50 million
Pole/Zero and Delcross Technologies cooperate on getting radio systems right first time
Imec and Murata to collaborate on reconfigurable radio research
Power amplifiers target point-to-point radio applications
Sub 1.0 dB noise figure LNAs target cellular, smart energy, radio and ISM applications
13 GHz PLL synthesizer achieves breakthrough phase detector operating frequency of 110 MHz
DAB/DAB+/DMB–A tuner for automobiles
Tiny Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob runs for a year on a coin cell
9-W GaN wideband power amplifier covers 225 MHz to 1215 MHz
Network innovation driven by rapid mobile data growth
High reliability power amplifier covers 71 to 76 GHz
High power Tx/Rx switches target LTE, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX and military radio
Direct conversion receiver IC boasts extended operating range for SDR
ST-Ericsson powers China Unicom and Yulong smartphone
Iridium-based global push-to-talk radio system trials completed
Thales and Nokia Siemens Networks to offer global LTE broadband for professional mobile radio
AMI/AMR smart energy transmit/receive front end modules
RELM Wireless wins international military order for KNG UHF portable radios
LTE RAN equipment revenues almost triple during Q1 2012
RF transmitter extends battery life with better performance
Cassidian and Alcatel-Lucent bring 4G LTE mobile broadband to professional mobile radio
Nordic takes aim on step up to the WSN platform
Amplifiers and mixers target backhaul radios to 46.5 GHz
Waveguide filter for narrowband data applications
Dragonwave claims first to market with 2048 QAM radios
High linearity, low noise I/Q converters target 17 to 27 GHz applications
Digital voice scrambler for analog radio systems offers secure voice communication
Microcell and backhaul portfolio covers full range of frequencies from 2.3 GHz to 80 GHz
Scalable radio channel emulator for testing 4G LTE
Integrated surface-mount DVGAs can reduce basestation BOMs
Wireless sensor networks evaluation kit
Single chip DSP-based AM/FM car radio tuner
Integrated radio ICs for low cost 60 GHz applications
RF Monolithics to be acquired by Murata Electronics North America
Mobile CAPEX to grow 9% in 2012, driven by China, LTE, and small cells
2558-2575 MHz VCO exhibits high linearity
Nokia Siemens Networks tops basestation rating
SORBAS LTE Test-UE adds 3.5 GHz support
Huawei climbs to number two spot in wireless equipment
Signalion removes need for remote radio head in development, trial and prototyping
IF/RF quadrature demodulator IC designed for low power applications
LC filters for demanding radio, navigation and communication applications
Ismosys wins design-in for NetLogic’s DFS processors in LTE remote radio heads and active antenna systems
Radio waves beamed with a twist akin to fusilli pasta allow massive multiplexing
China drives servers to base station role
Tablet-based multi-technology SON platform for analysing mobile network performance
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile to jointly accelerate development of lightRadio
HiSilicon and imec to jointly research reconfigurable RF transceivers
Radio filter delivers LTE capacity gains of up to 65 per cent
Ericsson leverages standards to lead with LTE
Moving implant, body nets advance
UHF narrow band telecommand modules
One transceiver per radiator is the only effective solution for Active Antenna Systems says Ubidyne
Aeroflex offers automated tests and alignment for MOTOTRBO radios
Qualcomm, Ericsson demo LTE-to-3G handover
1.3 Gbps, rugged, three-radio, three-stream access point
Active antenna can raise cell capacity 40 percent
High performance AFE targets femtocells and SDR
Reference design for licence-free radio microphones based on DECT
39.5 GHz Ka-band frequency synthesizer
LTE radio head test system is 100x faster
KeyStone multicore architecture scaled to support cloud RAN applications
Portable radio test sets for testing FM radios under challenging conditions
LTE Multi-RAT testing made available for chipset vendors
LTE UE simulator claims world first with frequency-agile radio
Advanced car radio tuner IC family delivers high RF performance
VSA software adds multi-measurement capability for wireless research and development
Low cost FM receiver chips optimised for background functions in car radios
High power, packet microwave radio platform for telecom backhaul
EtherWaves adds software defined radio based DAB/DMB to GENIVI and Android
CommAgility demonstrates interoperability of AMC-2C6670 card with MTI remote radio head and Xilinx CPRI core
GHS and Silex build secure Wi-Fi platform
One radio, multiple standards: BMW, Eurecom implement SDR car solution
Freescale has sub-1-GHz ultra-low-power smart radio
ESA selects GreenPeak's radio communication controller chip for aerospace applications
High linearity VGAs target microwave radio
Low-power 2.4-GHz wirelessUSB transceiver
Migration to digital mobile radio set to accelerate
Compact, all-outdoor packet solution for 4G/LTE backhaul
Rohde & Schwarz supplies emergency radios for aircraft carriers
Integrating antennas within clothes using metallic thread
GPRS modem routers simplify M2M data cconnectivity
DVGAs enable higher-performance basestation radio architectures
USB-connected analog and digital radio test set
Short range radio modules now report signal strength
Mindspeed buys assets of W-CDMA chip vendor
Single-chip digital PMR baseband processor conforms to ETSI standard TS102 490
Direct RF-sampling ADC aims to revolutionize radio architectures
Enhanced MMCU-4 modular radio remote control receiver
CEVA and CellGuide partner to offer software GPS solution
Broadband BTS LNAs are deliver flexibility and simplify RF design requirements
Compact HD radio tuner modules for automotive applications
CML Microsystems acquires leading-edge vocoder technology
Next-generation, high-voltage, high-power RF generators
Sensor board completes Libelium's Smart Cities platform
Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung join Neul radio club
Should Google be in 'white-space' radio?
RF Industries to acquire CUI
Neul opens up on 'white space' radio network
Flexible ultra-wideband channelizer offers ultimate radio receiver
Rohde & Schwarz moves into security with ipoque acquisition
Handheld analyser adds DMR test and WiMAX fixed and mobile capabilities
FCC TETRA ruling creates new opportunities in the US for TETRA suppliers
Integrated wideband passive mixers support wideband operation for wireless infrastructure and software-defined radio applications
World's highest performance RF DAC enables linearity performance breakthroughs
BEEcube targets data centers, RF
Arasan Chip Systems is first to unveil MIPI RFFE core
RFM adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules to portfolio
RFID tag chip for low cost item-level tagging
Multi-hop data radios with 3 km reach extend data transmission to over 20 km
2.4 to 2.7 GHz WiMax and WiFi antenna
Clock jitter cleaner family claims industry's lowest phase noise
Industry’s first system-on-chip two-way radio enabling cost effective digital radios
PC-based application for DMR Radio Protocol testing for the 3920 analogue and digital radio test set
Digital radio frequency V4 test solution combines stimulus and analysis capability
Energy Micro release details of energy friendly radio product family
High-gain linear amplifier module enables WiMAX to coexist with other radios in portable devices
10 Gb/s multipoint microwave backhaul platform
Single-SoC platform for concurrent 3G and 4G service operation
Ultra-low energy radio draws less than 3 mW
Sub 1-GHz band radio modules target automation networks
Air radio module family extended with ETSI-compliant units for European applications
DARPA seeks lighter energy source for radios
Hirschmann foil antennas can be integrated into the vehicle's body
LPRS transducers used in energy saving lighting
High power transceiver optimised for 869 MHz
Huawei buys IMEC spin-off for $10 million
Dual channel 6 Gb/s SERDES with low-noise clock synthesizer targets next generation radio
Ontario microwave startup raises $8 million
Radio module family targets broad electronics market
Trillium monitoring software brings optimization and security through real-time intelligence to mobile networks
Radiometrix enters into channel partnership in India
Firms roll public radio interface IC
Intel licenses DSP
RFMD unveils family of configurable components for developing wide dynamic range radio systems
Icera partners with Teleca to develop Android RIL (radio interface layer) for smartphone platform
Hirschmann combines Iridium, GPS and mobile radio antenna
Cartesian feedback loop IC covers 30 MHz to 1 GHz
DesignArt Networks relies on Tensilica for 4G SoC family
Baseband company claims it is first to support new LTE femtocell APIs
Wireless M-Bus module targets smart metering initiatives
RF-to-digital µModule receivers reduce size and cost of base station designs
Industrial wireless outdoor access point enhances coverage and connectivity
RFMD expands portfolio to target microwave and millimeter wave applications
38 GHz packaged chipset solution for point-to-point radio market
Mobile operators enjoying a buyer’s market for RAN and core network equipment
Digital radio switchover is unlikely to ever happen in the UK, says radio specialist Grant Goddard
Ubiquisys secures $5 million funding from Asian investors
One-Box solution for IEEE 802.11p testing
MimoOn claims to lead in LTE PHY software on SDR silicon for mobile terminals
Low power femtocell design significantly reduces cost
Atmel rolls very small car radio chip
Code-hopping receiver decoder enables implementation of security oriented RF remote control systems
Enhanced audio scrambler and sub-audio signalling processor IC targets analog two-way radios
Dual-mode receive/transmit internal SMD FM antenna module for embedded FM radio applications
Digital radio to approach 200 million units by 2015
Virtualization comes to signal generators for radio test applications
ADI - Xilinx collaboration streamlines base station design
CML announces new Function Image supporting NXDN design
ST's HD radio chipset receives iBiquity certification
Spectrum refarming and upgrades will drive multistandard base stations to 93% of total shipments by 2015
IPWireless and Altair Semiconductor partner to develop first multi-band, multi-mode LTE modem
IP67 radio data loggers target harsh industrial applications
One-box tester supports transmit and receive testing of LTE devices using signaling
Lattice and Affarii Technologies offer complete remote radio head hardware solution
Femto Forum announces 2nd femtocell plugfest
Single-box multi-RAT tester for multi-mode eHRPD/LTE handsets
Imec’s cognitive baseband radio to support 4G and broadband access to multiple services
TSMC to speed system-to-IC design cycles
Complete RF front-end solution for point-to-point radio markets
FreeWave Technologies announces latest version of Tool Suite radio management software
Radio bridge module, an alternative to cables!
Radio module delivers complete custom solution without customer in-house RF
Peregrine to agrees with IBM to develop next generation of RF CMOS semiconductor process
Narrowband multi-channel transceiver has range of 5 km
2.4 GHz industrial wireless Ethernet products for M2M data communications
Multi-channel radio modem transmitter and receivers enable simple 9600bps links
All-in-one tuner brings low cost digital radios to Europe
Enhanced test platforms handle end-to-end tests on mobile phones under field conditions

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