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Printed NFC for context-aware gameplay March 17, 2015Printed NFC for context-aware gameplay European companies Cartamundi, Van Genechten Packaging, PragmatIC, SMARTRAC, TNO and imec have joined forces to launch PING (Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging), a consortium to bring flexible electronics from the lab to mainstream markets through the creation of smart and interactive printed objects. Read more IoTize rejuvenates legacy systems with smartphone-compatibility March 3, 2015IoTize rejuvenates legacy systems with smartphone-compatibility At embedded world, the Raisonance business branch of Keolabs was demonstrating an interesting NFC retrofit solution for embedded systems, the IoTize plug-and-play RF module able to rejuvenate and turn any legacy system into a smartphone-compatible cloud-connected appliance. Read more Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles February 24, 2015Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles Swiss based u-blox has announced the EMMY-W1 series of multiradio modules for easy, reliable implementation of in-car hotspots, rear seat entertainment, hands-free telephony, rear view camera communications, graphical user interface (GUI) mirroring with simple pairing and other automotive short-range connectivity applications. Read more Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen February 18, 2015Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen Canadian consumer electronics innovator, Neptune, has taken a different approach to the smartwatch, aiming to build a device that contains all processing and connectivity needed and using a pocket screen instead of a smartphone. Read more Kaspersky Lab and BioNyfiken team up to connect human bodies to the Internet February 18, 2015Kaspersky Lab and BioNyfiken team up to connect human bodies to the Internet Security expert Kaspersky Lab has teamed up with Swedish bio-hacking community BioNyfiken to uncover the realities of connecting our bodies to the Internet through the use of smart implants. Read more
NFC/RFID tags ensure strong 128-bit data protection
Toshiba to show portfolio for wearable technology and the IoT
Integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and IoT
Platform combines NXP MCU and NFC tag to accelerate development
Thin-film hybrid oxide-organic microprocessor for NFC and RFID markets
NFC comes to broadband platform
Holst Centre, imec and CARTAMUNDI collaborate on NFC chip of the future
Infineon secures smart wearable devices
NFC/RFID tag for embedded devices
NXP extends NFC ecosystem to the car
Smart watches in-use to reach over 100 million by 2019
Smartphone terminal combines wireless charging, antenna and NFC
Clear conductive flexible films provide high electromagnetic shielding from 2 to 18 GHz
NFC development kit interfaces to Android, Linux and Windows
Module combines support for WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC
NFC, I2C combo device targets wearable technology
Wireless charging/NFC reference design for cars
Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT
Mobile commerce driving global NFC market
Inside Secure and Gemalto sign Single Wire Protocol agreement for smartphones
NFC market to hit $16.25 Billion by 2022
Cloud-based NFC brings traceability and marketing mix
RFID tags feature I2C interface to talk to appliances
NFC antenna at 3.2 mm high targets smartphones
What future NFC apps will hit the mainstream?
RFID chip IC authenticates goods via NFC
NFC tag powers richer user interfaces
DSP-based 5 V Qi wireless charger in 5 x 5 mm
Dynamic NFC-screen extended to iPhone NFC cards and Passports
Shopping assistant software uses RFID to look into fashion inventory
Discovery kit enables any electrical device to add NFC connectivity
NFC front end with Active Boost technology gains design win in payment card
Apple's iBeacon to propel micro-location revolution
NFC reference design kit features ready-made application software
Wireless automotive module combines 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC
Farnell element14 launches Raspberry Pi-ready full NFC expansion board
Wireless smart lighting network uses energy harvesting switch
NFC-enabled digital media kiosk concept doubles as Qi charger
Robot automates NFC testing
NFC capability for any device with dynamic NFC tag memories
IBM develops two-factor security for mobile transactions
Smart home platform enables set-top boxes to support energy and security services
Sensor-enabled RFID tags take wireless data-logging beyond identification
NFC tags enable simple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing
Massive crowdfunding project looks to develop Linux phone
Wi-Fi Alliance® selects Marvell's Avastar 802.11ac 2x2 combo IC with NFC/Bluetooth for the Wi-Fi Certified ac Test Suite
NFC transponder hardware simplifies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing
Quad-core HSPA+ processor with 5G WiFi, NFC, GPS and indoor positioning
Ultra-low power wireless technology connects battery-less sensors to the Internet of Things
Broadcom GNSS location chip with geofence capabilities wins top industry award
Shipments to reach 5 million in 2018 disposable wireless sensors for healthcare
One-piece SMT antenna contact targets mobile applications
Inside Secure NFC solution supported in Linux kernel 3.9 release
Converged Bluetooth digital radio module
NFC installed base to exceed 500m devices within 12 months
Wireless charging could extend to devices smaller than mobile phones
Short-range wireless IC market to reach almost 5 Billion units shipped in 2013
NFC tag front end from ams enables secure payment transactions on µSD and µSIM cards
Vector signal generator offers cost-efficient generation and analysis of WLAN IEEE 802.11ac signals up to 160 MHz
Navigation module works with Glonass and GPS in parallel
ST-Ericsson brings PC speeds to mobile devices with first 3 GHz smartphone prototype
NFC ferrite sheet antenna meets EMVCo 40 mm specification
System-in-package with no-tune antenna and simplifies and speeds NFC integration
LTE modem and application processor platform claims to be fastest and coolest
WiLink 8Q RF chip family combines multiple RF technologies for in-car use
BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles
Mifare NFC mini reader USB development platform
NFC chip targets next-generation mobile payments
Single chip wireless power receiver with integrated battery charger enables faster charging
Interface chip drives down the cost of adding high data-rate NFC capability to microcontrollers
NFC solution fits into SIM cards for secure contactless payment
NFC tag IC with increased RF performance supports 48 up to 888 bytes of memory
Common mobile payment platform supports NFC services
NFC mobile payments to reach $100 billion by 2016
Wireless connectivity chipsets revenues to exceed $10 billion in 2012
Car sharing as a smartphone app - the key to future urban traffic
Renesas claims first NFC wireless charging solution
True global phone chip platform supports both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA
Ultra-slim NFC tags, stickers and labels, less than 0.6mm thick
Integrated SoCs deliver 5G WiFi
Broadcom, Qualcomm, CSR, and Texas Instruments are benefiting from $8 billion wireless connectivity IC market
NXP enables mobile ticketing for smart mobile devices
Dual RFID-ZigBee sensors enable NFC applications for the Internet of Things
Avnet to distribute Adeunis RF modules for wireless M-bus, KNX and proprietary wireless systems
NFC application revenues to reach $10.6bn in 2012
Intel's new partnerships and processors for the mobile space
Samsung and FeliCa Networks partner on mobile NFC
Harman demos automotive LTE connectivity platform
Samsung chip lowers cost of LTE
NFC applications can aid the visually and hearing impaired
Infineon leads globally in security chips for NFC
SMD isotropic antenna designed for NFC applications
Inside Secure agrees technology transfer and services agreements with Intel
Smart posters and mobile marketing to account for 70 percent of NFC tag shipments in 2016
Global operators pledge support for SIM-based solution for mobile NFC
NFC-ready, universal contactless reader IC targets multiple ID applications
RFID/NFC dual-interface memory IC relies on RF energy harvesting
Motorola Mobility highlights some challenges in NFC, Wi-Fi, DLNA
NXP claims Google phone design win
Austriamicrosystems unveils the high performance NFC Reader IC for payment and automotive applications
NFC chip shipments to surpass 1.2 billion by 2015
NFC market to rise above $1 billion in 2016
Qualcomm describes Snapdragon S4
Six handset makers back Isis NFC payment
Touch-transfer technology will complement NFC, says Toshiba
SK Telecom embeds NFC in SIM card
Android app demonstrates EEPROM with added NFC for smartphones
TI claims lowest power NFC transceiver
NXP starts up market-ready NFC-enabled 'smart' car key
Startup has ultrasound alternative to NFC
Sony Ericsson selects NXP's NFC Solution for its Android-based Smartphones
NXP says it is 'Google Wallet' chip supplier
MIFARE4Mobile industry group announced roadmap
Google joins NFC Forum as 'principal' member
Tag writing app targets NFC-enabled Android smartphones and tablets
Partnership develops secure NFC solutions
SMD antennas for HF/NFC applications in the 2 to 13,56 MHz range
Labs in Europe, US and Asia open for NFC Forum certification testing
Continental, NXP to integrate NFC into cars
Inside enables bio-metrics for NFC
Open NFC protocol stack for Android promises consistent API
Apple eyes mobile payments over NFC
NFC poised to take off, iSuppli says
Industry's first MCU integrating NFC and security functions for smartphones
Cooperation boosts mobile phone use as e-ticket
New NFC chip offers increased wireless connectivity for mobile handsets
NXP's Mifare to add NFC support to SIMs
Update: Android, RIM will support NFC
HID Global and Sony to form alliance to create contactless smart card readers
Qualcomm still sees NFC as third-party IC
Turning NFC mobile phones into secure ID
Shipments of Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi ICs to increase 20 percent in 2010
NFC comes to the PC
AFSCM and GlobalPlatform to cooperate on NFC specifications
NFC tag targets non-payment applications such as smart posters
ST and NXP partner on Android API for NFC
MicroSD to bypass embedded NFC says ABI Research
IMS Research expects smartphone shipments to quadruple in Asia by 2015

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