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Invisible photovoltaics extend smartwatch battery life by 30% to 50% February 8, 2016Invisible photovoltaics extend smartwatch battery life by 30% to 50% Sunpartner Technologies will return to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for its fourth consecutive year to unveil its latest advances in telephones, connected accessories and IoT devices. The company is known for its patented Wysips®, which is an invisible photovoltaic component embedded into any kind of surface that enables devices to generate their own energy. Read more Quortus and ACS bring MEC to the enterprise February 8, 2016Quortus and ACS bring MEC to the enterprise Quortus and Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) are partnering to develop a range of wireless communications systems for enterprises based on emerging Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technologies. Read more Autonomous benchmarking enables streamlining of OPEX February 4, 2016Autonomous benchmarking enables streamlining of OPEX Anite has launched a more powerful measurement field unit, the Nemo Explorer-4 as part of its broader Nemo Autonomous measurement offering. The Nemo Explorer-4 field unit incorporates four handsets and an uplink modem with continuous data connectivity to a remote server. Read more Mobile edge computing system targets harsh outdoor environments February 3, 2016Mobile edge computing system targets harsh outdoor environments ADLINK Technology, Inc., and Saguna have announced a joint Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) system designed for deployments in harsh outdoor environments. Read more SSL gets contract to build six LEO satellites February 3, 2016SSL gets contract to build six LEO satellites Space Systems/Loral (SSL) has announced it was awarded a contract by an undisclosed customer to build six satellites for an advanced constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for Earth imaging. Read more
Cutting IoT power needs with single electron transistor switches
The smartphone aims to tackle urban mobility
Anritsu to focus on 5G and future connectivity at Mobile World Congress 2016
JUPITER™ satellite backhaul validated for 3G and LTE mobile services
Land mobile radio to experience 13% CAGR till 2020
DAS platform delivers superior coverage and capacity in a small footprint
Mobile edge computing core software points to 5G
Flyback switching ICs improve charging of smart mobile devices
Qualcomm and Guizhou Province create 280 million USD joint venture
Virtual drive testing toolset features simulated network support
Qualcomm and TDK form joint venture for the RF front end
IoT startup Greenwave Systems attracts $60 million funding
NFC controller enables tiny antennas for mobile, IoT, wearable and automotive applications
Cost-optimized Snapdragon X5 LTE modem for mobile broadband and IoT
In-building wireless market to see double digit growth
Time-of-flight ranging sensor for cameras, robotics, IoT
Valeo buys Peiker Acoustic for telematics know-how
Aeris and G&D cooperate on secure connectivity for M2M, mobile Internet
Super low-profile IRED focuses on mobile device eye tracking
Mobile data collection app and satellite data provide early warning of famine
Bluetooth adapter speeds data exchange with mobile terminal devices
Lightweight, portable GSM-R mobile communications tester
Devicescape and BandwidthX enable operators to buy on-demand access to amenity Wi-Fi
Belgian start-up delivers first-generation Zembro Bracelet© smart watch
Qorvo pushes small cell technology with product launches
Digital signal boosters for land mobile and public safety communications
Mobile image processing in the cloud cuts bandwidth use by over 98 percent
Breakthrough enables operators to deploy indoor/outdoor cellular as easily as Wi-Fi
5G Innovation Centre pushes UK-China collaboration for ensuring global 5G standards
Researchers target biodegradable displays to reduce waste in mobile electonics
Reserchers devise navigation service for older people
Mobile operators must have Wi-Fi Calling
Top three global brands in mobile
Connected home report a wake up call for European business
Can crowdfunding produce the perfect smartphone?
Marvell restuctures mobile platform business
Super-battery charges mobile devices in 15 seconds or less
Dialog snaps up Atmel
Report shows significant rise in mobile infections via PCs and adware
Contextually smart mobile services coming to consumers
Autonomous driving will not depend on technology according to survey
Apple latest products run on new mobile processors
Mobile anti-malware technology uses cognitive computing
Partnership targets open source for next generation wireless mobile networks
Miniature gas sensor for mobile devices
Quad-Core 64-bit R10 LTE carrier aggregation SoC platform
Who might Marvell merge its mobile business with?
Alcatel-Lucent helps China Mobile to launch VoLTE services
Wi-Fi market to hit 33.6 Billion USD by 2020
Mobile security report shows malware impacting Android market
MHL 3.0 analysis and compliance test option
Blu Wireless joins the 5G Innovation Centre
Security processor family integrates up to 288 purpose built cores
Survey reveals consumer expectations for mobile services and IoT
Anite wins contract for wireless voice quality and broadband data analytics
Channel power monitor measures land mobile radio performance
Ceragon brings 4G service platform to Asia Pacific
Smartphone joysticks revived for mobile gaming, drone control
Wireless power coils target wearable devices
Wireless power transfer technology enables omnidirectional free space charging
Open-source connector for SIGFOX IoT network
Contextually smart mobile services coming to consumers
Network test system supports 256 QAM with carrier aggregation
Mobile test management for anytime, anywhere testing
Xilinx and China Mobile Research Institute to develop 5G next generation fronthaul interface
Mobile data traffic growth in Q1 mainly from emerging markets
Cloud system puts idle processing power of the IoT to use
Radio network planning software adds support for LTE-A, VoLTE and small cells
Adhesive delivers enhanced reliability, reworkability and waterproofing for smart devices
GreenTouch improves energy efficiency in wireless networks by more than 10,000 times
LTE subscriber base to hit 1.4 billion by year-end
Business models of mobile devices damaging the environment
Android Pay debuts with Apple Pay in sight
Ofcom updates plans to auction valuable spectrum
Huawei enables high quality campus wireless access
Reconfigurable tunable antennas based on liquid metal could empower IoT
Licensed wireless spectrum generates $400 billion in annual economic activity for America
Report sees cybercrime to costing businesses over $2 trillion by 2019
Centimeter-accurate GPS system for virtual reality and mobile devices
NetComm Wireless brings smart energy communications to Hitachi
In-building wireless market to double
Chinese researchers highlight promising technology for 5G
Mobile phone shipments hit 445 million in first quarter 2015
Dual-input power multiplexer ICs target mobile devices
EMVCo qualified system for mobile and contactless card digital protocol test
TE Connectivity sees CPRI interface gains traction with mobile operators cutting costs
Report predicts small cell shipments to rise rapidly during 2015
Patent boosts mobile upload speeds by tenfold
Fastest mobile Internet found in Denmark, Singapore and Switzerland
Ultra-thin full-functional tri-axis accelerometers taget mobile and wearable applications
LDO regulator ICs target mobile devices
Device management app protects children, pets and belongings
Test system for eMBMS applications
4G tactical mobile network targets public safety and government
Autonomous mobile beacon secures and tracks property and objects
Samsung S6 phones pack 14nm SoC
ARM and IBM bring the Internet of Things to the cloud
North American mobile operators spend twice as much as others
Qualcomm raises bar in mobile
Artificial tree harvests solar energy to charge mobile and other devices
DAS platform supports five frequency bands for European market
Blu Wireless to demonstrate 60 GHz lighting module
SP2T 100 W reflective pin diode switch
Spreadtrum to support Sumsung's Tizen operating system
Compact LTE metro cells add flexibility in delivering ultra-broadband mobile access
Color sensor enables improved accuracy in mobile devices
Two-way microwave power divider delivers high performance over 500 MHz to 6 GHz
Suite of IP from ARM targets low-power future premium mobile devices
Zero-cost hosted small cell networks solve operator coverage issues
Mobile networks using a mixture of radio sizes could cut energy usage by 50%
Mineral scarcity and environmental technologies are opportunities
Triple and Quad play services push Three towards O2 purchase
Free e-learning course for mobile device engineers
Nano SIM card connector suits wearable devices
Private mobile radio common platform processor
Set-top box platform integrates 4x4 Wi-Fi
Portable real-time analyser for broadcast and streaming services
10 W wireless power for smartphones and mobile accessories
Integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and IoT
IBM and Sinofert use mobile to boost crop yields in China
Kodak and Bullitt Group to debut a range of mobile devices at CES
Project aims to build a new generation of photonic microchips
GSM-R boom to continue
Passive radar based on mobile radio detects boats and planes
Range of timing products target 4G LTE and small cells
Devicescape finds Wi-Fi consumption drives appetite for cellular data
MHL 3 source compliance test software
PIN diode switches cover 50 MHz to 1 GHz up to 200 W
The potential pot of gold in mobile marketing
Mobile data protection market on the rise
Mobile commerce grows 66%, driven by smartphones and 4G
Huawei looks towards 5G with industry partners
I3C sensor interface embraces mobile
'Smart spaces' use light to send data
AMS offers gesture-recognizing handset sensor
Smaller Raspberry board adds more mobile and embedded capabilities
Twisted pair wireline pushes data rates up to 10 Gbit/s in vehicles
Mobile phones can be used for accurate population mapping
Low profile flexible film temperature sensors for mobile and wearable devices
Wearable technology market primed for growth
TWDM-PON extends capacity of existing fiber-based ultra-broadband networks
Utilities keen to own cellular networks
Compact gesture sensors combine three detectors in one
Smartwatches could find applications in mobile payments and ID
LTE successfully tested in V2X scenario
Mobile broadband operators scramble for VoLTE
Mobile Security offers industry first with capability of blocking mobile malware
Parkmobile signs mobile payment agreement with the BMW Group
Xilinx and China Mobile collaborate on virtualized 5G wireless networks
Next generation mobile network for IoT devices
Telefonica brings connected home technology from AT&T to Europe
Multi-service radio operates in the 6 to 42 GHz spectrum bands
Unmated and mated IP67 adapters up to 6 GHz
Close proximity, high speed wireless transfer technology targets consumers
Handheld devices to help facial recognition market grow rapidly
Mini DIN series of low PIM connectors
China attempts to launch its own OS
Apple app developer spills the beans on iPhone 6
Mobile OS a weak link for hackers
Mobile Internet will continue to drive mobile revenues
Audio Hub brings HiFi to mobile devices
Mobile commerce driving global NFC market
Mobile phones gobble up scarce materials
Pilot project looks at mobile apps for LED lighting
Huawei engages Ranplan for small cell network planning and optimisation
Tiny mobile barcode scanner for Android and iOS
Banning cellphones while driving does not decreases accidents, researchers find
When do smartphones ads work?
Mobile phones fall silent with hybrid encrypted calling service
Lockheed Martin MUOS satellite gets final testing
Cloud to drive mobile enterprise application revenues
Frequency reference system offers low cost of ownership
IBM cloud foundry Bluemix generally available for mobile and IoT
Agilent and China Mobile to collaborate on 5G wireless
Revenues from mobile games to approach $29bn by 2016
Anritsu and Jasper Wireless work on platform for global IoT
Anite helps define first 5G channel models
Microwave heating could impact electronics manufacture
3D nanotube LI-ion anodes charge mobile devices in 10 minutes
Array camera targets mobile market
Tiny switch targets smartphones and other mobile devices
Regulators may hold back 60 GHz use
Mobile market MEMS hits 14% CAGR
Are allergic reactions from smartphones real?
Mobile vision platform for smartphones and tablets adds 3D reconstruction
LTE the best technology for V2X
Quadrature hybrid coupler delivers 30 W, 3 dB for mobile communications
Color sensor drives smartphone intelligent display management
Wi-Fi hotspots to grow in bid to offload traffic
Report predicts millimeter wave market worth $1.9 Billion by 2020
OpenBTS 4.0 drives commercial open-source cellular systems
Software defined mobile network targets 3.5-billion people with no mobile coverage
Next wave of mobile apps target the enterprise
Small 70-80 GHz radio for small cell and macrocell backhaul
3-component-carriers capability added to LTE-A test systems
Amplifier design could enable mobile phone masts to cut carbon emissions
Revenues for mobile displays soar
SpeedCast demonstrates Improved mobile satellite communications
Microwave networking platform simplifies mobile operator networks
Anite joins test project for 4G and 5G technologies
Ultra HD HDMI to MIPI CSI-2 converter chipset
64-bit mobile processors to dominate in 2018
Big data analytics needed as mobile traffic goes parabolic
Aptilo orders reveal trends in carrier WiFi deployments
Pragmatic innovation at Mobile World Congress
Automated driving demonstrated at Mobile World Congress
Firefox OS gains in mobile, targets $25 smartphones
Enterprise-ready mobile security from Samsung and Zscaler
Application enablement platform for IoT and M2M
Packet microwave 70/80 GHz radio cuts spectrum costs
Copper strikes back as an alternative for mobile backhaul
Advanced test tools for mobile payments
DIN 4.1/9.5 adapters target low PIM aplications
China Mobile and CSS deploy first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul system
Shopping assistant software uses RFID to look into fashion inventory
NFC front end with Active Boost technology gains design win in payment card
Blu Wireless awarded £1m from the West of England Growth Fund
NTT, Alcatel-Lucent Japan and Fujitsu to study server architecture for future networks
ARM and SMIC target mobile and consumer applications with 28nm process IP partnership
Adaptive NLOS backhaul system for small cells
ARM reaches over $1bn
Tablet with10-inch AMOLED from Samsung at MWC 2014?
Lockheed Martin MUOS satellite could solve communications challenges in the Arctic
French company Sigfox rolls out another successful IoT network in Russia
Sondrel aids Chinese start-up QST with chip for mobile devices
Second UK MVNO launches 4G coverage checker powered by SpatialBuzz
Dialog Q4 soaring on mobile sales
M2M opportunities for operators to more than treble over the next five years
Chipset enables fast wireless charging
Market report addresses RF transceivers for mobile devices in the US over 2014-2018
China Mobile to offer Apple iPhone on its 4G and 3G networks
Tektronix Communications completes acquisition of Newfield Wireless
Intel ends 2013 with an industry leading 22nm mobile apps processor
Dual screen mobile phone features an always on electronic paper display
Startup drives 60 GHz to small cells
Study confirms mobile users want phones to be more resilient with longer battery life
Study predicts one billion LTE connections by 2017
Social messaging players further challenge the status quo of mobile social networking
Mobile Infrastructure CAPEX to peak in North America
FemtoFET MOSFETs with lowest on-resistance target mobile applications
Anite leads 5G radio channel model development
Atmel's sensor hub platform helps Sensirion to develop smarter devices for IoT and wearables
VPN security routers come with 3G mobile interface
Mobile device platforms continue trend towards more integration
Low power FPGAs enable always-on sensor systems for context-aware mobile apps
Solid-state high-power amplifier module targets military jamming systems
IBM develops two-factor security for mobile transactions
Mobile core network equipment rebounds, expected to reach $20B in 2013
Low-profile, square metal power inductor for mobile devices
Carrier-grade Wi-Fi switch delivers 50 times more isolation and 10 times better linearity
Dovado boosts speed and coverage of 4G mobile hotspots
AT&T to maintain cellular M2M connection lead in th US even as It plans to terminate Its 2G network
EU roaming pulls on operators ARP strings
Next generation hotspot Wi-Fi to raech $150 billion in operator revenue by 2018
Event Connection, Fairwaves and Lime Micro use open source RF network for million-person event
China Mobile extends TD-LTE deployment through 2014
SMD power inductors enable longer battery life in portable electronics
Fujitsu and DoCoMo launch first mobile phone using FPC fingerprint technology
Entrust and Radio IP Integration secures connection across wired and wireless IP networks
NGMN Alliance adds new partners, extends global reach
TE Connectivity shows UK consumers unhappy with mobile performance despite 4G rollout
Samsung and Apple dominate mobile device market channel
UltraCMOS antenna switches boost performance in 4G LTE-Advanced mobile applications
Up to 600,000 base stations to be upgraded to LTE-A by 2018
Alcatel-Lucent and Qualcomm to develop next-generation small cells for ultra-broadband wireless access
Partnership brings exceptional sound quality to mobile devices
Free rigid waveguide slide rule app for mobile devices
Twisted Pair adds private call capability to its PTT application for smart devices
Filter range prevents TV interference from 4G signals
Advanced analysis and compliance test for MHL® 2.1
Lockheed Martin-built secure communications satellite for mobile users ready to launch
Ceragon deploys LTE backhaul network
Test system adds support for the latest 3GPP WCDMA release 10 standard
Mobile to drive augmented reality to USD2.5 billion worth of development in 2018
Nokia to take full control of the Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture
Indoor location applications expected to break 1 billion downloads by 2016
Smartphone demand boosts Spreadtrum guidance
GSMA serves the mobile industry witjh data and analysis platform
ZTE selects Broadcom's small cell baseband processors
Triplexer LC filter supports PMR communications between emergency services
Licensed mobile radio infrastructure and system integration amounts to $2.6 billion
Smartphone shipments reached almost 200 million in Q1 2013
Mobile devices account for 25% of total U.K. paid search
“Classic” Bluetooth or Bluetooth ‘Smart Ready’ to grow faster outside of mobile handsets
Alcatel-Lucent completes key interoperability testing of LTE for public safety applications
75 W Freescale LDMOS RF transistor for land mobile radio
ST and Ericsson agree to break up joint venture
Wireless charging could extend to devices smaller than mobile phones
Smart Wi-Fi mobile apps simplify wireless performance analysis, planning and monitoring
Design and verification IP support the new Mobile PCI Express specification
Sensor fusion hub simplfies portable designs
AT4 wireless adds OTA A-GPS testing capabilities
T-Mobile Czech Republic selects Mavenir for IMS Core and RCS-e/VoLTE
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile accelerate deployment of 4G TD-LTE across China
LTE Advanced modem claims first single RF carrier aggregation implementation
Fully adaptive Gbps class point-to-point microwave modem IP targets backhaul
Lowest-power speech recognition for mobile devices demonstrated
Mobile phone sales fell in 2012
Forecast predicts Increase to 18 million base station transceiver shipments by 2017
DSP IP core targets mobile handsets, DTV, and automotive applications
Intel says no LTE integration until 2014
Single-box arbitrary waveform generator supports HDMI and MHL sink tests
Agilent demonstartes bit error ratio tester
Anite validates first GCF TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA Inter-RAT test cases
Large-display smartphones shipments set to more than double in 2013 says iSuppli
MEMS ideal for wireless sensor nodes and smartphones
Mobile broadband presents the largest opportunity for operator revenue growth until 2016
BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles
Supercapacitors enter the realm of stretchable electronics for mobile devices
Altair chipsets to power devices in China Mobile's TD-LTE commercial trial network expansion
DC-HSUPA support comes to the Aeroflex TM500 test mobile
Sports and wellness drive mobile health device shipments past 30 million in 2012
Agilent adds wireless connectivity to clamp meters
TM500 LTE-A single UE test mobile supports 3GPP Release 10 enhancements
Ceragon expands Sub-Saharan African footprint with $28 million in wireless network deals
Mobile equipment market to achieve double digit growth this year
Global cellular machine-to-machine connections to grow to more than 325 million by 2016
China fabless firm looks West as mobile slumps
PayPass 3.0 terminal specification addresses Mobile phone payment transactions
Rapid prototyping developer kit targets the Internet of Things (IoT)
LTE RAN market nearly tripled in 3Q12 while 2G/3G crashes
Mobile drives rapid growth In Sub-Saharan Africa
Paper: Technology to better protect mobile devices
Over seven million licensed mobile radio terminals shipped in 2012
National Instruments and TU-Dresden collaborate on 5G mobile network research
LTE-Advanced test mobile supports both FDD and TDD carrier aggregation
Anritsu LMR Master™ adds APCO P25 Phase 2 testing and expanded NBFM analysis
NFC mobile payments to reach $100 billion by 2016
Consumers aggressively migrate data to cloud storage in first half of 2012
Alcatel-Lucent indroduces APIs to unlock the potential of 4G mobile networks
Smart mobile backhaul enables LTE and LTE-Advanced networks
Mobile network expenditure falls in Europe despite 4G
Service providers plan to increase customer experience management spending in 2013
Xilinx buys Estonian software house for mobile backhaul IP
Wireless SoC accelerated validation platforms for MIPI CSI-2 and DSI
Full-featured GSM/GPRS/GPS quad-band mobile platform
Axell Wireless a next generation leader in global wireless In-Building market
Mindspeed and China Mobile work together on Nanocell research
Smartphones to be majority of global cellphone shipments in 2013
Digital radio test system with colour touch-screen targets land mobile radio
Mobile speech recognition platforms to grow 68% through 2017
Mobile core gateway spending up despite gloomy infrastructure market
Tiny gyroscope targets advanced motion-sensing applications
Sensor platforms software library now supports mobile applications
Samsung acquires CSR's mobile business
Startups to merge to target mobile infrastructure and consumer ICs
Analyst: Alcatel-Lucent leads small cell space
Lenovo and China Mobile smartphone powered by ST-Ericsson
C Spire works with Alcatel-Lucent to deploy 4G LTE broadband
Mobile operators in France and the UK first to announce femtocell services
Ubiquisys demonstrates smart cells based on Intel architecture in mobile network
Ultra-slim NFC tags, stickers and labels, less than 0.6mm thick
Carrier Wi-Fi equipment market to grow to $2.2 Billion by 2017
T-Mobile deploying LTE Release 10 network without small cells, for now
Data growth to make small cells an indispensable part of LTE rollouts
IBM offers software to strengthen security of mobile devices
Radio three-chip set for basestations enables active antennas
Network innovation driven by rapid mobile data growth
Samsung Electronics acquires WLAN developer, Nanoradio
Thales and Nokia Siemens Networks to offer global LTE broadband for professional mobile radio
Dresden sets up 5G research lab
M2M software platform market to reach USD 3.85 Billion by 2017
Mindspeed and China Mobile collaborate on TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE small cells
Mobile operators face a massive increase in network cost due to mobile data explosion
Cassidian and Alcatel-Lucent bring 4G LTE mobile broadband to professional mobile radio
Latest cores from MIPS may make it relevant again
28-nm based ARM Cortex-A9 test chip tops 3 GHz
Allot Communications to Acquire Ortiva Wireless
Renesas Mobile to double operators' GSM capacity with VAMOS II
Muddy mobile graphics waters dead ahead
Google to bundle MIPS support with Android
Mobile CAPEX to grow 9% in 2012, driven by China, LTE, and small cells
Light weight 3G/4G backpack uplinking system
Chip security startup raises VC for mobile push
Efficient low-VF schottky rectifier for mobile devices
Future of mobile devices debated at FWS 2012
Mobile device segment in slow semiconductor market grows over 20% in 2011
First phone with 'hover' functionality enabled by Cypress TrueTouch controller technology
Report claims ST-Ericsson re-organisation is preparation for sale
Graphics war heating up in mobile
ST, ST-Ericsson commit to SOI, says Soitec
Mobile security market to hit $1.6bn in 2012
Smartphone to become authentication token for securing data on PCs
China drives servers to base station role
Ford outlines future mobility at Mobile World Congress
Smart LED driver produces sophisticated light effects in mobile devices
Two element wafer-level camera module claims world first
RFMD PowerSmart power platform family expanded with 3G and 4G LTE variants
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile to jointly accelerate development of lightRadio
Intel's new partnerships and processors for the mobile space
Qualcomm, HiSilicon, China drive unified LTE
LTE test mobile adds Category 5 UE emulation capability
Study reveals mobile network performance limited by handset transmitters
Elitecore mobile data offload sees growing adoption
Radio filter delivers LTE capacity gains of up to 65 per cent
Ericsson leverages standards to lead with LTE
Bluetooth low energy enabled iPhone applications for mobile health
Quad-core mobile CPU from Samsung described at ISSCC
RFIC shrinks microwave backhaul nets
Multiple chip architectures pursue the $14 billion small cell market
MIPI announces RF standards for mobiles
Infineon leads globally in security chips for NFC
Ofcom proposals to extend 4G mobile coverage to 98 percent of the UK
Android 4.0 processor for mobile internet to be released at CES 2012
Mobile cloud computing will generate 45 billion dollars revenue by 2016
HP will make WebOS open source
MOSFETs launched for power management applications in mobile devices
GenX Mobile bases 3G HSPA and CDMA vehicle tracking platforms on u-blox wireless modem technology
3G smart phone power consumption can be reduced by over 70 percent
Raytheon claims first to successfully test with on-orbit AEHF satellite
Combined SAW filter, PA and magnetic stabilizer module suits mobile phone applications
Chinese company licenses S3 IP for mobile TV
'Mobility' proposed for legacy ATSC broadcast
Global operators pledge support for SIM-based solution for mobile NFC
Mobile connections to attain six billion milestone worldwide
Huawei proposes video server standard
Canonical preps Ubuntu for mobile devcies
Sony to buy Ericsson's stake in handset JV
Smartphones, tablets drive mobile CPU growth
Small cell backhaul to shift away from copper and fiber toward wireless backhaul
SFR brings first completely free femtocell offer to Europe
Nvida ups ante with five-core mobile chip
First universal mobile payments platform goes live
Migration to digital mobile radio set to accelerate
Cloud computing offers big opportunities in Enterprise IT for wireless service providers
Dolby goes Mobile
IHS sees record growth for consumer MEMS
Deloitte: U.S. could see $53 billion in 4G network investments by 2016
Tensilica DSP core does 100 GMACs at 1 W
ARM wrestles with silicon, battery hurdles
Compact OEM GNSS modules for high-accuracy mobile positioning applications
New Ofcom report to fuel coverage competition between operators, says TE Connectivity
USB-connected analog and digital radio test set
Satellite service targets M2M
HiSilicon extends ARM licenses for 3G/4G
IPWireless launches LTE product portfolio to better meet the needs of government mobile broadband network deployments
Ten mobile vendors license chip interconnect
Complete range of LTE small cell and relay reference designs
Single-chip digital PMR baseband processor conforms to ETSI standard TS102 490
Low-power mobile applications to benefit from Imec's 3D integrated DRAM-on-logic
Mobile FPGAs from 640 to 16K logic cells on 40 nm low-power standard CMOS process
USB 3.0 come to mobile handhelds with West Bridge peripheral controllers
LG Mobile breaks through 3D barriers, highlights future of 3D technology
ST-Ericsson restructures, break-even recedes
Startup has ultrasound alternative to NFC
Mobile operators could save $560m+ in OPEX annually, according to study
Qualcomm will give Web apps a boost
Handheld analyser adds DMR test and WiMAX fixed and mobile capabilities
NGMN alliance joins 3GPP as partner
ABI Research projects 16 million mobile LTE subscribers by year’s end
Selective encryption said to cut wireless power
Group eyes mobile role for computer vision
Integrated chips fuel smartphone growth
MEMS for consumer electronics set to boom in 2011
At mobile impasse, Intel tips Atom progress
Report: Desktops slump, mobile systems rise
ST-Ericsson's Thor modem to provide industry-leading performance in new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G
Molex antenna business unit joins Danish SAFE (Smart Antenna Front End) consortium
IHS iSuppli: AT&T continues 4G spectrum grab with T-Mobile buy
Intel's mobile chief resigns
AT&T buys T-Mobile for $39 billion
DesignArt Networks delivers unified mobile backhaul paradigm
PC-based application for DMR Radio Protocol testing for the 3920 analogue and digital radio test set
Trusteer and WorkLight partner on integrated security for mobile applications
Android-operated mobile phone recharges via its own photovoltaic cells
Audi, Alacatel-Lucent demo LTE-equipped car
Qualcomm puts quad-core on LTE roadmap
IC firms roll combo chips at Mobile Congress
Mobile memory market soars
Smartphones out shipped PCs in Q4
Renesas Mobile to demonstrate end-to-end LTE at 1800 MHz with Nokia Siemens
Startup claims array camera for mobiles
Multiple cores power fifth generation of TI's OMAP
Alcatel-Lucent to obsolete base stations
Renesas Mobile makes its mark with LTE modem platform
ST-Ericsson launches components to boost mobile battery life by up to 30 percent
Global SMS traffic to reach 8.7 trillion in 2015
Apple eyes mobile payments over NFC
Khronos releases APIs for mobile TV, audio
iMovee unveils Mobeo to bring broadcast mobile TV to smartphones and tablets
Get the Digital edition of Microwave Engineering Europe
IMB accessory for iPhone and iPad relieves network congestion
Market for mobile communications gear nears quarter-trillion-dollar mark
Get your digital copy of Microwave Engineering Europe
Fourth generation analog mobile TV receiver
Dialog Semi's gambit on mobile 2D/3D chip
Cell phone chip markets and ranking
Single-chip ISDB-Tb + analogue TV receiver for Latin America mobile devices announced
UK mobile broadband network upgrade to LTE not economically viable until 2015
Trillium monitoring software brings optimization and security through real-time intelligence to mobile networks
3G network optimization solution adds new portable probe
Skyworks powers first LTE mobile handset
Samsung adopts Arteris for mobile chips
Hirschmann combines Iridium, GPS and mobile radio antenna
Renesas Electronics to spin off its mobile multimedia SoC business
IPWireless and Samsung partner on mobile broadcast
Mobile processor market to approach 4 billion units by 2014, says In-Stat
Allot Communications selects Continuous Computing to deliver better traffic management for network operators
Thin EMI filters with high ESD performance
Majority of smartphones to feature GPS, accelerometers and gyroscopes by 2013
Mobile operators enjoying a buyer’s market for RAN and core network equipment
India cell phone penetration to reach 97 percent in 2014
Ubiquisys secures $5 million funding from Asian investors
Innovative software to take the security risks out of mobile communications
MIPI® Alliance forms battery interface working group for mobile devices
Qualcomm still sees NFC as third-party IC
Analyst claims new Nokia CEO faces five challenges
Envivio encoder upgrade unifies all leading IPTV, mobile and Internet TV video formats
Turning NFC mobile phones into secure ID
280 million wireless combo chipsets to ship by the end of 2010
Offloaded mobile data will grow 100-fold by 2015 says ABI Research
Dual-mode receive/transmit internal SMD FM antenna module for embedded FM radio applications
Siano launches advanced receiver chip for Latin America's emerging Mobile TV market
Marvell and Harman bring advanced Wi-Fi to the automotive industry
AAVA Mobile uses Microwave Office to deign the first open mobile device platform
Patent pool uncertainty looms over LTE roll out
CML announces new Function Image supporting NXDN design
AFSCM and GlobalPlatform to cooperate on NFC specifications
Fujitsu, Toshiba to merge mobile phone units
WiMAX group updates mobile standard
Intel's 32-nm process ready for RF
CEVA partners with Infineon Technologies for next-generation wireless platform
CSR and Intel to collaborate on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi combination solution for PCs
Motorola teams with Innofidei and ASTRI to promote TD-LTE ecosystem
Mobile handset makers struggle with green initiatives
Telegent sees mobile TV opportunity for European operators
Qualcomm ships first dual-CPU Snapdragon chipset
Renesas joins Symbian Foundation to further innovate mobile chipsets for Symbian Platform
Mobile video processor startup raises $7.5 million
Murata ships world's smallest Bluetooth module
MicroSD to bypass embedded NFC says ABI Research
Cobham Antenna Systems awarded contract to participate in the BuNGee project
Synopsys claims industry's first MIPI DigRF v4 IP
Icera powers LG 'Turbo' USB HSPA modem
Six companies agree to jointly develop a new application platform for mobile phones
Wideband RF recorder for telematic applications
Handsets with Wi-Fi to hit 25 percent in 2102, says In-Stat
eRecyclingCorps launched to tackle mobile phone E-Waste
SATA 3-Gbps redriver for mobile and computing applications
Embedded 2G and 3G modules target mobile internet devices
Cosmoline standardizes on Dragonwave for backhaul in 4G mobile WiMAX deployment across Greece
Analysts cite five opportunities in mobile data

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