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Radios give IoT new channels June 19, 2014Radios give IoT new channels A basketful of new radios for everything from wireless charging to millimeter-wave radar are in the works for the Internet of Things, according to researchers at Imec who described their work on several of them. Read more Open FPGA design flow and real-time measurement for 5G and MIMO June 18, 2014Open FPGA design flow and real-time measurement for 5G and MIMO Agilent Technologies has announced that the EEsof EDA W1462 SystemVue FPGA Architect now supports on-board FPGA design and simulation with the company's M9703A AXIe wideband digital receiver/digitizer. Read more Low-power IQ modulator targets LTE and MIMO systems June 4, 2014Low-power IQ modulator targets LTE and MIMO systems Integrated Device Technology has introduced a IQ modulator that claims to deliver the industry’s lowest power consumption and highest linearity for today’s wireless products. Read more Next-generation wireless prototyping platform from National Instruments April 16, 2014Next-generation wireless prototyping platform from National Instruments National Instruments has announced an integrated software defined radio solution for rapidly prototyping high-performance, multichannel wireless communication systems. Read more Six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform doubles WiFi speed April 16, 2014Six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform  doubles WiFi speed Broadcom Corporation has introduced the industry's first six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform for home networks — 5G WiFi XStream, which is up to 50 percent faster than MU-MIMO routers and gateways. Read more
4x4 MIMO device testing capability for chipset and device makers
LTE physical layer saves time and money for wireless OEMs
MIMO test environment for satellite RF links
Wireless test set enables new insights into LTE-Advanced Category 6 chipsets
Multi-Band and MIMO requirements of LTE put pressure on antenna vendors
RF power LDMOS transistors support the 700 MHz to 2700 MHz band with a single device
Advanced simulation models for broadband networks
PA covers 700 MHz to 2700 MHz in a single output device
Phase shifters deliver 360-degree phase control over 2 to 4 GHz or 8 to 12 GHz
National Instruments and the University of Edinburgh to work on massive MIMO visible light comms networks
Wireless test set ready for volume production of LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac WLAN devices
CST and Optenni demonstrate MIMO antenna optimization tools
SDR module targets indoor/outdoor location, navigation and communications development
Vaunix adds attenuation profile feature to attenuators
Test platform offers all-in-one solution for testing broadcast equipment
LTE MIMO antennas for broadband and telecom applications
802.11ac Wi-Fi chipsets integrate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz power amplifiers
4 to 8 GHz phase shifter offers high phase accuracy
MIMO-ready test solution for wideband wireless devices
Taoglas 4-in-1 Cellular Antenna from Richardson
LDA digital attenuators with N-Type connectors
Optenni Lab 2.0 offers easy-to-use simultaneous multiport matching
Power meter for EMC testing of wireless links according to the latest ETSI directive
Tunable co-located LTE MIMO antenna provides 9 frequency bands
Multimode RF transceiver enables deployment of HetNet small cell base stations
Floating point added to multicore DSP platform for MIMO support
SystemVue software release accelerates MIMO radar and wireless design
Forecast predicts Increase to 18 million base station transceiver shipments by 2017
Protocol tester adds test scenarios for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation
LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis solutions
MIMO wireless channel emulation logic subsystem
MIMO channel emulators offer improved support for multi-link networks and geometric modeling
Ultra-wideband antenna system supports current, future wireless technologies
Ubidyne announces first call over fully digital DAS
Wi-Fi 802.11ac silicon IP targets mobile appliances
Modular WLAN 802.11ac test system covers 160 MHz bandwidth up to 6 GHz
X-Series signal analyzers feature software release for emerging 802.11ac WLAN standard
Software defined radio module used in leading 5G wireless research
National Instruments and TU-Dresden collaborate on 5G mobile network research
Multi-beam hub base station antenna for ultra fast MIMO
Agilent Technologies and CATR (TMC) to collaborate on TD-LTE MIMO
Breakthrough methodology accelerates large-scale active antenna calibration and testing
Altair LTE chip pre-certified by Verizon
LTE test-UE availble for infrastructure a 400 MHz
Global LTE antenna reference design for smartphones supports MIMO
Combination chip and display dongle accelerate WiFi adoption
T-Mobile deploying LTE Release 10 network without small cells, for now
Radio three-chip set for basestations enables active antennas
Dresden sets up 5G research lab
Four-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS ADC offers high dynamic performance
Report: Envelope tracking, MMPAs, CMOS PAs, antenna tuning, and MIMO to change handset RF design
MIMO channel emulator delivers real world test capability for MU-MIMO, InterRAT and Carrier Aggregation
Simultaneous dual-band 2.4 GHz 802.11n/BT4.0 and 5 GHz MIMO 802.11ac chip
SORBAS LTE Test-UE adds 3.5 GHz support
Wide bandwidth MIMO PXI vector signal analyzer targets wireless chipset design and verification
Indoor 2-port LTE MIMO antenna features dual radiating elements
LTE test mobile adds Category 5 UE emulation capability
Deltenna and Octasic demonstrate a tiny UMTS and LTE-ready small cell
Broadcom brings 802.11ac to enterprise space
SiGe technology platform for 4G RF front-end modules
Redpine completes low power Gbit/s Wi-Fi design
Four-channel arbitrary waveform vector signal generator simplifies testing of multi-receiver systems
IEEE 802.11n industrial wireless access points deliver higher bandwidth
AWS MIMO support for indoor DAS
Samsung partners with Quantenna on MIMO
Agilent claims industry's first 160-MHz signal analyzer for wide bandwidth signal analysis
LTE to challenge test equipment vendors
Tensilica DSP core does 100 GMACs at 1 W
PXI RF vector signal analyser extends test performance to 14 GHz
Qualcomm backs embedded MEMS firm
Redpine rolls flexible Wi-Fi chip set
Startup upgrades 4x4 Wi-Fi chips
High linearity dual downconverting mixers reduce power consumption for 4G MIMO receivers
EB upgrades LTE testing solution with enhanced MIMO and beamforming features
Software option enables testing of high-speed HSPA+ wireless devices using simultaneous 64QAM and MIMO
New compression and encryption IP cores support the LatticeECP3 FPGA family
One-box channel emulator reduces complexity of MIMO testing
Low-power 40-nm LTE Advanced baseband SoC delivers multi-sector performance
Freescale basestation DSP tops TI's
TI to put floating point in every DSP core
802.11n 4x4 Wi-Fi solution claimed to be world first
First public access femtocell chip announced by picoChip
Wireless LAN chips feature advanced beam-forming for best-in-class reach
IPWireless and Altair Semiconductor partner to develop first multi-band, multi-mode LTE modem
Lattice and Affarii Technologies offer complete remote radio head hardware solution
Mid- and high-power WiFi power amplifiers target 802.11n access points, routers and gateways
IP66 rated antennas for hostile and exposed environments
4G-WiMAX platform on chip
SystemVue now links C++ code generation and X-parameters for RF-DSP co-design

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