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Inertial, pedestrian navigation IC complements GPS January 15, 2016Inertial, pedestrian navigation IC complements GPS PNI Sensor has announced SENtrace, the first coprocessor for wearables providing accurate and ultra-low power pedestrian tracking indoors, as well as in urban canyons - this is good news especially near tall buildings and especially in large cities like NY city where I have much personal experience with this phenomenon; so, anywhere that the global positioning systems (GPS) signal goes missing or is inadequate. Read more GoerTek and Intel invest in force-sensor startup December 22, 2015GoerTek and Intel invest in force-sensor startup NextInput Inc. (San Jose, CA) has completed an $8.0 million Series A funding round led by Sierra Ventures and corporate strategic investors Intel and GoerTek. Read more Printing MEMS devices at 100x less cost December 22, 2015Printing MEMS devices at 100x less cost Manufacturing MEMS has traditionally required sophisticated semiconductor fabrication facilities, which cost tens of millions of dollars to build. Potentially useful MEMS have languished in development because they don't have markets large enough to justify the initial capital investment in production. Read more Lattice platform target wearable device development December 2, 2015Lattice platform target wearable device development Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has announced a development platform for use in designing low-power wearable devices for consumers. Based on the iCE40 Ultra™ FPGA, the platform features a large number of sensors and peripherals, making it a compelling platform for the design of a wide array of wearable devices. Read more Roadmap outline set for debut at TSensors Summit November 27, 2015Roadmap outline set for debut at TSensors Summit The MEMS and Sensors Industry Group has announced that it will release the outline of the TSensors (Trillion Sensors) Roadmap on December 9 at the 2015 TSensors Summit, being held in Celebration, Florida. Read more
MEMS design platform updated for IoT
Airbus gives Tronics an RF MEMS boost
SMT MEMS angular acceleration sensor claims to be smallest
RF MEMS tuner designed into LTE phones
Report syas Google buys MEMS sensor startup
New MEMS approaches are required for IoT
Evaluation platform for MEMS and environmental sensors
Dual antenna GPS-aided inertial navigation system
MEMS acceleration sensor targets eCall and navigation
SP12T RF MEMS switch to be demonstrated
Piezoelectricity in a 2-D semiconductor holds promise for future MEMS
BMW to show automated valet parking without GPS at CES
Gyroscope boasts accuracy that beats MEMS
Murata turns to the Internet of Things
Single-axis BAW MEMS gyroscope
I3C sensor interface embraces mobile
Automotive-qualified 6-axis inertial measurement unit for navigation and telematics
Market for sensors in handheld computers to triple
Tiny eCompass with soft gyro features for smart devices
ST claims 5 billion MEMS sensors shipped
Trillion Sensor Summit looks at the future of the IoT
Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT
MEMS to follow in the footsteps of logic
MEMS sensors market driven by IoT and wearable devices
Single-chip balun integrated into sensor-enabled RF modules
Mobile market MEMS hits 14% CAGR
RF MEMS switch startup raises $7m to come to market
Fairchild enters fabless MEMS market for mobile, IoT and wearable devices
Startup uses ultrasound for low energy gesture recognition
Metal process improves MEMS RF switches
Sondrel aids Chinese start-up QST with chip for mobile devices
Bosch sets up 'strategic' company to support internet of things and services
Intel ends 2013 with an industry leading 22nm mobile apps processor
Bosch highlights MEMS sensors at CES
World's smallest FM radio transmitter made from graphene
Smartphones, tablets boost China MEMS market
Singapore, Abu Dhabi to develop MEMS together
MEMS oscillator targets industrial and military applications
WiSpry offers tunable triple-cap for LTE antennas
ST wins application in Pebble Smart Watch
Silicon Designs expands MEMS fabrication facility
Micrel acquires Discera to expands clock and timing products and MEMS capabilities
Single die MEMS oscillator hits the mainstream
Piezo-MEMS vibration energy harvesters enable live wireless sensor network
Top spot in MEMS market goes to jointly to Bosch and ST
MEMS-based micro mirror laser projector can be integrated into cell phones
Movea brings its motion control technology for mobile and interactive TV to China, Taiwan and Japan
MEMS market driven by automotive and wireless
Smart watches will leverage smartphones adoption to flourish in 2013
MEMS oscillators boast 100 fs typical phase jitter
MEMS microphone market grows fivefold from 2009 to 2012
RF MEMS startup gains funds
MEMS ideal for wireless sensor nodes and smartphones
Wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking kit
Bosch shrinks MEMS altimeters
Xsens partners with STMicroelectronics to demonstrate wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking
Top and bottom port silicon MEMS microphones with matching frequency responses
Tiny gyroscope targets advanced motion-sensing applications
Smartphone projector display ready for market
Small multi-sensor MEMS module with programmable motion-recognition
X-FAB MEMS facility offers in-house gold processing and post-CMOS processing
GPS/GNSS IC market to reach 1.8 billion shipments by 2016
MEMS accelerometer enables battery life expectancy of years or decades
InvenSense opens up process to enable fabless MEMS
Nordic takes aim on step up to the WSN platform
Piezoelectric MEMS oscillators focus on high-performance applications
Baolab to create low cost, smart, reconfigurable Inertial Measurement Units
MEMS packaging market to reach USD2.3B by 2016
Mobile device segment in slow semiconductor market grows over 20% in 2011
Akustica develops two-chip analog MEMS microphone
Motion processing sensor agnostic IP cores for mobile devices
Single-ended multi-output PLL clock generators based on pMEMS technology
Wireless implantable MEMS sensor powered by music
Fabless firm offers MEMS optical IC platform
Baolab buries MEMS into CMOS production line
High-precision MEMS frequency synthesizer competes directly with quartz
MEMS chip enables battery-free sensors
UCB reports printed MEMS switches
MEMS transistor integrated on CMOS
ESA on path to reliable MEMS in space
Leading European institutes develop new methods for packaging and testing for MEMS used in space
Motion algorithms lift MEMS-based remotes
IHS sees record growth for consumer MEMS
Technology in motion targets TVs and media devices
MEMS expands into 3D earth magnetic field sensors
Maxim takes over MEMS expert SensorDynamics
Major improvement in 200 mm RF MEMS switch manufacturing process
MEMS 10 times better than crystal VCTCXO and TCXO
Qualtre gains $10M in funding with demonstration of first silicon MEMS BAW gyroscope
Baolab's NanoEMS technology delivers ultra-low cost 3D digital MEMS compasses in CMOS
Qualcomm backs embedded MEMS firm
MEMS-based programmable oscillators features 600-fs of phase jitter
GSA to work with MEMS Industry Group
VCMOs set new benchmarks with jitters of less than 1-ps
MEMS sensor delivers ten degrees of freedom
MEMS microphones enhance audio experience in mobile phones
MEMS for consumer electronics set to boom in 2011
STMicroelectronics partners bTendo to develop the world's smallest pico projector for smart phones
TriQuint cracks top 10 among MEMs vendors
Imec and Coventor combine expertise in IC and MEMS design and manufacturing
MEMS market enters new growth cycle as iPhone 4 spurs demand
MEMS-based tracking tags will survive and function in extreme temps and gamma irradiation
IPhone 4 boosts MEMS microphone shipments
SiTime unveils world's first MEMS resonator for real time clock and time-keeping applications
MEMS oscillator reduces lead-time across 1 MHz to 800 MHz frequency range
Cell phone chip markets and ranking
Omron crafts MEMS for mobile
Silicon Laboratories acquires ChipSensors
IEDM to feature 3-D chips, carbon nanotubes, FinFETs
GSA kicks off 3-D chip, MEMS work
Radio frequency MEMS to rescue smartphones from antenna problems
Tunable filters based on RF MEMS for mobile phones to raise performance bar
MEMS sales rising to $1.5 billion in 2010
MEMS market projected to hit double-digit growth, again
MSC Vertriebs offers world's highest performance programmable oscillator
Wolfson moves forward with a new family of digital MEMS microphones
Medical contact lens embedds wireless MEMs sensor
MEMS microphones with a digital interface claim to be world's smallest

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