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Microwave Engineering Europe latest issue

The July/August issue of  Microwave Engineering Europe is now available
- Solid state RF to revolutionize cooking and catering
- Makin hackers obsolete
- WiFi can be used to count people in a designated space
- 5G - Power Amplifiers : a 28GHz, 4-channel phase adjustable power amplifer IC for 5G front-ends
- MIMO-Antennas : coherency and synchronization in MIMO systems - more than just a phrase
- 60G millimeter-wave backhaul link is poised to boost cellular capacity
- Product : precision VNA cable assembliers to 65 GHz - Flexible dual mode Bluetooth module

                                                                                     also available in PDF format here

If you haven't received a copy, you can access all its content by flicking through the
Digital Edition - also available in PDF format here 
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