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ITRI and Anritsu implement LTE WLAN offload test environment February 3, 2016ITRI and Anritsu implement LTE WLAN offload test environment Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Anritsu Corporation are collaborating on Taiwan’s WLAN Offload field implementation using the Anritsu MD8475A Signalling Tester. Read more Network test family adds LTE-LAA support for 3GPP Release 13 February 2, 2016Network test family adds LTE-LAA support for 3GPP Release 13 Cobham Wireless has announced that the industry-standard TM500 network test family can now validate all the main features of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) up to and including Release 12 of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specification. The system has also added support for carrier aggregation with unlicensed frequency bands as used for LTE Licence Assisted Access (LAA), a major feature of 3GPP Release 13. Read more Rohde & Schwarz to showcase LTE-Advanced to IoT and 5G at MWC 2016 February 1, 2016Rohde & Schwarz to showcase LTE-Advanced to IoT and 5G at MWC 2016 At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Rohde & Schwarz will again showcase its innovations for device and infrastructure testing. Further, the company's subsidiary SwissQual will present the latest developments in mobile network testing and also present cybersecurity solutions. Read more PXI open radio test reference covers analog to LTE January 28, 2016PXI open radio test reference covers analog to LTE Keysight Technologies has launched what the company claims to be industry's first PXI open radio test reference solution and a radio test audio library for military and public safety radios. Read more Anritsu to focus on 5G and future connectivity at Mobile World Congress 2016 January 27, 2016Anritsu to focus on 5G and future connectivity at Mobile World Congress 2016 Anritsu will be demonstrating a range of key product and technologies in its test and measurement offering that support the latest 3GPP and IoT technology developments and network deployments at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona. Read more
Full suite of high-performance passive DAS products
Test software supports manufacturing of IoT and M2M devices
Comba Telecom a top-three global tier one leader in base station antennas
3GPP Release 13 adds support for Metropolitan Beacon System for indoor positioning
JUPITER™ satellite backhaul validated for 3G and LTE mobile services
Analyst sees IoT markets maturing in 2016
Cobham Wireless partners with Vodafone and Telefónica to deploy intelligent digital DAS
Cost-optimized Snapdragon X5 LTE modem for mobile broadband and IoT
In-building wireless market to see double digit growth
Spirent acquires Epitiro for Wi-Fi experience monitoring
Qualcomm and Haier sign 3G/4G patent agreement
Apple pays to settle with Ericsson
VoLTE market to double by 2019
Valeo buys Peiker Acoustic for telematics know-how
All-in-one 2G/3G/4G front-end
Mobile and wireless backhaul market to grow rapidly
LTE and HetNets require self-organizing network testing and monitoring
Verizon claims availability of first Cat1 LTE network features for IoT
Surface mount antenna for LTE, cellular and MIMO systems
Low power DSPs address multimode connectivity requirements of IoT and M2M
Toshiba unveils SOI process, targets RF switches in smartphones
Functional tester supports M2M/IoT integration
Handheld spectrum analyzer targets lab and field use
Anritsu provides LTE-A 3CA support to North American carriers
Breakthrough enables operators to deploy indoor/outdoor cellular as easily as Wi-Fi
EMF measurement system adds isotropic antennas
Anite channel emulator selected by CETECOM for MIMO OTA testing
Carrier neutral secure cellular service rolls out
Altair powers MiFi M100 4G LTE personal hotspot from Novatel Wireless
Qualcomm introduces first Wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi System-on-Chip
BAW coexistence filter supports WiFi / LTE
VoIP technology adds VoLTE capability
Reserchers devise navigation service for older people
50-V plastic GaN HEMTs for LTE and radar applications
Satellite and Wi-Fi combine to deliver cost-effective broadband up to 100 Mbps in rural areas
New RF filter technology aims to optimise LTE devices
LTE drives European Aviation Network
Nemo tests and verifies LTE-A networks with carrier aggregation to Category 9
Mobile operators must have Wi-Fi Calling
Nokia Networks drives mission-critical LTE for public safety
Smartphone boasts WiGig 60-GHz configuration
University of Surrey officially opens 5G Innovation Centre
Apple latest products run on new mobile processors
Anite agrees to license Nokia OSS interfaces
LTE/cellular octa-band embedded antenna for M2M and IoT
Desktop analytics enables geo-located call trace analysis of WCDMA and LTE networks
150 Mbps 4G LTE and WCDMA module with multi-carrier support
Integrated fader for LTE-Advanced supports 4x4 and 8x2 MIMO
Romteck Australia and u-blox collaborate on remote monitoring systems
Quad-Core 64-bit R10 LTE carrier aggregation SoC platform
Unit shipments of 4G smartphones doubles in a year
Qualcomm adds xDSL and networking technology with Ikanos acquisition
28nm chips from SMIC power mainstream smartphones
Variable gain tower mounted amplifiers for low- and high-band applications
Juniper estimates 5G service revenues at over $65Bn by 2025
Emergency services and public safety LTE to grow rapidly
CommAgility to provide LTE Release 10 software for the TI TCI6630K2L processor
Survey reveals consumer expectations for mobile services and IoT
Ceragon brings 4G service platform to Asia Pacific
Signal generation software tools adds LTE, LTE-Advanced capabilities
MediaTek sees LTE baseband grow
Network test system supports 256 QAM with carrier aggregation
Report sees LTE-U small cell market worth $2 billion by 2020
LTE 4G modem targets low-power IoT, wearable devices
Mobile data traffic growth in Q1 mainly from emerging markets
Radio network planning software adds support for LTE-A, VoLTE and small cells
Variable attenuators cover 1.45 to 5.0 GHz
TM500 WCDMA network test system expanded to 24 cells
RF MEMS tuner designed into LTE phones
LTE subscriber base to hit 1.4 billion by year-end
Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates LTE-Advanced performance on Snapdragon LTE modems
Spark New Zealand chooses virtualised VoLTE from OpenCloud
Rohde & Schwarz shows test equipment for networked cars
New MEMS approaches are required for IoT
Opel Astra aims to deliver high-end connectivity for the masses
Radio communication analyzer supports LTE-Advanced testing
Huawei enables high quality campus wireless access
Report: carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks to drive covergence, IoT and 5G
Vaunix shows programmable attenuators, signal generators and switches at IMS2015
Low noise gain blocks feature industry-leading linearity
4G growth pushes global smartphone sales to a new record
IoT feels Samsung's Artik breeze
SystemVue gets 5G design library and MATLAB script modeling
Duplexers and diplexers for all major LTE bands and small cell power levels
Self-organizing network gets VoLTE capability
Advances in test equipment capabilities to centre around LTE and M2M
In-building wireless market to double
Chinese researchers highlight promising technology for 5G
Mobile phone shipments hit 445 million in first quarter 2015
Real-time spectrum analyzers cover 8/18/27 GHz
Small 4G LTE module supports 150 Mbps in Band 28
Tiny digital STB tuner ICs
Anite and CTTL-Terminals to accelerate LTE and LTE-Advanced MIMO OTA testing
Integrated home gateway network processor delivers carrier class connectivity
Nanoscale IC technology may double radio frequency data capacity
Industrial LTE router with features high levels of security
VSG creates signals to 40 GHz for complex multichannel and 5G applications
AT4 wireless expands LTE Advanced global testing
Test system for eMBMS applications
4G tactical mobile network targets public safety and government
Processor breaks 100 Gbps IPsec throughput barrier
VoLTE-capable iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones slash 3G minutes
Gigabit modem IP targets mmWave communication
Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles
Test setup for four component carrier aggregation
Apple and Ericsson fight over LTE patents as IEEE looks to change wireless IP rules
Next generation Snapdragon processors target smartphones with advanced LTE
Small cell designed for deployment on lamp posts
High linearity, active bias ultra low noise amplifier
Digital baseband unit and radio frequency platform provide path to NFV and 5G
TDD/FDD LTE bands for mixed carrier aggregation verified
Keysight to demonstrate LTE-A functionality of latest UXM wireless test set
5G: looking for the next generation wireless infrastructure
Compact LTE metro cells add flexibility in delivering ultra-broadband mobile access
Next-Generation Wi-Fi calling supports policy decisions and non-SIM devices
Anite and Chinese laboratory collaborate on TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced testing
Qualcomm settles monopoly charges with Chinese regulator, fined $975 million
SP12T RF MEMS switch to be demonstrated
LTE and LTE-Advanced infrastructure a $33 billion opportunity
Connected car to demo diagnostics M2M communication on LTE network simulator
Intel aims at connected home with Lantiq acquisition
USA cashes in on spectrum auction
Bluetooth/WLAN module for automotive applications
Miniaturized low-pass filter for LTE
Bias-T devices for powering and protecting LTE installations
Free e-learning course for mobile device engineers
5G research and trial investments to hit $5 billion by 2020
Self-organizing network market in rapid growth phase
IF receiver IC delivers 385 MHz bandwidth
Anritsu to provide automated smartphone testing for Samsung
CAT-4 150 Mbps LTE chipset from Altair achieves Verizon certification
2x2 MIMO 4G LTE antennas target transportation and M2M applications
Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 adds Category 9 Carrier Aggregation
Range of timing products target 4G LTE and small cells
Full protocol stack data rates for LTE Category 9 demonstrated
Alliances prepare the path for 5G standardisation
The battle for the future and viability of 5G is in R&D
Low-jitter 1.25-GSPS clock IC
Millimeter wave technology to drive small cell backhaul market
Software-defined networking investigated for super fast end-to-end 5G
Huawei looks towards 5G with industry partners
LTE mPCIe module from uBlox certified for high-speed M2M applications
First GCF-approved WI-164 eMBMS performance test case
Skyworks ramps diversity receive modules for LTE smartphones
ET market to grow to 4 billion units by 2018
Utilities keen to own cellular networks
20-dB gain broadband differential amplifier with high linearity
Network testing via smartphone
National Instruments joins CROWD for 5G wireless networks research
Wireless testing providers need to offer end-to-end products for a heterogeneous market
USB and LAN power sensors feature wide dynamic range for radar and satellite testing
ARM extends into IoT software
Cellular baseband revenue jumps 17 percent in Q2 2014
LTE successfully tested in V2X scenario
Mobile broadband operators scramble for VoLTE
Qualcomm claims mobile industry's first LTE broadcast SDK
Wireless test set expands functional test capabilities
Terminal demonstrates in-flight network switching across commercial Ku- and Ka-band satellite networks
LTE data communication module targets automotive applications
Alcatel-Lucent pushes small cells for the office and home
Carrier-agile M2M routers with Gobi 4G LTE technology claim world first
Network tester adds WLAN 802.11ac support
Rohde & Schwarz provides RF test expertise to Broadcom
Multi-service radio operates in the 6 to 42 GHz spectrum bands
Small cell market to hit $4.8 billion in five years
MIMO antennae offer LTE connectivity in cars
Murata to acquire Peregrine Semiconductor
Mobile Internet will continue to drive mobile revenues
Wireless router certified for railway applications
Next generation multimode LTE modem enters mass production
Rugged VPX module provides DSPs and FPGA for software radio, imaging or radar
2014 sees gains in LTE-Advanced network deployments
Signal generation tools for Wi-SUN and LTE/LTE-Advanced
Dual-band SAW filter module
Multi-purpose LTE wireless core networking testing tool
BAW duplexer serves band 25
Unique LTE RAN and EPC on single chip for portable applications
Carrier Aggregation is a significant part of the LTE-A market
AMC format card targets wireless front-ends with Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA
CEM enables efficient analysis of Quality of End-User Experience in wireless networks
RADCOM wins LTE deal with MaveriQ Momentum
ADC pushes the boundaries for software defined radio
Low-power IQ modulator targets LTE and MIMO systems
LTE the best technology for V2X
Wi-Fi hotspots to grow in bid to offload traffic
Troubleshooting tools for wireless network operators
3-component-carriers capability added to LTE-A test systems
Anritsu adds GCF approved test cases to lead global roll-out of LTE-Advanced
OCXO delivers ±5 ppb stability in a 14 x 9 mm package
20 dB gain block cover 20 MHz to 2 GHz
4x4 MIMO device testing capability for chipset and device makers
Small cell base station processors add complete TD-LTE support
LTE physical layer saves time and money for wireless OEMs
GPS advanced OCXO module for LTE and 4G base stations
Flexible telematics box addresses the 'Connected car'
2-W amplifier delivers over 40 dB of gain from 1500 to 2700 MHz
Passive network probe for LTE networks
LTE module tester offers 80 MHz bandwith for RF ICs
Antenna tunes to all mobile bands
Alcatel Lucent and Intel to focus on cloud and IoT
LTE SOC to drive 64-bit mobile computing
Wideband radio tester takes on VoLTE and LTE-A
LTE protocol stack to target small cell relay nodes backhaul
Packet microwave 70/80 GHz radio cuts spectrum costs
Envelope tracking for RF transceivers from 2 to 8 W
DIDO pCell radio re-invents wireless — brings 'mobile fiber' to users
256 QAM 80 GHz small cell backhaul modem IP
China Mobile and CSS deploy first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul system
Five key challenges to improving LTE network backhaul speed - and how to solve them
Peregrine Semiconductor claims industry’s first reconfigurable RF front-end system
Single-box LTE-A base station tester
Swiss breakthrough in polymers could lead to bendable tablets, smartphones
Active downconverting mixer covers all cellular bands from 450 MHz to 3.6 GHz
LTE host test platform for Release 11 conformance
Wireless test set enables new insights into LTE-Advanced Category 6 chipsets
Multi-Band and MIMO requirements of LTE put pressure on antenna vendors
First LTE protocol stack to target M2M and special applications
CommAgility upgrades AMC for 4G and LTE with latest Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA
Low profile diplexers for WiFi, WiMax, 3G, 4G LTE and GPS applications
LTE category 4 modules with 3G, 2G fallback
AT4 wireless selects Anite's SAS interoperability and performance test system
IMS deployments rise as LTE operators ramp for VoLTE
China Mobile to offer Apple iPhone on its 4G and 3G networks
Tektronix Communications completes acquisition of Newfield Wireless
DragonWave, MADA Kuwait announce backhaul supplier agreement
VoIP market to get a boost from LTE/4G rollout
Wireless packet core revenue up over 17 percent
Study predicts one billion LTE connections by 2017
LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation chipset verified
Phase shifters deliver 360-degree phase control over 2 to 4 GHz or 8 to 12 GHz
Multimode femtocell shipments to increase by 350% in 2014
Mobile Infrastructure CAPEX to peak in North America
WiSpry offers tunable triple-cap for LTE antennas
Conformance toolset supports all immediate TD-LTE requirements as set out by GCF
More options for small cell network deployments with Dragonwave 60 GHz technology
NEC picks Altera's 28 nm FPGAs to compete in LTE basestation market
Wireless test set ready for volume production of LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac WLAN devices
Anritsu gains standards body approval for LTE Advanced protocol conformance test cases
Peregrine introduces UltraCMOS® 10 technology to solve challenges of RF front-end Integration
Alcatel-Lucent expands Ultra-Broadband Access to add speed and extra coverage to IP networks
Mobile core network equipment rebounds, expected to reach $20B in 2013
Residential gateway combines xDSL and LTE for 200 Mbps throughput
With Qualcomm’s 63% revenue share in the cellular baseband market limits second sources
LTE to be deployed worldwide by 2018
GPS positioning module delivers sub-meter accuracy
Anite streamlines LTE-Advanced device testing
UltraCMOS® antenna switch drives RF performance in Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A smartphone
Nujira selects ASE as packaging and test partner for handset Envelope Tracking chip
Alcatel-Lucent to supply ultra-broadband 4G LTE to Telefonica in Spain
Anite takes the lead with LTE-A CA test case validations at PTCRB
LTE software developer mimoOn closes series B investment round
Downconverting mixer delivers 2.4 dB conversion gain and +36 dBm IIP3
Microwave transmission revenue grew 13 percent in Q2 2013
Richardson RFPD introduces two UltraCMOS® SP5T RF switches from Peregrine
Base station tester provides all-in-one tool for field measurements
4G envelope tracking PA claims world record with 40 MHz bandwidth
Richardson RFPD introduces two low noise amplifiers from Wavelex
China Mobile extends TD-LTE deployment through 2014
Vaunix adds attenuation profile feature to attenuators
First 3.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz eLTE broadband access network addresses limited spectrum resources
Hybrid indoor location technology to dominate smartphone market
Entrust and Radio IP Integration secures connection across wired and wireless IP networks
Navigation antenna now Includes 5 GHz Wi-Fi
ZTE licenses CEVA-XC DSP for LTE TDD/FDD base station and network infrastructure
Cree ships more than two million GaN HEMT devices for telecom infrastructure
Silicon TV tuners offer high performance, integration and low system cost
Cloud-based wireless ECG achieves CE certification
Anite brings eICIC testing capability to LTE-Advanced
UltraCMOS antenna switches boost performance in 4G LTE-Advanced mobile applications
Swiss-based u‑blox opens LTE RF design center in Ireland
ST-Ericsson completes restructuring and employee transfer
Up to 600,000 base stations to be upgraded to LTE-A by 2018
Rack-mount spectrum analyser with software package for enhanced satcom system monitoring
Massive crowdfunding project looks to develop Linux phone
Ubitus and China Telecom to bring cloud gaming to 4G LTE
Filter range prevents TV interference from 4G signals
Ceragon deploys LTE backhaul network
Soitec's RF SOI wafers now mainstream for producing smartphone switches
Network synchronization system on a chip
Nujira extends foundry partnership with TowerJazz for volume production of envelope tracking IC
First 4G LTE network deployed in West and Central Africa
4G LTE router ideal for M2M data applications
Nokia to take full control of the Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture
High isolation SP4T absorptive switch with decoder
Low-noise timing chipset targets cellular infrastructure
10GE service aggregator for mobile backhaul and Ethernet business services
Anritsu receives PTCRB approval for its RF conformance test system
DISH and nTelos launch fixed wireless broadband pilot
Small cell RF front-end amplifiers and filters
Imec and Renesas Electronics claim first multi-standard RF receiver in 28 nm CMOS
Vehicle-to-vehicle communications adoption to reach 70% in 2027
4G/LTE backhaul in a single box
Envelope Tracking modulator for mobile handsets enters volume production
Antenna and device makers to benefit from LTE RF issues
LTE MIMO antennas for broadband and telecom applications
Microwave transmission equipment sales rise 33 percent in North America
5G WiFi combo chips target entry level market
4 to 8 GHz phase shifter offers high phase accuracy
Measurement system for HD voice and voice over LTE
Taoglas 4-in-1 Cellular Antenna from Richardson
Verizon finds small cells to be a valuable addition to 4G LTE networks
LTX-Credence testers aid Nujira in volume production of Coolteq.L envelope tracking ICs
High-performance silicon tuner for worldwide terrestrial and cable TV
Qucell integrates Symmetricom SoftClock into 4G/LTE small cells
LDA digital attenuators with N-Type connectors
Operator service revenues over the next five years to top $1 trillion
7Layers selects Anite to enhance LTE device testing
Embedded modules deliver mobile broadband connectivity
SiGe transceivers for mm-wave wireless backhaul
Factory-assembled tower tops offer new approach to building wireless networks
Celcite adds LTE support to location-aware optimisation platform COPS-Geo
CanvasM Technologies selects Anite for wireless device testing
Rack-mount spectrum analyser with real-time streaming of I/Q data
Vehicle to vehicle communications to reach 62% by 2027
Alcatel-Lucent completes key interoperability testing of LTE for public safety applications
Samsung Galaxy S4 carries $236 bill of materials
Perfect storm forces European St-Ericsson chip JV break-up
ST and Ericsson agree to break up joint venture
Fully integrated all-outdoor, sub-6 GHz, LTE-ready, microwave system targets rural/private networks
TTP teams with Freescale for white space broadband basestation
Datang Telecom and Conemtech win major contract for time and frequency synchronization of next generation mobile network
T-Mobile Czech Republic selects Mavenir for IMS Core and RCS-e/VoLTE
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile accelerate deployment of 4G TD-LTE across China
Base station-on-chip enables innovative white space broadband
Vector signal generator offers cost-efficient generation and analysis of WLAN IEEE 802.11ac signals up to 160 MHz
Tunable co-located LTE MIMO antenna provides 9 frequency bands
LTE and HSPA+ data cards deliver up to 100 Mpbs speeds
Digital radio test set adds support for LTE-A carrier aggregation
LTE Advanced modem claims first single RF carrier aggregation implementation
ST-Ericsson brings PC speeds to mobile devices with first 3 GHz smartphone prototype
Network processor boasts 16 ARM cores for mobile network infrastructure applications
Advanced LTE small cell software supports latest wireless SoC from TI
Multimode RF transceiver enables deployment of HetNet small cell base stations
Floating point added to multicore DSP platform for MIMO support
CommAgility DSP and RF modules chosen by Hermon Laboratories for LTE handset test
Radisys and Mavenir partner on VoLTE
Wireless packet core revenues to exceed $6 billion in 2017
32-bit processor tackles 4G/LTE SIM market
Airspan and Radisys deliver first LTE-Advanced small cell solution
Antenna system boosts wireless network site capacity
Millimeter-wave 4G / LTE backhaul for mobile telecoms applications
Protocol tester adds test scenarios for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation
Smartphone combines LCD and e-paper displays
Intel says no LTE integration until 2014
Aeroflex announces TDD-FDD handover using an LTE capacity test system
UK 4G wireless spectrum auction critical in determining winners
Anite validates first GCF TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA Inter-RAT test cases
Handheld spectrum and interference analyzer
Global LTE subscribers set to more than double in 2013
Franklin Wireless selects Altair's Verizon wireless certified chipset to power LTE-enabled devices
Audi unveils in-car 4G LTE wireless broadband at CES 2013
LTE modem and application processor platform claims to be fastest and coolest
Nvidia launches 'Wayne' processor with LTE
LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis solutions
103 million estimated 4G LTE mobile devices shipped in 2012
MIMO wireless channel emulation logic subsystem
MIMO channel emulators offer improved support for multi-link networks and geometric modeling
Wi-Fi offload may be the answer to mobile broadband demand
Volvo, Ericsson jointly connect cars to the cloud
BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles
Ultra-wideband antenna system supports current, future wireless technologies
Ubidyne announces first call over fully digital DAS
Telematics module, touch panel aim at better driving safety
Altair chipsets to power devices in China Mobile's TD-LTE commercial trial network expansion
Absorptive high-isolation SPDT switch
Broadcom sees rising 20 nm costs amid handset push
ST-Ericsson vows to keep working on turnaround
Test unit enables the verification and optimization of wireless networks
Evolved packet core revenues double year-over-year in 3Q12
TM500 LTE-A single UE test mobile supports 3GPP Release 10 enhancements
Small-cell wireless infrastructure power amplifier
Mobile equipment market to achieve double digit growth this year
Software suite simplifies modulation analysis of multi-carrier signals within LTE-Advanced waveforms
4G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet limits pushed at ISSCC
Samsung drops Qualcomm for own chipset in Galaxy SIII E210s
LTE RAN market nearly tripled in 3Q12 while 2G/3G crashes
Mobile drives rapid growth In Sub-Saharan Africa
Xilinx to add DSP cores to Zynq at 20 nm
Aeroflex Introduces traffic scenarios for testing LTE services
Soitec increased production of bonded SOS wafers to meet Peregrine Semiconductor demand
More smartphones connect to Wi-Fi hotspots than laptops
IQ modulators feature highest dynamic range
Mindspeed processors power small cell demonstrations at 4G World and ARM TechCon
Remote radio head test solution adds 3 GHz support
GCT Semiconductor LTE single-chip powers commercial LTE M2M module for LGU+
One-chip synchronization system for all telecom timing standards
First comprehensive test system to validate and optimise LTE performance
LTE-Advanced test mobile supports both FDD and TDD carrier aggregation
Anritsu LMR Master™ adds APCO P25 Phase 2 testing and expanded NBFM analysis
Anritsu chosen by UL for commercial LTE test facility
Remote radio heads to close in on $1B in 2012
LSI and 6WIND to accelerate mobile infrastructure and datacenter network performance
Alcatel-Lucent indroduces APIs to unlock the potential of 4G mobile networks
Modular gateway architecture supports widest range of standards
Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking chip for smartphones
Smart mobile backhaul enables LTE and LTE-Advanced networks
EXFO partners with Artiza Networks to offer wrap-around testing of LTE eNodeBs
Call for consensus on small cell base stations
4G intellectual property royalties set to quadruple over the next five years
Celcite demonstrates LTE optimisation techniques
Buck-boost converter cuts power in half for 3G, 4G LTE power amplifiers
iPhone 5 has a bill of materials of $199.00
Xilinx buys Estonian software house for mobile backhaul IP
Agilent Technologies and CATR (TMC) to collaborate on TD-LTE MIMO
Axell Wireless a next generation leader in global wireless In-Building market
Nujira raises $12 million to rollout Envelope Tracking technology
Mindspeed and China Mobile work together on Nanocell research
Altair LTE chip pre-certified by Verizon
Networked cars open opportunities for the automotive value chain
Ubiquisys raises $19million for public small cell hotspots
Analyst: Alcatel-Lucent leads small cell space
LTE test-UE availble for infrastructure a 400 MHz
Global LTE antenna reference design for smartphones supports MIMO
Dual 14-bit A/D converter saves space and power
C Spire works with Alcatel-Lucent to deploy 4G LTE broadband
4G chip startup Cognovo bought by u-blox for $16.5m
Imec and Murata to collaborate on reconfigurable radio research
Front-end incorporates all popular 2G, 3G and 4G bands as well as switches and filters
4G/LTE envelope tracking power supply sampling to baseband/transceiver chipset providers
Ubiquisys demonstrates smart cells based on Intel architecture in mobile network
High-Linearity switches meet stringent Band XIII 4G LTE requirements
Linux Base Station Platform targets next generation radio access networks
Live LTE handover between TD and FDD demonstrated
Verilog-A RF device models to help GaN adoption in 4G/LTE infrastructure
SAR assessment system delivers instant regulatory compliance accuracy
Digital attenuators are USB controlled with input power up to 2 W
T-Mobile deploying LTE Release 10 network without small cells, for now
Via Licensing LTE patent pool to include over 20-members
RF power transistors offer high efficiency and power density
Audi, Sierra Wireless jointly develop and test in-vehicle LTE infotainment system
Anite selected by 7Layers to enhance LTE device testing
Slim 4G LTE embedded module is only 2.5-mm thick
Data growth to make small cells an indispensable part of LTE rollouts
Radio three-chip set for basestations enables active antennas
Network innovation driven by rapid mobile data growth
High power Tx/Rx switches target LTE, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX and military radio
Thales and Nokia Siemens Networks to offer global LTE broadband for professional mobile radio
Extreme Networks' cell-site routers deliver faster 4G mobile services for SSP Yhtiot Oy
Dresden sets up 5G research lab
Voice-over-LTE drives IMS core market in 1Q12
LTE RAN equipment revenues almost triple during Q1 2012
Mindspeed and China Mobile collaborate on TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE small cells
120 W SPDT switch for LTE base stations and military communications
CEVA continues to dominate DSP IP market with 90% share
Mobile operators face a massive increase in network cost due to mobile data explosion
Tektronix Communications enables smooth transition to next-genertion networks
Cassidian and Alcatel-Lucent bring 4G LTE mobile broadband to professional mobile radio
Wideband I/Q demodulator boosts zero-IF receiver performance
Report: Envelope tracking, MMPAs, CMOS PAs, antenna tuning, and MIMO to change handset RF design
Agilent Technologies develops voice-over-LTE test system with Brüel & Kjær
Sequans adds interference mitigation technology to its LTE chip platforms
Enhanced LTE-PON platform facilitates fast and efficient end-user access
"Base Station-on-a-chip" family targets indoor and outdoor LTE small cells
Mindspeed powers first LTE + Wi-Fi femtocell for SK Telesys
Anite leads the TD-LTE device testing market
Huawei to give Intel LTE development support in China
Scalable radio channel emulator for testing 4G LTE
4M Wireless acquired by u-blox for LTE technology
Intel grabs 15% of cellular baseband market
Sequans, Nationz team up on LTE chipsets
Oven controlled oscillator uses significantly lower power
Routers connect existing infrastructure to 4G/LTE
Mobile CAPEX to grow 9% in 2012, driven by China, LTE, and small cells
Nokia Siemens Networks tops basestation rating
4M Wireless licenses protocol stack to Wuxi
RF SAWs simplify RF design in advanced LTE and WCDMA networks
SORBAS LTE Test-UE adds 3.5 GHz support
Single-chip line card device integrates dual DPLLs and NCOs
Ismosys wins design-in for NetLogic’s DFS processors in LTE remote radio heads and active antenna systems
In-building wireless antenna targets LTE
Ford outlines future mobility at Mobile World Congress
Tablet-based multi-technology SON platform for analysing mobile network performance
LTE-Advanced basestation on a chip
RFMD PowerSmart power platform family expanded with 3G and 4G LTE variants
Indoor 2-port LTE MIMO antenna features dual radiating elements
Alcatel-Lucent and China Mobile to jointly accelerate development of lightRadio
First commercial 4G TD LTE sytem goes live in the UK
Intel's new partnerships and processors for the mobile space
Integrated LTE smartphone platform on a single die
Antenova antennas approved for Deutsche Telekom’s M2M partner program
Qualcomm, HiSilicon, China drive unified LTE
HiSilicon and imec to jointly research reconfigurable RF transceivers
Mindspeed and ASTRI demonstrate commercial-grade TD-LTE small cell reference design
Telefonica with Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung support demonstrates smart, 2.6 GHz, 100 Mbit/s 4G network
Second generation PAs from RFMD deliver 42-44 percent efficiency in LTE mode
LTE test mobile adds Category 5 UE emulation capability
TI and Aricent collaborate on small cell protocol stack optimized for KeyStone multicore processors
Thales makes LTE available for US public safety community
Study reveals mobile network performance limited by handset transmitters
Radio filter delivers LTE capacity gains of up to 65 per cent
Ericsson leverages standards to lead with LTE
Deltenna and Octasic demonstrate a tiny UMTS and LTE-ready small cell
Harman demos automotive LTE connectivity platform
Duplexers offer high linearity for CDMA and LTE applications
One transceiver per radiator is the only effective solution for Active Antenna Systems says Ubidyne
Carrier-grade platforms target demanding telecoms applications
Small cell with integrated DAS claims industry first
Samsung chip lowers cost of LTE
Handset envelope tracking RF power amplifier characterisation system
Smartphone chip implements envelope tracking to reduce power consumption
700 MHz LTE - PA modules
Bluetest supports Agilent's PXT for LTE over-the-air testing
LTE femtocells ready to take off as API ecosystem expands
Qualcomm, Ericsson demo LTE-to-3G handover
LTE, W-CDMA CPRI data analyser for field work
LTE expected to dominate wireless infrastructure spending by 2013
Wireless routers for smart grids
Avago, TI hit signal milestones
Active antenna can raise cell capacity 40 percent
Leading German operator to leverage Anite’s test solutions for LTE device approval
Linear power amplifier targets 700-800 MHz 4G LTE infrastructure
MIPI announces RF standards for mobiles
PCTEST selects Anritsu's LTE RF Conformance Test System
Anritsu Cell Master and Spectrum Master enhanced for LTE field test requirements
MediaTek debuts gigabit WiFi SoC
Huawei leapfrogs LTE leaders in Europe
TD-LTE base stations deployed by 2016 to reach half a million
Mobile cloud computing will generate 45 billion dollars revenue by 2016
Wireless communications test set targets R&D
Switch filter modules offer five linear 3G/4G paths
3-feed antenna provides operator-independent global roaming for LTE devices
LTE radio head test system is 100x faster
900 MHz band PIM analyser covers UMTS Band VIII and LTE Band 8 networks
Open source framework for commercial baseband software announced by the Wireless Innovation Forum
Temperature-compensating attenuators deliver high linearity
LTE Multi-RAT testing made available for chipset vendors
Broadband SP4T switch designed for low-power receive diversity switching applications
LTE UE simulator claims world first with frequency-agile radio
Mobile connections to attain six billion milestone worldwide
Cambridge Broadband Networks delivers multipoint microwave backhaul on 4G for O2
LTE subscribers to account for 10 percent share by 2015
LTE evolved packet core spending to pass 500 million USD in 2012
Tektelic and Picochip collaborate on small cell LTE devices
High-performance eNodeB reference framework to accelerate LTE base station development
Chicago needs 84,500 small cells by 2015, world needs over ten million
CommScope supplies active antennas in North American 4G network trial
OpenET Alliance announces Envelope Tracking interface spec for energy efficient 4G handsets
U-blox introduces precision timing chip for 4G LTE femtocells
SFR brings first completely free femtocell offer to Europe
LTE sales overtake WiMax, says analyst
GPS RFIC mitigates interference from LightSquared and L-band LTE signals
LTE to challenge test equipment vendors
Aeroflex endows €1 million laboratory at Lancaster University
Compact, all-outdoor packet solution for 4G/LTE backhaul
Compression across base station fiber optic links can save industry up to 25 billion USD
1.5M LTE base stations ship by 2015
Security engine targets high capacity wireless networks
Freescale rolls out first products in QorIQ Qonverge wireless base station processor portfolio
Switchable LTE antenna for tablets measures 65- x 12- x 1-mm
ADCs target 4G
Tensilica DSP core does 100 GMACs at 1 W
New Ofcom report to fuel coverage competition between operators, says TE Connectivity
DVGAs enable higher-performance basestation radio architectures
Qualcomm renames SoCs, quad-core on track
HiSilicon extends ARM licenses for 3G/4G
Base station SoC now features LTE PHY software
Semtech updates TopSync platform to provides signal timing for legacy and next-generation wireless networks
IPWireless launches LTE product portfolio to better meet the needs of government mobile broadband network deployments
Mindspeed buys assets of W-CDMA chip vendor
Complete range of LTE small cell and relay reference designs
VGA delivers wide frequency range and high gain for cellular infrastructure
Huawei rolls own baseband as LTE expands
LTE gathers momentum but spectrum challenges still remain
RapidIO revs up to 10 Gbits/s
LNAs deliver low noise and high linearity performance
ATCA blade for 4G LTE targets transport and control plane
Small 4G/LTE capable USB router
Wazco and Lindsay Broadband partner on optical backhaul for LTE metrocell
Qualcomm backs embedded MEMS firm
Avago reveals integrated switch and low-noise amplifier modules for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE base stations
Ubiquisys collaborates with Intel to develop intelligent small cells
Rohde & Schwarz, Synopsys collaborate to boost LTE hardware design
Sequans, Ericsson in collaboration on LTE
RF predistortion linearizers dramatically improve system efficiency of 4G small cell base stations
Report defines the future of LTE femtocells
Cygnus Broadband selects Trillium LTE protocol software for its next generation LTE picocell base stations
Multi-core control-plane processor for LTE communications infrastructure
Lyrtech aims to revolutionize wireless sector with next-generation tunable RF platform
Get the digital edition of microwave engineering
World's highest performance RF DAC enables linearity performance breakthroughs
Anite LTE conformance solution receives GCF approvals
Wide bandwidth digital front end processors for 3G and 4G/LTE base stations
LTE chip startup raises $26 million
EB upgrades LTE testing solution with enhanced MIMO and beamforming features
Leading alternative backhaul provider relying on DragonWave for high-capacity packet microwave
Tensilica adds DSP in cellular battle
U.K. prepares auction for 4G spectrum
Automation software introduced for network operators' LTE to CDMA inter-RAT compliance test plan
IHS iSuppli: AT&T continues 4G spectrum grab with T-Mobile buy
AT&T buys T-Mobile for $39 billion
One-box channel emulator reduces complexity of MIMO testing
48x4 switch matrix covers 700 MHz to 6 GHz
Dual-platform 4G strategy rewards mobile network operators, chip, and device makers
Anite’s LTE test platform selected by CETECOM
Get the digital edition of microwave enginnering
Audi, Alacatel-Lucent demo LTE-equipped car
Multi-core processor for LTE eNodeB / base stations
Qualcomm puts quad-core on LTE roadmap
Skyworks powering multiple LTE platforms
CEVA and NEC Casio collaborate on next-gen mobile comms
Digital 'mini repeaters' for mobile launched, targets in-building coverage
Agilent, Altair to do interoperability testing for LTE
Single-SoC platform for concurrent 3G and 4G service operation
Renesas Mobile to demonstrate end-to-end LTE at 1800 MHz with Nokia Siemens
Dovado claims world's first 4G/LTE-ready residential router
Renesas Mobile makes its mark with LTE modem platform
Complete LTE PHY reference architectures for UE and eNodeB applications
SAW IF filters target all standard LTE bandwidths from 3.5-MHz to 75-MHz
Open source product-oriented LTE network simulator claims world first
Low-power 40-nm LTE Advanced baseband SoC delivers multi-sector performance
Personal femtocell for the iPhone, claims to world's first attocell
Global SMS traffic to reach 8.7 trillion in 2015
Multi-technology SON solution addresses the integration of legacy 2G and 3G networks into LTE self-organising networks
Digi-Key announces worldwide distribution agreement with Taoglas
Trio collaborate on LTE integration and validation
Anritsu meets protocol certification targets for LTE devices
RFMD achieves 4G performance milestone related to PowerSmart power platforms
Software tool speeds 3G and 4G network development
AT&T accelerates plans for LTE, Android
Picochip announces dual-mode LTE/HSPA+ capabilities
Cambridge Broadband Networks raises $16.5M for global market push
Verizon details plan for December 5th LTE launch
2.3–2.7 GHz power amplifier aims at WiFi, WiMAX, LTE applications
Dual channel 6 Gb/s SERDES with low-noise clock synthesizer targets next generation radio
Simultaneous BER measurements and eye pattern analyses from 125 Mbit/s to 12.5 Gbit/s
Icera and Rohde & Schwarz team for LTE certification
First commercial LTE 1800 modem deployed in Poland
Picochip expands with growth in UK and China
Icera and Anite verify LTE conformance test cases
UK mobile broadband network upgrade to LTE not economically viable until 2015
Skyworks powers first LTE mobile handset
LTE PHY and software stack for TI C66x DSPs
TI to put floating point in every DSP core
Intel licenses DSP
Broadband 6-bit digital step attenuators
Intel to acquire Dresden LTE firm
Agilent and Nomor Research facilitate LTE field trials
ST-Ericsson has enabled pioneering video applications demonstration on a TD-LTE tablet
Renesas Electronics to spin off its mobile multimedia SoC business
LTE module for packet processing for 4G
Nokia Siemens demos TD-LTE in India
DesignArt Networks relies on Tensilica for 4G SoC family
PXI RF test portfolio adds LTE automated test capabilities
LTE wireless modules introduced
Baseband company claims it is first to support new LTE femtocell APIs
Broadcom to acquire Beceem Communications to boost 4G presence
RF-to-digital µModule receivers reduce size and cost of base station designs
Ubiquisys opens Cambridge femtocell development centre
CETECOM USA installs Anritsu LTE and W-CDMA test solutions
LTE automated test capabilities added to PXI RF test portfolio
AnyDATA develops LTE-based hybrid satellite/terrestrial wireless modules for the LightSquared network
LTE protocol stack software port for Tensilica's 3GPP LTE reference architecture
Two-chip modem consumes half the power of existing HSPA+ 21 Mbps solutions
Novatel Wireless advances comprehensive portfolio of 4G products
Comment: Connecting everything via the Internet
First public access femtocell chip announced by picoChip
Altair Semiconductor announces Digital Dividend reference design
MimoOn claims to lead in LTE PHY software on SDR silicon for mobile terminals
Continuous Computing and NetLogic partner on 3G, HSPA+ and LTE
Intel will run wireless as separate business
AWR releases Visual System Simulator 2010
Avago claims industry’s first 4G/LTE Band 7 duplexer
Nujira makes multimillion dollar deal for PA power saver
Patent pool uncertainty looms over LTE roll out
MediaTek takes LTE license, partners with Docomo
PicoChip and Entuple Technologies bring femtocell technologies to India
WiMax shrinking, LTE has issues
Low bands lead LTE roll out, says analyst
Skyworks enables world's first commercial LTE device
ST-Ericsson and Ericsson showcase complete TD-LTE solution
IPWireless and Altair Semiconductor partner to develop first multi-band, multi-mode LTE modem
Sagem Wireless and ST-Ericsson to partner on LTE
HSPA/LTE accounts for 17.3 percent of PC broadband, says analyst
Renesas Electronics to acquire Nokia's wireless modem business for USD 200 million
One-box tester supports transmit and receive testing of LTE devices using signaling
LTE embedded modules portfolio
Lattice and Affarii Technologies offer complete remote radio head hardware solution
Freescale plans basestation-on-chip
Multicore system-on-a-chip architecture addresses femtocell applications
Qualcomm hit by Icera allegation
Software defined modem solution targets LTE handsets
WiMAX group updates mobile standard
Single-box multi-RAT tester for multi-mode eHRPD/LTE handsets
PicoChip raises $20 million for femto push
Lime Microsystems' RF transceiver IC selected by Global Wireless Technologies
MimoOn announces first delivery of LTE mi!TestMOBILE for Femtocell development and testing
Motorola teams with Innofidei and ASTRI to promote TD-LTE ecosystem
Next generation low noise amplifier series for cellular and LTE base stations
Micrel unveils 4G wireless PMIC solution
MultiMode 3x3 power amplifier modules increase talk times
Synopsys claims industry's first MIPI DigRF v4 IP
Anritsu claims first GCF validations of both LTE RF and protocol conformance tests
4G nine-band global LTE mobile broadband antenna
Sony and IPWireless launch joint 4G and beyond wireless initiative
High linearity data power amplifiers for WiMAX and WiFi applications
Integrated synthesizers for 3G/4G base stations
Qualcomm applies to bid in India's BWA auction for 2.3 GHz spectrum
SystemVue now links C++ code generation and X-parameters for RF-DSP co-design
Wide band attenuator simplifies communication test
Analysts cite five opportunities in mobile data
Blue Wonder launches LTE modem core, software

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