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Microsoft announces partnership with Arduino April 30, 2015Microsoft announces partnership with Arduino Microsoft is announcing a partnership with Arduino — while laying claim to Windows 10 being the world’s first Arduino certified operating system. Read more CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium adds u-blox to membership April 28, 2015CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium adds u-blox to membership Swiss company, u-blox has become a member of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium. The industrial-driven consortium is dedicated to the development and deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). Read more SMT GNSS global positioning module supports all satellites April 17, 2015SMT GNSS global positioning module supports all satellites Featuring a sensitivity of -167 dBm with its built-in antenna for an easy integration, the 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm CAM-M8C module from u-blox is a low profile GNSS positioning module that offers simultaneous GNSS operation for GPS/GLONASS, GPS/BeiDou, or GLONASS/BeiDou. Read more Development kit targets consumer-ready wearable and IoT devices April 11, 2015Development kit targets consumer-ready wearable and IoT devices The MediaTek LinkIt™ Assist 2502 development platform is designed for advanced developers looking for a professional environment in which to design and prototype the software and hardware for consumer-ready Wearables and IoT devices. Read more Making drones safer and smarter April 8, 2015Making drones safer and smarter As more and more drones take to the air, safety is becoming a concern. One common problem is that drones can run out of power, forcing them to land immediately. In such situations they must be able to detect safe landing spots and properly execute landing operations. Read more
Autonomous mobile beacon secures and tracks property and objects
Sigfox-ready development board targets IoT applications
High linearity, active bias ultra low noise amplifier
Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen
Lightweight robust GNSS antenna suits high-precision applications
GPS frequency reference offers atomic clock stability
Verizon Vehicle brings wireless roadside assistance, dignostics to 200 million cars
BMW to show automated valet parking without GPS at CES
Low power GNSS timing modules deliver highest accuracy and reliability
SiRFusion enables accurate indoor location without new infrastructure
Automotive-qualified 6-axis inertial measurement unit for navigation and telematics
GPS disciplined OCXO to launch at Electronica 2014
Smart watches in-use to reach over 100 million by 2019
Network testing via smartphone
Bluetooth beacons nowhere precise enough
Audi presents driverless racing car
LTE data communication module targets automotive applications
Next generation mobile network for IoT devices
Intelligent bicycle gets connected
Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT
Low power GNSS module ideal for automotive and wearable designs
BAW duplexer serves band 25
GPS tracking devices to pass $3.5 billion in 2019
Development boards enable cellular connectivity for Raspberry Pi and Arduino
Banning cellphones while driving does not decreases accidents, researchers find
Frequency reference system offers low cost of ownership
OCXO delivers ±0.2ppb frequency stability over temperature
Fixed frequency synthesizer delivers ultra low phase noise
Small GPS module integrates patch antenna
GPS advanced OCXO module for LTE and 4G base stations
Improved GPS technique yields better weather and hurricane forecasting
Antenna tunes to all mobile bands
Antenna enables global positioning to one centimetre
Smart sports watch streams smartphone app data
Multi-constellation GNSS module significantly increases battery life
Tiny GPS antenna module provides instant global positioning
3D ADR chip shows vehicle movement in 3 dimensions without GNSS signals
Software for single- and multi-satellite simulation
Next generation single-core smartphone platform targets entry level market
Low profile diplexers for WiFi, WiMax, 3G, 4G LTE and GPS applications
Tiny drop-in GPS/QZSS antenna module cuts costs
Thumb-sized 32-bit development board with GPS/GNSS receiver seeks crowdfunding
GNSS simulator now also supports Chinese BeiDou standard
Tiny standalone GNSS module covers GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS
Switching matrix for vector network analysis
VPN security routers come with 3G mobile interface
GNSS receiver module combines small size and low power with high accuracy
GPS receiver IC supports dual passive antenna and active antenna inputs
Enhanced analyser speeds up Tempest assessments
GPS positioning module delivers sub-meter accuracy
Skyworks targets GPS/GNSS low-noise amplifier front-end modules in emerging markets
eCall system supports GPS and Glonass
Base station tester provides all-in-one tool for field measurements
Richardson RFPD introduces two low noise amplifiers from Wavelex
SMD power inductors enable longer battery life in portable electronics
Hirschmann usess Telit technology in compact GPS receiver antenna
Navigation antenna now Includes 5 GHz Wi-Fi
Richardson RFPD adds the SiRFstarIV™ family of GPS modules from Maestro Wireless
Compact GPS antenna for telematics applications
GNSS simulator creates real-world scenarios for navigation instrument developers
GPS III prototype validates test facilities for future flight satellites
RF recorder captures wideband multi-GNSS signals, synchronized in time and frequency
Swiss company u-blox enables microdrone to navigates over the Alps
Eutelsat satellite finder app to help deliver the highest signal quality
Quad-core HSPA+ processor with 5G WiFi, NFC, GPS and indoor positioning
Global navigation satellite system engine enables accurate location positioning in mobile devices
Telematics test platform addresses in-vehicle testing
Tiny thin-film 10-W 3-dB directional couplers
GPS tracking module takes less than 29s for cold-start time to first fix
Thin-film 10 W 3 dB directional couplers target wireless communications
Broadcom Android smartphone platform selected by K-Touch
Broadcom GNSS location chip with geofence capabilities wins top industry award
Surface mount satellite positioning module supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, GNSS
Low noise rubidium primary reference clock source integrates GPS receiver
Inside Secure NFC solution supported in Linux kernel 3.9 release
STMicroelectronics satellite-tracking ICs find fix with GALILEO
BlinkSight and imec claim first single-chip indoor GPS solution
Fully integrated GPS OCXO time and frequency module
Short-range wireless IC market to reach almost 5 Billion units shipped in 2013
AT4 wireless adds OTA A-GPS testing capabilities
Low phase noise TCXO
Navigation module works with Glonass and GPS in parallel
Researchers use sensor fusion to boost GPS reception in cities for cars and phones
Hand-held instrument can now pinpoint sources of pulsed or sporadic signals
Intel says no LTE integration until 2014
Flexible loop GPS/GLONASS antenna delivers 80% efficiency
U-blox demonstrates navigation using Chinese BeiDou satellite system
Fleet tracking system consumes extremely little power
GPS/GNSS IC market on course to break $2 billion in 2012
Parallel GPS/GLONASS module measures 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm with built-in antenna
One-chip synchronization system for all telecom timing standards
Five wireless connectivity standards within a 24.6 x 18.0 x 3.0 mm package
Surface mount GPS RF antenna modules target embedded GPS and M2M applications
TCXO offers low phase noise feature with wide frequency stability
Miniature GPS receiver features 3D embedded technology
Software framework helps designers to develop car-to-x applications
Wireless connectivity chipsets revenues to exceed $10 billion in 2012
DAB+/ DAB software receiver for multicore Linux also supports TPEG
Tahoe RF wins GPS contract from NASA
Full-featured GSM/GPRS/GPS quad-band mobile platform
Compact GPS module offers 66 acquisition channels and 22 tracking channels
GLONASS/GPS combined module targets the Russian and Eastern European markets
RF/IF rackmount recorder offers dual channels for ultra wideband signals
GPS security a concern for unniversity expert
High performance active antenna for GPS-GLONASS applications
4G chip startup Cognovo bought by u-blox for $16.5m
GPS signal reception enhanced with small LNAs
100 Hz dual antenna GPS system delivers 2-cm position accuracy
High-Linearity switches meet stringent Band XIII 4G LTE requirements
Standalone GPS receiver from Acal BFI measures 5.6- x 5.6-mm
GPS/GNSS IC market to reach 1.8 billion shipments by 2016
ST-Ericsson powers China Unicom and Yulong smartphone
Antenna Magus version 4.0 now offers over 200 antennas,
AdvancedMC module provides affordable FPGA performance and flexible I/O in wireless applications
ABI predicts massive shift in automotive navigation platforms
Safe use of phone apps at the wheel through smartphone-centric in-vehicle infotainment
Cambridge Silicon Radio opens automotive design centre in Ingolstadt, Germany
Broadcom, Qualcomm, CSR, and Texas Instruments are benefiting from $8 billion wireless connectivity IC market
Tiny complete GPS receiver delivers high snesitivity and low power
Helmet-mounted Bluetooth communication and entertainment system for cyclists
Low energy Bluetooth 4.0 IP targets cost-efficient, single and dual mode applications
Antenova antennas approved for Deutsche Telekom’s M2M partner program
Samsung chip lowers cost of LTE
Embedded timing network across Europe needed to avoid catastrophic system failures
GPS LNAs dynamically suppress strong jammer transmit signals
Geo-location tagging in smartphones to potentially cause major security risks
Rohde & Schwarz and u-blox verify GLONASS compatibility
HSPA+ module for M2M applications is 2 mm thin
Complete GPS receiver module for under $3
GPS RFIC mitigates interference from LightSquared and L-band LTE signals
CellGuide to use Baolab 3D NanoCompass in GPS chip for enhanced location services and augmented reality
Freescale rolls out first products in QorIQ Qonverge wireless base station processor portfolio
MEMS expands into 3D earth magnetic field sensors
GPS platform upgraded with future-proof features
CEVA and CellGuide partner to offer software GPS solution
Qualcomm beats Broadcom and CSR to top of ABI Research GPS IC vendor ranking
Integrated GPS chip antenna is a complete miniature positioning engine
MEMS sensor delivers ten degrees of freedom
2G module with integrated A-GPS receiver claims to be world's smallest
Wireless modules combine WLAN, Bluetooth and FM and GPS functionalities
Ultra-thin antenna with GPS and 3G functionality
M2M modules target high throughput and long-term use even after 2G switch off
GPS LNAs provide low noise and save space with a WLP package
Tiny receiver to connect to both GPS and GLONASS satellites
Single-chip positioning device for multiple global navigation systems claims world first
Digi-Key announces worldwide distribution agreement with Taoglas
GPS antenna as ceramic patch antenna replacement enables thinner devices
Single-chip enables standalone GPS unit of 7- x 8-mm footprint
GPS LNAs offer an industry-low 0.65-dB noise figure
Wi-Fi location to become the top alternative location technology by 2015
Cellular, GPS and satellite connectivity all in one module for global asset tracking
Hirschmann combines Iridium, GPS and mobile radio antenna
Hirschmann Car Communication develops ultra-small antenna
Automotive GSM module designed for first-mount Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Emergency Call systems
Shipments of Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi ICs to increase 20 percent in 2010
280 million wireless combo chipsets to ship by the end of 2010
Trakm8 selects u-blox GPS and GSM for advanced telematics solution
Energy efficient RF transistors provide highly-reliable ESD protection
IP67-rated penta-band plus GPS antenna for telematics
Poor antenna design may cause iPhone 4 issue
Intel's 32-nm process ready for RF
Automotive dead-reckoning solution closes GPS gaps
Helioversal launches global tracking device based on u-blox’ GPS/GSM solution
4G nine-band global LTE mobile broadband antenna
GPS antenna for handheld devices
GPS front-end module with low noise figure targets mobile applications
Wideband RF recorder for telematic applications
Digi Wi-Point 3G Helps Drive Toyota Vehicle Research Forward
Embedded 2G and 3G modules target mobile internet devices

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