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Frequency hopping module added to signal generator platform

August 24, 2012 | Nick Flaherty | 222903124
Frequency hopping module added to signal generator platform IZT in Germany has added a frequency hopping module to its S1000 signal generator platform that combines 31 virtual signal generators for creating complex mixed signal RF test scenarios.

The S1000-FHS frequency hopping module is designed to reduce interference, increase transmission security and enhance the efficient use of available bandwidth in communications and wireless connectivity. Using the full profile functionality of the S1000, the frequency hopping module IZT S1000-FHS efficiently generates hopping networks with a hop rate of >2,000 hops per second. Content comes from an analogue modulation tool or from the user as narrow band I/Q data.

One hopper requires one virtual signal generator (VSG) and can hop within a range of 120 MHz - two VSGs have a 240 MHz spread. The overall bandwidth required for frequency hopping is much wider than that required to transmit the same information using only one carrier frequency. Within the 120 MHz instantaneous bandwidth of the S1000, the user can continuously change the center frequency of each VSG. The S1000-FSC option allows users to add more hoppers.

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