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First MIPI M-PHY receiver and transmitter tests with switch automation

June 19, 2013 | Jean-Pierre Joosting | 222904062
First MIPI M-PHY receiver and transmitter tests with switch automation Agilent Technologies has announced the industry’s first MIPI™ M-PHY physical layer receiver and transmitter tests with switch automation. The tests are designed to accelerate the turn-on and debug of MIPI M-PHY-based systems and to provide design engineers an efficient way to ensure their M-PHY devices will interoperate with the application processor.

The latest offerings from Agilent and partner BitifEye provide an efficient means of testing multilane devices. Engineers can use them to easily resolve signal-integrity issues and conduct in-depth conformance tests and product validation and characterization, including margin tests.

This is the first time that complete receiver and transmitter testing—from initialization to result retrieval—has been shown with a real M-PHY/UniPro device running at HS Gear2 speed.

“Agilent has been very active for many years in the MIPI alliance to better serve consumers and customers in the mobile industry,” said Roland Scherzinger, Agilent’s MIPI program manager. “Our focus has been on M-PHY-based applications such as Camera Serial Interface, Universal Flash Storage or Low-Latency Interface.”

“BitifEye is dedicated to providing global customers with application-specific accessories and automation software for high-speed digital test,” said Alexander Schmitt, CEO of BitifEye. “Our 2100 series switch system enables fast, accurate and reliable testing of multilane transmitter and receiver devices.”

Agilent U7249B-1FP MIPI M-PHY compliance test software runs on Infiniium 90000 Series oscilloscopes. The software provides physical-layer transmitter compliance measurements based on the MIPI M-PHY conformance test suite.

U7249B-7FP switch matrix software automates test for the individual lanes on a multilane bus. Supported switch-matrix hardware models include Agilent’s U3020AS26 and the BIT-2100 series models from BitifEye. Agilent’s N2809A PrecisionProbe oscilloscope probe and cable correction software can remove the loss and skew introduced when switch paths are added to the measurement setup.

Accurate MIPI M-PHY physical-layer receiver testing is provided by Agilent’s high-performance bit error ratio testers: ParBERT 81250A for multilane and J-BERT N4903B for single-lane testing. The instruments are controlled by the N5990A-165 MIPI M-PHY receiver test automation software, which saves customers significant engineering time by automatically calibrating and performing receiver tolerance tests based on the MIPI M-PHY conformance test suite. N5990A test automation software is complemented by BitifEye’s Frame Generator software BIT-2060-0001-0 for debugging and trouble-shooting.

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