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Ultra-broadband portable amplifiers for harsh environments April 2, 2015Ultra-broadband portable amplifiers for harsh environments Pasternack has announced a range of portable bench top amplifiers that cover extremely wide frequency bands up to 40 GHz. Read more Virtualized multi-service broadband network standards address SDN and NFV March 9, 2015Virtualized multi-service broadband network standards address SDN and NFV The latest annual Broadband Forum meeting in Shenzhen, China, sponsored by Huawei Technologies, covered important work to bring practical deployment of virtualized systems to the broadband network. Read more Broadband coaxial limiters suppress even-order harmonics under hard limiting conditions March 9, 2015Broadband coaxial limiters suppress even-order harmonics under hard limiting conditions Pasternack has introduced their latest broadband, high power coaxial limiters, which help protect sensitive low power RF receivers and other microwave circuits in close proximity to high power signals. Read more Broadband low noise amplifiers cover 30 MHz to 40 GHz February 16, 2015Broadband low noise amplifiers cover 30 MHz to 40 GHz Pasternack has launched a line of ultra-broadband and millimeter wave low noise amplifiers that are available to ship same-day. Read more Enhanced TWDM lowers cost for gigabit ultra-broadband for backhaul, small cells February 12, 2015Enhanced TWDM lowers cost for gigabit ultra-broadband for backhaul, small cells An enhancement to TWDM-PON technology from Alcatel-Lucent will enable service providers to meet demand for gigabit ultra-broadband access services while significantly lowering the cost of doing so. Read more
Compact LTE metro cells add flexibility in delivering ultra-broadband mobile access
Intel aims at connected home with Lantiq acquisition
Ultra-low noise amplifier targets demanding RF applications
Mobile networks using a mixture of radio sizes could cut energy usage by 50%
Call for Europe to use satellite broadband to bridge the rural Digital Divide
Triple and Quad play services push Three towards O2 purchase
Broad portfolio of DOCSIS 3.1 compliant passive components
Broadband power combiners operate up o 6 GHz
Fixed satellite services market continues to grow
Improved customer experience a big push for Carrier Wi-Fi
Software-defined networking investigated for super fast end-to-end 5G
Huawei looks towards 5G with industry partners
180 degree hybrid couplers
Ultrafast broadband era emerges
TWDM-PON extends capacity of existing fiber-based ultra-broadband networks
Broadband gateways integrate HAN FUN protocol to enable IoT residential gateway reference design claims industry first
Mobile broadband operators scramble for VoLTE
Broadband 18 GHz UltraCMOS® RF switches beat GaAs
Terminal demonstrates in-flight network switching across commercial Ku- and Ka-band satellite networks
Low profile antenna cuts operational expenses for Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft
Silicon capacitor for ultra broadband systems
Satellite internet provider Hughes exceeds one million active users
Latching multi-throw coaxial switch
Multi-service radio operates in the 6 to 42 GHz spectrum bands
EMC broadband source covers 1 GHz to 40 GHz
Controlling graphene's electrical behavior with light pulses
50-V broadband GaN HEMTs offer wide bandwidths
Low power FPGAs target wireless and comms interfacing functions
Two-way 90 degree power splitter
HCMOS oscillators offer stabilities as tight at ±20 ppm
Genesis Technical Systems pushes superfast broadband over copper to Asia
Externally biased balanced mixers cover 50 to 140 GHz
Broadband 20 GHz GaN amplifier
Low PIM coaxial switch offers linear response and high power capability
Wireless broadband to the moon
Copper strikes back as an alternative for mobile backhaul
EMI absorption tape and sheets filter out broadband noise
Lantiq and ASSIA make vectoring implementation faster and easier
DragonWave, MADA Kuwait announce backhaul supplier agreement
Advanced simulation models for broadband networks
High frequency ultra-broadband SMT inductor series
Alcatel-Lucent expands Ultra-Broadband Access to add speed and extra coverage to IP networks
Solid-state high-power amplifier module targets military jamming systems
Next generation hotspot Wi-Fi to raech $150 billion in operator revenue by 2018
Alcatel-Lucent to supply ultra-broadband 4G LTE to Telefonica in Spain
High voltage/power MOSFETs target RF and broadband applications
First 3.6 GHz to 3.8 GHz eLTE broadband access network addresses limited spectrum resources
Ultra-broadband 2-way power dividers up to 50 GHz
Staley selects Mesh Networks for its next-generation bandwidth management technology
Ceragon deploys LTE backhaul network
EuropaSat and SES Broadband Services partner on satellite service over Europe
High-power 30-dB broadband coupler
DISH and nTelos launch fixed wireless broadband pilot
LTE MIMO antennas for broadband and telecom applications
Wireless Broadband Alliance now has 100 members
Satcomms still key to the successful delivery of “Always On” content across Asia
Broadband low noise amplifiers for EMC compliance testing.
100 W RF amplifier designed for jamming applications
Broadband power amplifier designed for laboratory test applications
Operator service revenues over the next five years to top $1 trillion
TTP teams with Freescale for white space broadband basestation
Passive broadband probe offers a bandwidth of 8 GHz.
Fully adaptive Gbps class point-to-point microwave modem IP targets backhaul
ViaSat selects the T-Series ATCA platform from Radisys
Operators approve Wireless Broadband Alliance interoperability compliance program for global Wi-Fi roaming
10 W amplifier for high power 0.5 to 3.0 GHz broadband applications
Research project taps LED lighting for broadband communications
First TV white space prototype based on IEEE 802.22
India: C-Edge picks Hughes to connect 3,000 NABARD bank branches with a satellite broadband network
Askey Computer Corporation joins Alcatel-Lucent software licensing program to widen the availability of wireless small cells
Mobile equipment market to achieve double digit growth this year
Rapid prototyping developer kit targets the Internet of Things (IoT)
GaN power transistors provide superior linear performance
Broadband radiation meter offers a new, cost-effective approach to electromagnetic field monitoring
More smartphones connect to Wi-Fi hotspots than laptops
SatixFy licenses CEVA-XC DSP for broadband satellite applications
Network monitoring innovation drives down the cost of deploying and operating fiber networks
Rugged 50 W termination
Modular gateway architecture supports widest range of standards
Inmarsat and Cisco form satellite services alliance
Axell Wireless a next generation leader in global wireless In-Building market
Carrier WiFi could grow rapidly with ANDSF
C Spire works with Alcatel-Lucent to deploy 4G LTE broadband
Subscriber line interface circuits for voice-over-broadband cable
Next generation WiFi hotspot technology starts commercial trials
Alcatel-Lucent enables China Telecom to further expand broadband connections
Space Systems/Loral provides high capacity broadband satellite to Hughes
Cassidian and Alcatel-Lucent bring 4G LTE mobile broadband to professional mobile radio
Compact, dIrectional coupler covers wide broadband range from 1.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz
Broadband amplifier covers 0.5 GHZ- 2.5 GHZ for EW and aerospace applications
CBNL brings its backhaul expertise to the Small Cell Forum
4M Wireless licenses protocol stack to Wuxi
Anritsu VectorStar used by Modelithics to validate performance of broadband diode models
GSMA and WBA team up to simplify Wi-Fi hotspot access for smartphones
RFMD PowerSmart power platform family expanded with 3G and 4G LTE variants
First commercial 4G TD LTE sytem goes live in the UK
Telecom operators successfully complete next generation Wi-Fi hotspot trials
Broadband signal analyzers reduce average cost of signal analysis capability by 55%
Global telecommunications revenue to reach $2.7 trillion by 2017
Broadband SP4T switch designed for low-power receive diversity switching applications
Cambridge Broadband Networks delivers multipoint microwave backhaul on 4G for O2
Broadband RF power dividers cover 500 MHz to 8 GHz
Aeroflex endows €1 million laboratory at Lancaster University
GaN wideband pulsed power amplifier
Deloitte: U.S. could see $53 billion in 4G network investments by 2016
IEEE publishes 'white space' WRAN standard
Rotary joints minimize losses from 8.0 to 12.4 GHz
Wazco and Lindsay Broadband partner on optical backhaul for LTE metrocell
IBM researchers demo graphene IC on SiC wafer
Highly linear broadband MOSFET array targets medical, test and measurement applications
100 W broadband high power amplifier features small form factor
Cygnus Broadband selects Trillium LTE protocol software for its next generation LTE picocell base stations
Pocket-sized broadband amplifier covers wide 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz range
Broadband high power SP4T switch
Broadband 50 W amplifiers automatically adjust for extreme load mismatch conditions
3 to 6 channel RF power splitter handles broadband RF or video signals
10 Gb/s multipoint microwave backhaul platform
100-W broadband amplifier operates at 0.5 to 2.5 GHz
Targeting microwave backhaul with multipoint platform
Low-loss DC to 20 GHz broadband resistive couplers target RF amplifiers
Compact 2-way power divider offers high performance over 3.0 GHz to 45.0 GHz
Market for mobile communications gear nears quarter-trillion-dollar mark
India unveils national broadband plan
Portable GaN amplifier for personal protection covers 2.5 GHz to 6.0 GHz.
Cambridge Broadband Networks raises $16.5M for global market push
UK mobile broadband network upgrade to LTE not economically viable until 2015
Broadband 6-bit digital step attenuators
Dual slant 90° sector antenna for broadband and WiMAX applications
RF Micro Devices to showcase high performance RF components at electronica 2010
High-performance antenna for WiMAX/broadband applications
Broadcom Corporation to acquire Percello, adds femtocell technology
Demodulator for broadband communication designs saves board space, reduces cost, and shortens design time
Allot Communications selects Continuous Computing to deliver better traffic management for network operators
Satellite operators applaud DG Regio Initiative to encourage use of ERDF
Ceragon provides high-capacity wireless backhaul to Globacom Nigeria
Broadband 10-dB directional coupler covers 225 MHz to 10 GHz
Altera demonstrates 25-Gbps transceivers in programmable logic
Tyco Electronics to acquire ADC to create a world leader in broadband connectivity
Broadband relays offer coil diode options
HSPA/LTE accounts for 17.3 percent of PC broadband, says analyst
Femto Forum announces 2nd femtocell plugfest
Imec’s cognitive baseband radio to support 4G and broadband access to multiple services
Franklin wireless teams with Samsung Electro-Mechanics as key manufacturer of broadband modules
Cobham Antenna Systems awarded contract to participate in the BuNGee project
Qualcomm applies to bid in India's BWA auction for 2.3 GHz spectrum
Ralink, TrendChip merge to form wireless, broadband IC player

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