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News about Bluetooth

Low power WAN, WiFi and Bluetooth development module February 3, 2016Low power WAN, WiFi and Bluetooth development module Pycom, a start-up IoT module manufacturer, is launching its second project on Kickstarter – the LoPy, a WiFi, Bluetooth and LoRa (Low Power WAN) enabled module supporting 10 x faster programming with MicroPython scripting. This latest Kickstarter project follows Pycom's successfully oversubscribed 2015 WiPy Kickstarter project. Read more SPDT switch targets IoT, automotive and 802.11 applications January 27, 2016SPDT switch targets IoT, automotive and 802.11 applications Richardson RFPD, Inc., has announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a single-pole, double-throw switch from Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Read more Test software supports manufacturing of IoT and M2M devices January 25, 2016Test software supports manufacturing of IoT and M2M devices Anritsu Corporation has announced the availability of three measurements software packages expanding the functions of the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A to support manufacturing tests of IoT/M2M applications. Read more Intel backed startup launches wireless SoC for IoT January 19, 2016Intel backed startup launches wireless SoC for IoT Fabless chip company Telink Semiconductor Co. Ltd., (Shanghai, China) has launched the TLSR8269 a system-on-chip intended to provide low power wireless connection for the Internet of Things applications in the smart home. Read more Bluetooth Smart SoC ready for prototyping in through-hole 16-pin DIP January 18, 2016Bluetooth Smart SoC ready for prototyping in through-hole 16-pin DIP U.S. maker and hobbyist startup 'OSHChip' ('Open Source Hardware') now supplies a Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 SoC in a unique 16-pin DIP package with IC-like through-hole pins. Read more
Telit grows its Bluetooth assets through acquisition
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi SiPs save space
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modules offer pin-pin compatibility with ZigBee® and Thread
Full-feature wearable chipset targets smartwatches
Tiny IoT WiFi SIP module
Advanced Bluetooth Smart remote reference design
Nordic Semiconductor to demonstrate smart home technologies at CES 2016
Flexible Bluetooth LE beacon sticker operates on photovoltaics
Bluetooth® Smart SoCs link wearable devices to Apps for WeChat users
Lattice platform target wearable device development
Bluetooth adapter speeds data exchange with mobile terminal devices
Smart bulb uses Wi-Fi to cut costs
Could Bluetooth-enabled credit cards beat NFC?
ARM mbed IoT Device Platform selected by u-blox for IoT wireless connectivity
Functional tester supports M2M/IoT integration
Report sees smart watches beating mHealth wearables in the smart home
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth module targets IoT and M2M applications
BAW coexistence filter supports WiFi / LTE
Single wireless MCU runs Thread and Bluetooth Smart
Dialog and Bosch collaborate on low power smart sensor wireless platform for IoT devices
Tiny low power battery management IC for wearables and IoT products
Bluetooth Smart development kit supports Apple® HomeKit
Tiny Bluetooth V4.1 smart module
iWRAP simplifies Bluetooth audio development
Broadcom targets automotive applications with wireless connectivity chips
IoT processor offers support for Bluetooth® v4.1
Acal BFi and Stollmann announce distribution agreement
Bluetooth IP from Ceva powers NXP smart SoCs
Fully integrated, pre-certified Bluetooth® Smart module
Mouser ships Cypress Bluetooth module
Qualcomm enables wireless charging for mobile devices with metal case
MCUs for Bluetooth LE boast on-chip antenna matching
Combo ICs to take 12% of the 802.15.4 market by 2019
CSR and SK Telecom launch first smart lighting beacon
Silica adds Nordic Semiconductor short range wireless and Bluetooth products
IoT/M2M evaluation kit
Wireless lighting control module integrates existing fixtures
LTE 4G modem targets low-power IoT, wearable devices
Advanced smart garments from Holst Centre
Bluetooth Smart/LE module offers drop-in connectivity
Nordic Semiconductor redefines Bluetooth chips by adding NFC
Bluetooth device monitor eases traffic congestion
Clamshell BGA socket with Bluetooth temperature monitoring
Flexible dual mode Bluetooth module
Rohde & Schwarz shows test equipment for networked cars
Low power Bluetooth 4.1 controller supports any microprocessor
Smallest wireless vision system on a chip targets smart sensors
Bluetooth Smart SoC doubles data rates for IoT devices
U-blox joins M2M alliance, targets IoT
Wearable haptics — feeling augmented
NXP's Bluetooth Smart gets mesh capability
Wearable 3D home theater sound system
Continuous diabetic monitoring uses Nordic Bluetooth Smart technology
IP for low-power, integrated-wireless IoT connectivity ICs
Low power Bluetooth Smart sensor beacon enables motion and context awareness
Bluetooth Smart wearable-on-chip device claims world first
Tiny mobile brain-computer interface for smartphones
Thin light-powered Bluetooth LE beacons wrap around objects
WiFi and Bluetooth combo module
Development board based on Snapdragon 410 processor
Bluetooth Smart development kits from Digi-Key
Radio chip for Bluetooth Low Energy claims lowest power
Bluetooth SIG promises mesh networking in 2016 to drive home automation and IoT
Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles
Bluetooth® IC integrates DSP for automotive audio streaming
Smartwatch with 'brains' dumps smartphone for 'dumb' screen
Mesh protocol over Bluetooth Smart optimized for Internet of Things
Silicon Labs buys Bluegiga for leading Bluetooth and Wi-Fi porfolio
Bluetooth/WLAN module for automotive applications
Toshiba to show portfolio for wearable technology and the IoT
Verizon Vehicle brings wireless roadside assistance, dignostics to 200 million cars
Intel boosts wireless credentials with button size SoC for wearable devices
Bluetooth low energy iBeacons for enterprise use demonstrated
Integrated and scalable smart home cloud for mobile internet and IoT
Tester adds support for the latest Bluetooth 4.2 specifications
LG Innotek adopts CSR chip in module for in-vehicle connectivity and audio
Wireless M2M hub looks to transform healthcare
FCC/CE/IC certified Bluetooth® SMART beacons
Wi-Fi platform targets Hi-Fi low latency audio streaming
NFC comes to broadband platform
Dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip for HD streaming
Multi-sensor data acquisition IC, Bluetooth and open development kit for health monitoring
Development Platform from RS Components innovates embedded and IoT applications
Bluetooth SIG announces Bluetooth 4.2, targets IoT
U-blox buys into automotive, acquires modules business from Lesswire
Industrial wireless sensor market to experience long term growth
Murata turns to the Internet of Things
SiRFusion enables accurate indoor location without new infrastructure
IoT territorial disputes
Intelligent dual mode Bluetooth modules target industrial and medical applications
Bluetooth Smart platform brings cars to the Internet of Things
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules for industrial applications
Asian motorbikes get Bluetooth and electronic fuel system
NXP extends NFC ecosystem to the car
Qualcomm drives end-to-end 802.11ac 2.0 ecosystem
Bluetooth beacons nowhere precise enough
Broadband gateways integrate HAN FUN protocol to enable IoT
Qualcomm set to snap up CSR to cover the Internet of Things
Low power 32-bit processor core targets IoT, sensors and wearable devices
ARM extends into IoT software
Clear conductive flexible films provide high electromagnetic shielding from 2 to 18 GHz
Dual mode Bluetooth® platforms target next-gen wireless gaming controllers
LTE data communication module targets automotive applications
Canadian startup mutualizes iBeacon deployment costs
Module combines support for WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC
High-temperature Bluetooth® Smart wireless microcontroller targets industrial and lighting applications
Next generation mobile network for IoT devices
Rohde & Schwarz provides RF test expertise to Broadcom
Low-cost Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module targets IoT applications
Spectrum analysers suit WiFi and Bluetooth research and development
Wireless charging/NFC reference design for cars
Development kit enables rapid prototyping for IoT
Emberlight connects ordinary light bulbs to a smartphone
Digi-Key to distribute dual-mode Bluetooth Low-Energy products for BlueCreation
Bluetooth Smart hearing aid receives stereo audio direct from iOS devices
Mouser to distribute Panasonic Bluetooth Low Energy modules
PIC32 Bluetooth starter kit targets low-cost applications
Bluetooth Smart module from Microchip uses CSR silicon
Development kit enables rapid deployment of Bluetooth® Smart prototypes
Project to develop miniature UWB modules for accurate location awareness
Modules enable rapid integration of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
Mesh-radio-for-Bluetooth development kit
Bluetooth strikes back against Thread
Nordic Semiconductor opens office in Taiwan to support Bluetooth
Bluetooth Smart protocol stack for wearable hub networks with wireless sensors
Low-cost DAQ works with Android-based tablets and smartphones
Low power Bluetooth beacon supports wireless sensor networking
Start-up company relayr distributes Internet of Things starter kit through Conrad
Bluetooth-enabled smart LED light bulb
CSR and Philips uWand collaborate on next generation remote control
Free downloadable starter kit for Bluetooth Smart
Bluetooth Smart system-in-package module requires no RF expertise
Rutronik offers reference design for Bluetooth Smart Beacons
Bluetooth Smart environmental sensors run for three years off a single coin cell
Are more wireless standards needed for M2M?
Android digital signage integrates BLE iBeacons
Reference designs for iBeacons
Module uses dual protocol SoC to support ANT and Bluetooth concurrently
Rohm and imec collaborate on ultra-low power radio R&D
Integrated application processor targets wearable devices
Tiny multilayer diplexer for WLAN and Bluetooth circuits
What future NFC apps will hit the mainstream?
Antenna tunes to all mobile bands
Mixed domain oscilloscope adds spectrum analyser
LTE SOC to drive 64-bit mobile computing
Smart sports watch streams smartphone app data
Bluetooth Smart software development kit for Arduino projects
Discovery kit enables any electrical device to add NFC connectivity
Personal weather stations communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth
Tiny Bluetooth Smart module claims to be smallest in production
Apple's iBeacon to propel micro-location revolution
MediaTek targets under-$50 wearable devices
Next generation single-core smartphone platform targets entry level market
Bluetooth starter kit and software speeds up dual mode development
Wireless automotive module combines 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC
Android App automates Bluetooth and analogue audio testing for smartphones and tablets
European BLIM4SME project aims to further streamline Bluetooth Low Energy integration
Technology consortium to develop innovative integrated Bluetooth Low Energy modules
Bluetooth low energy toolbox eases development on Android
Digi-Key adds quick-start wireless solutions from Bluegiga Technologies
Muscle activity-based gesture control enables wireless control of devices with fingers and hands alone
Bluetooth Smart platform for compact wearable accessories
White label Bluetooth Low Energy kit from Polish startup to boost innovation beyond retail
Dual-mode Bluetooth Smart ready serial port adapter
Miniature wireless data logger based on Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Smart temperature sensor enables a smartphone to monitor temperature
Multi-radio module ready-to-embed in IoT applications
NFC capability for any device with dynamic NFC tag memories
Next generation Bluetooth Smart software and SDK for iOS, Android and Windows 8
First fitness monitor to track temperature uses Bluetooth IC form Nordic Semiconductor
Switching matrix for vector network analysis
All-in-one bluetooth module with smartphone compatibility
Consumer Electronics to drive Bluetooth Smart chip growth to over 55 percent
Bluetooth SIG and A4WP to shape wireless charging standard
First concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy combo chip
Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi to dominate mobile body network device market
Crystal targets wearable electronics and computing
Dual-mode Bluetooth modules target industrial applications
Smart home platform enables set-top boxes to support energy and security services
Tiny Bluetooth smart wireless module
Energy-efficient single-chip Bluetooth 4.0 network processor
NFC tags enable simple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing
ZigBee’s lead in home automation to be surpassed by Bluetooth in 2015
Building the Internet of Things requires Bluetooth
Almost one-third of set-top-boxes to use ZigBee in 2018
ZigBee to push 802.15.4-enabled device market growth five-fold over 2012 to 2018
Smart SensorTag app for Android makes Bluetooth Smart ‘appcessory’ development easier and faster
DSLR camera remote controlled from any smartphone via Bluetooth v4.0
Cypress to integrate BLE radio with PSoC and capacitive touch technologies
Massive crowdfunding project looks to develop Linux phone
Automotive wireless market to expand by over 40 percent
Wireless LAN and Bluetooth transceiver modules
Wi-Fi Alliance® selects Marvell's Avastar 802.11ac 2x2 combo IC with NFC/Bluetooth for the Wi-Fi Certified ac Test Suite
NFC transponder hardware simplifies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing
Silicon Labs to acquire Energy Micro
Ultra-low power wireless technology connects battery-less sensors to the Internet of Things
Broadcom Android smartphone platform selected by K-Touch
Mass production ready audio module integrates low power Bluetooth
Broadcom GNSS location chip with geofence capabilities wins top industry award
Five leading Japanese ODMs unveil nRF51822 SoC RF modules
Low-power wireless projected to make waves in remote controls
Bluetooth low energy chip doubles the battery life of app-enabled peripherals
Over 30 Billion devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet of Everything in 2020
Wireless data logger connects to the cloud through Bluetooth LE
Shipments to reach 5 million in 2018 disposable wireless sensors for healthcare
Microchip adds Zigbee alongside Bluetooth and Wi-Fi microcontrollers
Microchip adds Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee RF parts and modules
Smart watches will leverage smartphones adoption to flourish in 2013
GapSense unclogs WiFi channels
Bluetooth all-in one module with antenna targets automotive use
Smartphone-based Bluetooth low energy temperature sensor platform offers low-cost monitoring
“Classic” Bluetooth or Bluetooth ‘Smart Ready’ to grow faster outside of mobile handsets
ZigBee transceivers offer deep packet inspection and wake-on-LAN capabilities
Bluetooth low energy watch platform serves as bi-directional smartphone control
Arduino-compatible computer with Bluetooth low energy enables smartphones and tablets to be added to projects
Broadcom tops wireless connectivity IC competitive assessments
Over-the-air download capabilities for seamless software updates of Bluetooth Smart products
Short-range wireless IC market to reach almost 5 Billion units shipped in 2013
Nordic Semiconductor and Japanese partners demonstrate application development-ready Bluetooth low energy modules
Vector signal generator offers cost-efficient generation and analysis of WLAN IEEE 802.11ac signals up to 160 MHz
Ultra-low power 2.4 GHz multi-standard radio
System-in-package with no-tune antenna and simplifies and speeds NFC integration
First silicon for M2M Weightless applications
Intel says no LTE integration until 2014
Bluetooth Low Energy opens up professional laser distance measurement to the mass-market
Bluetooth dual-mode SPP/LE module with integrated ceramic antenna
Nordic Semiconductor collaborates with Joybien to bring Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity to toy sector
WiLink 8Q RF chip family combines multiple RF technologies for in-car use
Ultra-low power wireless connectivity IC market to grow to over $2 billion by 2016
Waveguide-based technology solves Wi-Fi coverage difficulties in warehouses, factories
Sports and wellness drive mobile health device shipments past 30 million in 2012
Home patient monitoring slowly gets on its feet
Rugged high-performance Bluetooth access point
Bluetooth silicon IP draws under half the power compared to standard solutions
Bluetooth low energy module enables pre-approved prototypes within hours
APx4 wireless system-on-module
Anritsu Corporation opens India subsidiary
SensorTag kit jump-starts Bluetooth low energy smartphone app development in minutes
Five wireless connectivity standards within a 24.6 x 18.0 x 3.0 mm package
In-car Wi-Fi expected to increase eight fold over the next seven years
2 billion wireless connectivity combo ICs expected to ship in 2017
Driving down the cost of 2.4 GHz SoCs to under €2
Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob is compatible with both Apple and Samsung smartphones
Wireless connectivity chipsets revenues to exceed $10 billion in 2012
Mini quartz crystals target Bluetooth Low Energy
Battery-powered evaluation enables engineers to test wireless accessory and sensor applications
True global phone chip platform supports both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA
2.4 GHz transceiver platform draws less than 10 mW
Bluetooth low energy application software targets wearable devices
Samsung acquires CSR's mobile business
Intelligent CAN module with Bluetooth interface
Bluetooth and Zigbee on collision course
Miniature high-performance multilayer band pass filter
Compact Bluetooth Low Energy module includes chip antenna
Combination chip and display dongle accelerate WiFi adoption
Tiny Bluetooth low energy proximity key fob runs for a year on a coin cell
Portfolio of 802.11ac chips for mobile computing platforms demonstrated
GPS/GNSS IC market to reach 1.8 billion shipments by 2016
Bluetooth Low Energy controller comsumes 16.5 mA in receive mode
ALPS develops Bluetooth HCI module with antenna for automobiles
Nordic takes aim on step up to the WSN platform
Microchip buys wireless module maker
Broadcom, Qualcomm, CSR, and Texas Instruments are benefiting from $8 billion wireless connectivity IC market
Helmet-mounted Bluetooth communication and entertainment system for cyclists
Low energy Bluetooth 4.0 IP targets cost-efficient, single and dual mode applications
Antenova antennas approved for Deutsche Telekom’s M2M partner program
Wifi modules enable sensor nodes to send data directly to Cloud servers or any Smartphone
Multi-standard transceiver for sensor networks sets record for low power
Bluetooth low energy enabled iPhone applications for mobile health
Moving implant, body nets advance
Low cost, low power single chip design for Bluetooth Smart tags and accessories
Low energy module based on Bluetooth Specification Version 4.0
Wireless will redifine the home audio market as we know it
Wi-Fi chipset revenue to reach $6.1 Billion in 2015
Smart Bluetooth navigation remote control for connected TVs
1-GHz low-cost smartphone platforms for TD-SCDMA and EDGE/WiFi
Wireless Power Consortium to demonstrate over 75 new products featuring Qi at CES 2012
M2M wireless gateway ideal as an aggregator or bridge for different wireless networks
Bluetooth blood pressure monitor uses any Bluetooth version 4.0 'Smart Ready' smartphone or computer
IEEE 802.15.4 IC market to exceed $1.1 billion in 2016
Nokia tweaks Bluetooth for indoor navigation
Nordic to refresh RF family, debuts TV remote reference design
Freescale describes home health hub reference design
Motorola Mobility highlights some challenges in NFC, Wi-Fi, DLNA
Active noise cancelling ICs offer improved hearing in both Bluetooth and wired mono headsets
Traffic monitoring system uses Bluetooth sensors over ZigBee
NFC chip shipments to surpass 1.2 billion by 2015
Nordic and Mouser Electronics sign global agreement
IMEC brings back ultrawideband
EM Microelectronic's CoolRF chip qualifies for Bluetooth V4.0
Motion algorithms lift MEMS-based remotes
Bluetooth v4.0 low energy ready module
Bluetooth data modules offer multiple advanced profiles
Ultra-low power wireless networking solution now available
TI launches 10 new Bluetooth low energy profiles for rapid design of consumer medical, fitness, alert applications
Bluetooth-enabled device shipments expected to exceed 2 billion in 2013, says In-Stat
TI claims lowest power NFC transceiver
Nordic Semiconductor collaborates with Broadcom to develop Bluetooth low energy proximity fob prototype
Mass-market proximity sensing and security is available with finalization of Bluetooth low energy profiles
TVs turn on as Apple, Nordic join Bluetooth
Startup has ultrasound alternative to NFC
RivieraWaves claims world’s first Bluetooth® 3.0 qualified baseband IP
Highly-integrated front-end module enables WiFi and Bluetooth coexistence
RFM adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules to portfolio
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
Wireless modules combine WLAN, Bluetooth and FM and GPS functionalities
Bluetooth in 467M health devices by 2016
Body network spars with Bluetooth
CSR announces merger with Zoran
MediaTek licenses Swedish DSP architecture
Low power chip fully qualified to Bluetooth Version 4.0
Qualcomm-Atheros to propel 'combo' efforts
Bluetooth – the road ahead
Small bridge chips target tablet smartphones and cellphones
Chinese RF startup files for IPO
TI launches Bluetooth low energy solutions
CSR launches dual mode Bluetooth low energy platform
AT4 wireless improves their BQTF scope to include Bluetooth high speed automated testing
Partners to provide complete Low Energy and Low Power Bluetooth platforms
SoC for wireless Bluetooth 2.1 mice improves battery life and tracking
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 drivers for TI's WiLink™ 6.0 chip
Shipments of Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi ICs to increase 20 percent in 2010
280 million wireless combo chipsets to ship by the end of 2010
Dual-mode receive/transmit internal SMD FM antenna module for embedded FM radio applications
Marvell and Harman bring advanced Wi-Fi to the automotive industry
RF switch for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz applications
TI announces fully qualified Bluetooth low energy stack
Software simplifies Bluetooth/WLAN module testing
Wi-Fi adoption in healthcare growing at 60 percent
Laird licenses apt-X audio codec technology for Bluetooth stereo audio modules
Nordic expands nRF24AP2 family with single chip solution for ANT USB dongles
Laird Technologies signs APTX
CSR and Intel to collaborate on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi combination solution for PCs
Rutronik and Fujitsu expand cooperation to include wireless modules
CSR wireless audio platform chosen by LG Electronics for ultra-slim headset
Murata ships world's smallest Bluetooth module
Avnet Embedded goes long range with Bluegiga
Selective radiation meter offers time function analysis in the nanosecond range
HDI to change how consumers interact with mobile devices

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