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Low-cost, low-power chip for multi-gigabit 60 GHz communication February 3, 2016Low-cost, low-power chip for multi-gigabit 60 GHz communication At the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC2016), nanoelectronics research center imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) presented a four-antenna path beamforming transceiver for 60 GHz multi Gb/s communication in 28nm CMOS technology. Read more 3D DF antenna covers 9 kHz to 40 GHz January 29, 20163D DF antenna covers 9 kHz to 40 GHz Available in different versions the IsoLOG 3D 360° DF antenna form Aaronia covers a frequency range of 9 kHz to 40 GHz. The array consists of a total number from 16 to 40 directional antennas with horizontal and vertical polarization. Read more Full suite of high-performance passive DAS products January 27, 2016Full suite of high-performance passive DAS products Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has enhanced its portfolio of passive RF components with an entire suite of new products – 90 in all – to provide a full range of products for all wireless in-building commercial and mission-critical communications requirements. Read more DAS platform delivers superior coverage and capacity in a small footprint January 21, 2016DAS platform delivers superior coverage and capacity in a small footprint Advanced RF Technologies, Inc., (ADRF) has launched the ADX V, an evolution of its DAS platform, which uses modular architecture and is ideal for supporting both single carrier and neutral host applications. Read more In-building wireless market to see double digit growth January 8, 2016In-building wireless market to see double digit growth In a recent market study ABI Research forecasts the in-building wireless market to more than double in revenue by 2020, with the market anticipated to top $9 billion by 2020. The firm predicts that North American activity will drive the overall market, with Europe and Asia-Pacific regions working to pick up the pace during 2016. Read more
5G hurdles to be evaluated at DesignCon
Thin silicon caps for RFID and RF applications
RF digital phase shifter targets active antenna applications
Surface mount antenna for LTE, cellular and MIMO systems
Universal range of spring-mount omni-directional antennas
Improving polarization purity of single reflector compact antenna test ranges
Millimeter wave wireless data network to address data surge
Matching circuit optimization software for antenna design links to USB VNAs in real-time
First optical rectenna converts light to DC current
RFID antenna adapts to customer applications
Master timing reference offers high accuracy
LTE/cellular octa-band embedded antenna for M2M and IoT
Integrated fader for LTE-Advanced supports 4x4 and 8x2 MIMO
Broadband directional coupler with 6 dB coupling over 10 to 67 GHz
Embedded GNSS antenna enables accurate positioning
MCUs for Bluetooth LE boast on-chip antenna matching
Tunable capacitors for antenna matching in smartphones
Dual channel 13.6 GHz microwave signal generator
Xilinx and China Mobile Research Institute to develop 5G next generation fronthaul interface
Dual-band Wi-Fi antenna for M2M and video streaming
GreenTouch improves energy efficiency in wireless networks by more than 10,000 times
RF MEMS tuner designed into LTE phones
Semi-rigid cable assemblies cover DC to 50 GHz, suit cryogenic applications
Low cost radio frequency antenna printed with graphene ink
Reconfigurable tunable antennas based on liquid metal could empower IoT
Astra MT materials from Isola evaluated with Freescale radar ICs
Customisable dual-polar C-Band antenna range
Researchers combine plasmonic and magneto-optical effects
Plastic waveguides for future communication networks
Rugged L1/L2 GPS GLONASS active antenna
Dual antenna GPS-aided inertial navigation system
Advances in test equipment capabilities to centre around LTE and M2M
Wireless charging gets universal antenna
SMT GNSS global positioning module supports all satellites
Miniature, low power magnetic stripe enables wireless payments
Combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules ease wireless implementation in vehicles
Axell Wireless joins Aeroflex to form Cobham Wireless
Active steering IC with embedded processor for MIMO maximizes Wi-Fi throughput
Lightweight robust GNSS antenna suits high-precision applications
Circularly polarised 0.5 to 8 GHz spiral antenna
2x2 MIMO 4G LTE antennas target transportation and M2M applications
Switch targets automotive wireless over 50 to 3000 MHz
Off-the-shelf connectorized RF amplifiers
Battery free RFID weight monitoring tag
Infineon secures smart wearable devices
University of Oxford signs RFEL for second phase study contract for the Square Kilometre Array
Smartphone terminal combines wireless charging, antenna and NFC
Multi-octave spiral antenna covers 1 to 18 GHz
Low profile antenna cuts operational expenses for Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft
LTE data communication module targets automotive applications
Active DAS challenges small cells on the way to 5G
EU project takes mm-waves beyond WiGig
Huber+Suhner provide YAGI antennas for New York City subway
Mini DIN series of low PIM connectors
MIMO antennae offer LTE connectivity in cars
EMC broadband source covers 1 GHz to 40 GHz
2014 sees gains in LTE-Advanced network deployments
Low profile UHF vertical antenna suits harsh environments
Agilent and China Mobile to collaborate on 5G wireless
Platform cuts calibration time for phased-array antennas
Regulator risks leaving Europe behind in 5G
Waveguide antennas cover 50 GHz to 70 GHz
Broadband lens may lead to antenna dishes that are flat or conform to any surface
Doppler range sensor heads
Broadband isolators and circulators cover 18 to 120 GHz
Axell Wireless installs DAS system at World Trade Center
Stretchable antenna developed for wearable health monitoring
NFC antenna at 3.2 mm high targets smartphones
Lasers enable ultra-sensitive detection of radio waves
Commscope leads in DAS market
Antenna tunes to all mobile bands
Dual-polar ‘White Space’ UHF sector antenna
Unified wireless infrastructure for in-building systems, not just DAS
Antenna enables global positioning to one centimetre
Tiny GPS antenna module provides instant global positioning
Adaptive NLOS backhaul system for small cells
Variable attenuators 'hot switch' up to 6 GHz
40 GHz handheld cable and antenna analyzer claims world first
Multi-Band and MIMO requirements of LTE put pressure on antenna vendors
Google developing smart contact lens for diabetics
Low PIM distributed antenna system targets indoor applications
Active integration panel reduces cost of base station connections to DAS
Tiny drop-in GPS/QZSS antenna module cuts costs
More options for small cell network deployments with Dragonwave 60 GHz technology
Antenna booster from Fractus available from Richardson RFPD
RFID antenna reliably recognises tools and production materials
CST and Optenni demonstrate MIMO antenna optimization tools
Bird Technologies acquires distributed antenna system manufacturer DeltaNode
Tiny Bluetooth smart wireless module
Base station tester provides all-in-one tool for field measurements
Hirschmann usess Telit technology in compact GPS receiver antenna
Online UHF PCB antenna design tool
Rogers introduces improved antenna grade laminates
Ultra wideband, dual polar, sinuous spiral antenna
Digital-over-fiber system extends wireless carrier coverage and capacity
Variable attenuators for distributed antenna systems available in high volumes
UHF wideband antenna and elastomer spring target public safety market
Eutelsat prepares 'smart LNB' for direct-to-home connected TV
Turnkey package for FTTA, remote radio deployments
Compact GPS antenna for telematics applications
Soitec's RF SOI wafers now mainstream for producing smartphone switches
Isola expands production of RF and microwave materials in Germany
Fraunhofer Institute finds way to embed RFID antennas into fibre composites
Battery-less RFID tag reports temperature
Translucent flexible antenna film is only 130 to 185 microns thin
TVS diodes protect the antenna in wireless devices from ESD strikes
Taoglas 4-in-1 Cellular Antenna from Richardson
Verizon finds small cells to be a valuable addition to 4G LTE networks
Dual-band Ethernet port adapter with external stub antenna
One-piece SMT antenna contact targets mobile applications
Bluetooth all-in one module with antenna targets automotive use
Fully integrated AISG antenna transceiver reduces board space and power
Lowest-power modem transceiver complies with AISG v2.0 specification
Optenni Lab 2.0 offers easy-to-use simultaneous multiport matching
Antenna-tuning circuit adheres to new RF front-end standard
Ultra wideband omni antenna for DAS applications
NFC tag front end from ams enables secure payment transactions on µSD and µSIM cards
Active RFID tags combine LF wake up and 2.4 GHz communication
Forecast predicts Increase to 18 million base station transceiver shipments by 2017
Antenna system boosts wireless network site capacity
Flexible loop GPS/GLONASS antenna delivers 80% efficiency
Compact dual mode Wi-Fi network controller module
Short-range wireless module targets multi-kilometer-range wired-to-wireless migration
Directional trackside antenna for CBTC applications
Balun antenna matching design occupies up to 90 percent less board space
Small cells expected to carve a niche in public venues
Ultra-wideband antenna system supports current, future wireless technologies
Ubidyne announces first call over fully digital DAS
High-power, battery-operated portable PIM test analyzer
'Antenna-on-a-chip' speeds infrared light transmission
Parallel GPS/GLONASS module measures 9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm with built-in antenna
Remote radio head test solution adds 3 GHz support
Surface mount GPS RF antenna modules target embedded GPS and M2M applications
Multi-beam hub base station antenna for ultra fast MIMO
Antenna's circular polarization improves reception for pro-audio wireless applications
HITEC Luxembourg to supply four antenna systems for European Space Data Highway
Breakthrough methodology accelerates large-scale active antenna calibration and testing
Axell Wireless a next generation leader in global wireless In-Building market
SMD isotropic antenna targets keyless entry systems
Ferrite sheet antenna enables reading distance up to 40 mm for NFC
Enterprise small cells to catch up with DAS by 2016
Prototype 64-way antenna system saves power and spectrum
RF chip targets optimal connectivity in front end modules
Researchers print wireless power antenna for less than 1 cent
Halogen-free five band antenna delivers high efficiency in M2M applications
High performance active antenna for GPS-GLONASS applications
Global LTE antenna reference design for smartphones supports MIMO
Pole/Zero and Delcross Technologies cooperate on getting radio systems right first time
100 Hz dual antenna GPS system delivers 2-cm position accuracy
1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz GaAs pHEMT 6-bit digital phase shifter
Mindspeed adds support for smart DAS into small cells
Wireless device precompliance testing comes to the lab
RFID SMT antenna designed for automotive applications
Ka-band low noise block downconverters target outdoor antenna applications
Antenna Magus version 4.0 now offers over 200 antennas,
802.11n Smart Wi-Fi access points for carriers and enterprises
Micro radio delivers scalable output power performance for small and macro cell active antennas
Report: Envelope tracking, MMPAs, CMOS PAs, antenna tuning, and MIMO to change handset RF design
Compact, dIrectional coupler covers wide broadband range from 1.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz
Scalable radio channel emulator for testing 4G LTE
Programmable antenna enables LTE connectivity for laptops
Sealed antenna range for low frequency field emission
Ismosys wins design-in for NetLogic’s DFS processors in LTE remote radio heads and active antenna systems
Indoor 2-port LTE MIMO antenna features dual radiating elements
Radio filter delivers LTE capacity gains of up to 65 per cent
One transceiver per radiator is the only effective solution for Active Antenna Systems says Ubidyne
Small cell with integrated DAS claims industry first
Multiple chip architectures pursue the $14 billion small cell market
WiFi front-end module for 5 GHz band in small footprint
Active antenna can raise cell capacity 40 percent
RFID antennas laser cut from aluminium and paper laminate
SMD isotropic antenna designed for NFC applications
3-feed antenna provides operator-independent global roaming for LTE devices
0.8 to 40 GHz omni-directional antenna targets UWB applications
Wireless display in a contact lens takes shape
AWS MIMO support for indoor DAS
Antenna couplers improve connection reliability and battery life
RFID SMT antenna rated for automotive use
Switchable LTE antenna for tablets measures 65- x 12- x 1-mm
Integrating antennas within clothes using metallic thread
Laird Technologies expands Phantom antenna product line
Half-wave center-fed dipole antenna available at 1.4 GHz
Qualcomm backs embedded MEMS firm
Integrated GPS chip antenna is a complete miniature positioning engine
Standardised 2.4 GHz ISM band antenna for the M2M market
Half-wave dipole antenna delivers high gain
Wide bandwidth digital front end processors for 3G and 4G/LTE base stations
Rugged external wireless antenna designed for portable devices
Ultra-thin antenna with GPS and 3G functionality
3D antenna printing yields an order of magnitude better performance than monopole antenna designs
Molex antenna business unit joins Danish SAFE (Smart Antenna Front End) consortium
Range of standard antennas eliminates tooling lead-time and cost
Full spectrum multi-band antenna
Cellular front end modules target 3G/4G switch and signal conditioning applications
Startup introduces RF power management IC
Anritsu line sweep tools software brings antenna, cable, and PIM reporting to handheld instruments
Digi-Key announces worldwide distribution agreement with Taoglas
GPS antenna as ceramic patch antenna replacement enables thinner devices
Panel antenna improves directional communication
Spectrum analyzer for terrestrial and satellite standards
Hirschmann foil antennas can be integrated into the vehicle's body
Ultra-small 2.4 GHz MDA ceramic chip antenna
Dual slant 90° sector antenna for broadband and WiMAX applications
High-performance antenna for WiMAX/broadband applications
Hirschmann combines Iridium, GPS and mobile radio antenna
Vertically polarized direct mount omnidirectional antenna
Hirschmann Car Communication develops ultra-small antenna
Dual-band antenna ideal for WLAN and 4.9 GHz public safety applications
Atmel rolls very small car radio chip
Radio frequency MEMS to rescue smartphones from antenna problems
Antenna families add 2.4 GHz versions
Dual-mode receive/transmit internal SMD FM antenna module for embedded FM radio applications
Horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna delivers 9 dBi gain over 2400 to 2500 MHz
RF switch for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz applications
CMOS AM/FM LNA integrates adjustable gain control for active car antenna applications
Hubris, lessons from Apple antenna debacle
Tyco Electronics to acquire ADC to create a world leader in broadband connectivity
Six-way mini multi sector antenna for COFDM
IP67-rated penta-band plus GPS antenna for telematics
Poor antenna design may cause iPhone 4 issue
XGtd electromagnetic analysis software adds functionality for speed and complexity
Cranfield Aerospace uses antennas from Cobham Antenna Systems for Boeing X-48B prototypes
Cobham Antenna Systems awarded contract to participate in the BuNGee project
GPS antenna for handheld devices
IP66 rated antennas for hostile and exposed environments
Selective radiation meter offers time function analysis in the nanosecond range
Latest Antenna Magus software offers 113 popular antennas for designers
Startup debuts high efficiency antenna for Wi-Fi, cellular

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