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News about Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies starts operations August 4, 2014Keysight Technologies starts operations Keysight Technologies, Inc., has announced the electronic measurement business of Agilent Technologies has begun operating under the Keysight name. Read more Process design kit for GaN on SiC July 30, 2014Process design kit for GaN on SiC Cree has released a process design kit (PDK) that combines the latest version of Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) software with Cree’s proprietary GaN on SiC process technology parameters and design rules. Read more Free offer on Modelithics models, from Agilent July 29, 2014Free offer on Modelithics models, from Agilent Agilent Technologies (soon to be Keysight Technologies) has announced that the Modelithics Complete Library of RF and microwave component models is available free of charge for six months to users of Agilent’s Genesys 2014 microwave simulation package, who are new to Modelithics. Read more Agilent and China Mobile to collaborate on 5G wireless June 25, 2014Agilent and China Mobile to collaborate on 5G wireless Agilent Technologies has announced an agreement to collaborate with the China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., Research Institute (CMRI) on the next–generation 5G wireless communication systems. Read more Open FPGA design flow and real-time measurement for 5G and MIMO June 18, 2014Open FPGA design flow and real-time measurement for 5G and MIMO Agilent Technologies has announced that the EEsof EDA W1462 SystemVue FPGA Architect now supports on-board FPGA design and simulation with the company's M9703A AXIe wideband digital receiver/digitizer. Read more
Agilent and Cascade combine forces on wafer-level measurements
Automatic fixture removal option for easy non-coaxial device measurement
Impedance analyzers offer flexible frequency options
Passive network probe for LTE networks
Oscilloscopes synchronise to measure up to 40 channels at 63-GHz
ADS 2014 delivers significant enhancements
Advanced test tools for mobile payments
Software for single- and multi-satellite simulation
Wireless test set enables new insights into LTE-Advanced Category 6 chipsets
Bit Error Ratio tester addresses multi-gigabit network design
HDMI 2.0 compliance test software for transmitters and receivers
Wireless test set ready for volume production of LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac WLAN devices
Understanding X-Parameters for RF/µW modelling, by Agilent engineers
PNA Network analyzer metrology option sets new standard in precision S-parameter measurements
Agilent accelerates smartphone and defense simulations by a factor of 64
Waveform Creator — modular software for easy development of baseband and vector signals
Extreme-temperature probing for oscilloscopes
Coilcraft expands RF Inductor design tool suite
Vector signal analyzer boosts manufacturing test speed for power amplifier front-end modules
Agilent Technologies expands relationship with Gradient Design Automation
Agilent and Tyndall National Institute open teaching and research laboratory
High-precision 12-bit PCIe digitizer delivers multi-GHz real-time processing
FieldFox analyzers can be remotely controlled via Apple iOS devices
3-D electromagnetic simulation software targets EMI compliance
SAS-3 compliance test software for automated 12-Gbps transmitter measurements
Single-box arbitrary waveform generator supports HDMI and MHL sink tests
Agilent demonstartes bit error ratio tester
High-definition oscilloscopes offer up to 12-bit vertical resolution
LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis solutions
Latest release of the IC-CAP platform for device characterization and modeling
ADS 2012 software to further advance single-, multi-technology design of RF power amplifiers
Basic spectrum analyzer targets budget-driven applications
Agilent adds wireless connectivity to clamp meters
RFIC simulation, verification and analysis software
InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes claim first with capacitive touch screen and touch triggering
X-Series signal analyzers feature software release for emerging 802.11ac WLAN standard
Agilent and the University of Leeds open terahertz measurement research lab
Agilent adds low-cost signal analyzer frequency options up to 26.5 GHz
ST Microelectronics selects 3-D EM simulation software from Agilent for ESD development in 40-nm ICs
2- to 16-channel 60-GHz oscilloscope system reduces test costs
Agilent Technologies and CATR (TMC) to collaborate on TD-LTE MIMO
Breakthrough methodology accelerates large-scale active antenna calibration and testing
Handheld analyzers combine benchtop accuracy and MIL-spec durability
Waveform generators deliver lowest jitter, harmonic and non-harmonic distortion
26-GHz solder-in head enables more durable oscilloscope probing
Agilent Technologies agrees to acquire the test systems business from AT4 wireless
USB-powered, single-pole double-throw coaxial switch covers DC to 18 GHz
MIPI D-PHY protocol exerciser/analyzer targets high-definition mobile computing
Cost-effective millimeter-wave signal analysis
Real-time oscilloscopes with 63-GHz true analog bandwidth
Wide bandwidth MIMO PXI vector signal analyzer targets wireless chipset design and verification
Latest Genesys software enhances RF system design
Industry’s first reference clock multiplier for receiver test
Wireless communications test set targets R&D
VSA software adds multi-measurement capability for wireless research and development
Arbitrary waveform generation added to InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series oscilloscopes
Signal analyzer enables wideband measurement up to 900 MHz of bandwidth
PXI vector signal analyzer offers up to 100 MHz bandwidth
Peak power analyzer claims fastest rise time and fall time
Agilent Technologies expands PCIe® high-speed digitizer family
Logic analyser offers data capture rates up to 4 Gb/s on industry’s smallest eye openings
Automation software introduced for network operators' LTE to CDMA inter-RAT compliance test plan
Agilent claims it is first to support 802.11ac
GoldenGate RFIC simulation software raises the bar on performance and usability
Agilent signs license with Qualcomm for factory test technology
Digital radio frequency V4 test solution combines stimulus and analysis capability
Groundbreaking arbitrary waveform generator delivers the bandwidth, speed and accuracy to simulate real-world radar, satellite and electronic warfare test scenarios
Agilent Technologies acquires the assets of Signametrics
PXI-based digital multimeters offer fast measurement speeds
Handheld spectrum analyser makes infield measurements easier, faster, more precise
Wide-bandwidth oscilloscope covers the 50 Mb/s to over 40 Gb/s range for high-speed digital designs
Agilent Technologies launches microwave calculator iPhone application
Comprehensive low-power DDR2 compliance and protocol test tools
Handheld RF power meter targets high-quality cost-sensitive applications

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